I hope Henry and Eleanor ‘get together’ as often as possible until she gets pregnant just so Henry does not wander- then even when she does, she controls the board with whom Henry plays.
I hope Henry and Eleanor ‘get together’ as often as possible until she gets pregnant just so Henry does not wander- then even when she does, she controls the board with whom Henry plays.
Oh, they've had no trouble in finding each other attractive, but as you say the trick is keeping Henry from wandering too much, though at present the Queen has Caroljin to assist with that. Thank you!
Chapter 93, April 1518
The English Channel, April 1518

Water splashed against the ship’s hull, continuously yet without much force. As it sailed, the vessel swayed, yet gently. They were fortunate of course, the voyage from England to Flanders was much less arduous than that between England and Spain. Giovanna looked to where Catherine sat, her stepdaughter dabbing her face with a wet cloth passed to her by her maid, Jane Parker. The teen smiled at the younger, fairer-haired girl as she passed it back over,”Thank you, Jane.”

Giovanna chuckled, Catherine was always sweet and charming, and it seemed that her impending marriage would only strengthen such qualities,”I see that you wish to look your best for the Duke of Burgundy my dear.”

The raven haired teen, technically already Duchess of Burgundy grinned,”Yes of course I do mother, I wish to be worth the wait.”

“And I believe you shall Catherine, and a perfect Empress in the making.”

Brugges, Duchy Of Burgundy, April 1518
It had been several days since the voyage had begun, and they had all made landfall outside of Brugges, prepared to make the brief carriage journey to Mechelen. Having stayed two nights at the mansion of an ostentatiously wealthy wool merchant, who was only too eager to offer the Duchess of Burgundy shelter (and perhaps curry favor in the process), they were refreshed. With the carriages being loaded by servants, Catherine looked on in awe as she saw several more trunks added to her trousseau,”What are those mother? I did not see them before…”

Giovanna of Naples beamed,”That’s because I kept them a secret Cathy.”

Gesturing over to them she explained,”It’s silverware and plate, from my home in Italy. I had it brought in a few months ago, and now it is yours.”

Catherine Tudor practically wiggled in happiness, tearful at the gesture and hugged Giovanna tightly, who chuckled before gently waving her away for a moment,”But wait, I have more for you.”

“More? Catherine asked

“Yes more.”

In her left hand, Giovanna of Naples held out a ring, silver and with a large emerald in the middle,”Take this too my dear, to remind you of my love once I go back to England.”

Placing the ring on one of her large fingers, Catherine was very grateful,”Thank you so much, this, and you coming for my wedding.... It all just means so much.”

The Dowager Queen herself was nearly moved to tears, but she would save them for later, wistfully thinking, We have ended up with such a good daughter Henry and Elizabeth, she shall honor your memories with every act she takes.
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oh thats sweet, giovanna sending her daughter off. reminds me of henry 7 accompany Margaret through a leg of her journey to scotland
I'm happy that you liked it! I took some inspiration from that to be sure, as well as the fact that England isn't that far from Burgundy, and so Giovanna would gladly go there with her favorite stepchild for awhile to see her off. Thank you so much!!!
Chapter 94, May 1518
Alcázar of Segovia, Kingdom of Castile, May 1518

She had almost asked Don Luis to repeat himself after he gave her his proposal. Manuel wants to marry me, and make me Queen of Portugal? Be mother to Maria’s children? This is an opportunity to serve Spain that I cannot let slip through my fingers. Catalina looked back towards the Portuguese Ambassador, and she reminisced about the warmth that she had felt for the man since they had first over a decade ago. Nothing could ever come of it, so she could count the man, now married and with two young children, among her friends. “There is just the small matter of dispensation Infanta…”

“Which will be granted by Pope Leo, as is custom.”

Don Luis arched his brow,”I too believe that he shall, but we cannot be certain.”

Catalina glided through the drawing-room and smirked,”Oh but I can be Luis. The Pope cannot afford to alienate Spain. You see I know him; he is like many of his predecessors. Weak, greedy… All we need do is line his pockets, or threaten him, and he will give us what we need.”

The Ambassador looked surprised that she would say so, but nodded his head slowly,”True… I suppose this means must call you majestade in private.”
“If that is your wish milord then I shall not deny it.”


After she dismissed Luis, Catalina decided that she should go and see some others that she cared for before she would have to leave for Portugal in the coming months. Specifically, the Dowager Queen of Aragon Germaine, and her daughter, Catalina’s half-sister, Blanca. And so, she walked through the halls of the Alcázar, searching for them. Having searched for several minutes the Infanta finally came upon them in the courtyard, where mother and daughter were enjoying the warm weather. What came as a surprise to Catalina was when she found her half-sister with a small shovel in hand, digging up some topsoil. Germaine meanwhile sat on a stool nearby, watching her daughter, who, smiled up at her much older half-sister, dipping her head,”Hello Catalina.”

Catalina kneeled on the stones that were a short distance away from where Blanca did her gardening,
“This is a new hobby I assume?”

Blanca giggled as she covered some seeds, and Germaine answered, bemused,”Yes you can say so. She has decided that she should start planting flowers, roses this time, and who am I to deny her something she enjoys…”

Catalina nodded,”I am sure that they will be beautiful, much like you and my sister.”

They relaxed for some time until Germaine looked into her eyes and inquired,”You are leaving soon aren’t you?”

“Yes, I will… Manuel of Portugal is in need of a third wife, and so I shall go and be Queen there.”

“I will miss you.” Germaine murmured

“And I will miss you and many of the others here in Spain. But surely I will be able to visit occasionally, and write to you as much as I can.”

There is much that I will leave behind, but I must do my duty to my King and the Lord.