A question I've been thinking of...

Is it possible that Catalina's daughter might marry Henry's son?
Well, it is a distinct possibility. Maria is a Portuguese Infanta after all, and she's only a few months older than Henry and would come with a large dowry, and renew the Anglo-Portuguese alliance.
Chapter 117, February 1521
Hertford Castle, Kingdom of England, February 1521

They lay together under the covers, their bodies sticky with sweat. She yawned as she sat up, as the woman knew that much as she wanted to, she couldn’t spend the whole day in bed. Her lover rubbed her shoulders and planted a couple of soft, wet kisses, against the back of her neck. Giovanna shivered at the touch of the younger man’s lips and moaned,”Oh Antonio, mio caro…”

Much as she didn’t want to, she rose and walked over to the window, and sunlight filtered in as she parted the curtains a little.

Anthony Wingfield laid across the bed, resting his chin on his fists as he pouted,”Do you have to go my love?”

Looking down at the large, hulking young man Giovanna sighed,”I wish I didn’t have to, but there are things I must do…”

Rolling off the bed, Anthony kissed the Dowager Queen on the lips, and as he pulled away whispered,”Are they better than this?”

“No not better, but I simply have no choice.”

“Oh alright…” Anthony folded his arms

“Besides…” Giovanna added,”If I was seen to shirk my duties and stay in my chambers all day, people would grow suspicious, we wouldn’t want anyone to find out. I’ll see you again later, I promise, Il mio orso.”

Seemingly content, Anthony took a sip from his goblet of water before starting to get himself dressed, first putting on some sturdy trousers. They were necessary of course, as the young man was not just some idle hanger-on in the Dowager Queen Giovanna’s household. No, since the passing of Thomas Say in the early months of the last spring, Anthony had been serving in the dead man’s role as riding instructor to her son Charles, the Duke of Somerset. It was a convenient role, to be sure, which entitled Sir Anthony Wingfield to a decent stipend, while also concealing the true reason why he was in the Dowager Queen’s household. Most importantly, to Giovanna of Naples at least, he was good with Charles, firm but not harsh by any means. This was important because as he grew older, the young Duke had become less fond of horse riding than he had been in his early years. No, instead Charles enjoyed reading, and other tasks associated with his more academic studies, certainly his father’s son through and through. There was nothing wrong with that of course, but it was still important that he at least learn the basics of the martial arts expected of a Prince, even if Giovanna was privately relieved that the boy was less fond of such things than his half-brother. Richard Kymbe was proving to be a good influence as well, for his gruffer demeanor, perhaps stemming from his humble background, kept Charles from becoming indolent in comparison to his new friend. There were matters of her own to attend to as well, though at least it wouldn’t be anything terribly tedious.

He left the room first, so that they were not seen to leave together, and whispered,”I’ll see you after Charles’s lessons.”
The woman nodded quietly, and so Anthony exited her bedchambers. As such she made ready to get on with the day’s work. First, of course she wanted to make sure that she was clean and refreshed, so she would bathe. After sitting for a few minutes, she left her rooms, and came across Margarery Kymbe on the other end hallway. The sandy haired youth who was sitting on a bench, by the window. She was staring out the window, seemingly lost in thought.

Amused, Giovanna cleared her throat as she drew nearer, and Margarery all but jumped out of the bench. Once she had composed herself from this surprise she curtseyed,”Your Majesty, what is that you need?”

Almost laughing, Giovanna said,”Can you please have the servants prepare a bath for me in my bedchambers?”

Nodding her head Margarery replied,”Of course, but there is something I think you should know…”
“What is it?” The Dowager Queen asked,”Are you not well adjusted here? Is something bothering you?”
“No not at all, you have been most generous to my brother and I. It’s news from court… Her Majesty Queen Eleanor has given birth to a healthy boy, a new Duke of Cornwall.”

“Oh, thank God!” The Dowager Queen beamed

“You are not displeased that Lord Somerset is no longer the King’s heir?” Margarery asked.

Giovanna of Naples came to know Margarery as inquisitive, and so she indulged her with a forthright answer,”Quite the opposite. I am incredibly happy for the King and Queen; they deserve a living son of their own. Not only that, but I do not want Charles to have to be King of England. I want him to be happy, to have the ability to make choices beyond just the welfare of the realm. So it is for the best after all. After I bathe I shall write a letter congratulating Henry and Eleanor, my inkwell is in the solar correct?”
Her curiosity sated, Margarery seemed much more focused, answering with a quick ,”Yes Your Majesty.”

“Good, please make sure that I have fresh parchment while I bathe.”

Once again Margarery paid her respects, and so Giovanna felt satisfied, ready to get on with her day. Everyone can be happier now thanks to this new Duke of Cornwall. Nobody will ever find out about Anthony and I. Charles may do as he wishes as he grows older, perhaps he’ll even marry someone he is fond of, rather than Lord Suffolk’s eldest girl…