Thank you very much, they will likely be fairly happy. Thank you for bringing that to my correction, I was kind of lazy and assumed that she would have the same hair color as her maternal uncle, though I know Henry explicitly asked about her breasts(Way to be subtle..) I'll correct that, does dark blonde hair sound good for Giovanna?
Well, now that I think of it, I can’t remember where exactly I saw that...but I do know I read somewhere that Henry did want a wife who resembled Elizabeth of York. At any rate, I’m sure your description of Giovanna is fine. I wouldn’t change it unless you absolutely want to.
Chapter 7, November 1505
Alcázar of Seville, November 1505

Catalina stood silent in the room, the stormy expression on her father’s face an indication that the pair of letters that a young page had just passed to him must have had unpleasant contents. Her father shook with anger, and then slammed the letters onto the table, crinkling them, and bellowed,”Damn them!”
She couldn’t help but flinch a little at this, her father could certainly be forceful when he was angry, still, she took a step forward, and gently placed a hand on his shoulder and asked reluctantly asked,”Damn who father?”
The king turned to her, appearing a little calmer, but was still red in the face, he huffed,”Should I start with the traitors in this kingdom or the Austrian goat?”
Catalina gasped,”How does the Holy Roman Emperor seek to betray you?”
He seethed,”He…threatens Castile with invasion if Phillip isn’t crowned King alongside Juana.. Burgundy I could defeat, but not the Holy Roman Empire, so I’m afraid we’ll eventually have to concede this kingdom to Phillip.”
“What of the traitors within Castile father?”
Her father smirked half-heartedly,”You see Catalina I suspected Maximillian would step in, so I’ve taken a precaution to ensure Aragon does not fall into Phillip’s hands.”
Catalina rose an eyebrow,”What precaution would be so unpalatable to the Cortes? Surely they agree that you know what is best for Castile.”
Her father replied with a single, terrible word that she had hoped to never hear,”Remarriage.”
Catalina was thoroughly taken aback by this,”But why would you remarry, it would undo all that you and mother have done for these kingdoms?”
Her father shook his head,”I am not happy to do so, but it is what I must do in order to save Aragon from Phillip’s influence, even if it means losing Castile.”
“So the Cortes have refused to let you be regent after you informed them of this?”
King Ferdinand nodded his head,”Yes they have, Archbishop Cisneros will govern Castile until Phillip and Juana arrive, though we can stay here until they arrive, then we will go to Aragon.”
“Who will you marry father?”
“My half-sister Eleanor’s granddaughter, Germaine of Foix, we are to marry in March.”
“Is she not the niece of King Louis? I thought the French were our enemies?!”
Her father chuckled at this,”Ah, you are your mother’s daughter… The King of France has been my enemy before, but that does not mean we must always clash. You see he would hate the prospect of Aragon falling to Phillip’s hands just as much as I would and would defend us from Phillip and his father. In short, Louis wants to preserve the balance of power.”
Catalina nodded, though she felt this a betrayal of her mother’s memory she would say nothing, for she did not wish to anger her father, for she did not want him to think less of her, mostly out of love for her father, but also out of self-interest: She needed to retain her father’s goodwill if she wanted to accomplish anything.
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Hopefully Catalina will not resent young Germaine too much once she arrives. The two are close in age and I could see them getting along well. Also, I believe that Maximilian was already Holy Roman Emperor by this point, as his father died in the early 1490s.
Hopefully Catalina will not resent young Germaine too much once she arrives. The two are close in age and I could see them getting along well. Also, I believe that Maximilian was already Holy Roman Emperor by this point, as his father died in the early 1490s.

I think the two will get along well enough, though Catalina will have a much more serious personality, she'll appreciate Germaine's friendliness... I'll correct the Maximillian bit, though his wiki article says he wasn't Holy Roman Emperor until 1508.. Thank you so much!
I think the two will get along well enough, though Catalina will have a much more serious personality, she'll appreciate Germaine's friendliness... I'll correct the Maximillian bit, though his wiki article says he wasn't Holy Roman Emperor until 1508.. Thank you so much!
Well he didn't technically get papal approval until 1508, what with the italian wars going on, but he was hre since his father's death, to be sure.
Chapter 8, March 1506
Salo del Tinell, Kingdom of Aragon, March 1506

The Infanta Catalina all but gawked at the woman to her right, “She is so beautiful.”
Such an observation was hardly surprising, given the age of the woman, as well as the fact that she was in fact, a great beauty. Not only, that, but Catalina also found the younger woman to be quite charming, and she turned to Germaine, who sat at the head of the grand table with her father,”I how you will find Aragon to your liking, Queen Germaine.”
The red-haired woman gave her a gracious smile, her voice warm,”I already do, Catalina, your father has been kind to me so far, as have you.”
The Infanta smiled and looked down slightly,”I merely do what is expected of me, your majesty.”
Germaine chuckled at this,”What nonsense, I say that you have gone far beyond what is expected of you. In fact, even though by night’s end I am to be your stepmother, I think we can be friends. Would you like that Catalina?”
She finished sipping her wine, and as she set the goblet down replied,”Of course I would Germaine, I confess that before I met you I did not know what to think of this marriage, but now that I have, I believe that there is no finer woman for my father to take as his second wife.”
The other woman blushed at the praise and used her fork to stab a small piece of chicken, and after she finished chewing the piece of meat, asked,”I hear your sister, Maria, the Queen of Portugal has just birthed a son named Luis, two weeks ago. Perhaps tomorrow we can sew some clothes for the boy?”
Catalina nodded her head,”Yes, I think my sister would like that very much.” It was the truth after all, for of her three elder sisters, she was closest to Maria, though she had also gotten along incredibly well with her oldest sister Isabella, though the latter’s marriages in Portugal and early death meant that she was infrequently a part of Catalina’s life. Nonetheless, since her return to Spain, Catalina had maintained a close correspondence with Maria, though their mother’s ailing health, and later death meant that Catalina hadn’t had the time to visit her sister in Portugal, so she believed Maria would be delighted by such a gift. Shortly after this Catalina’s father turned to Germaine, and the normally guarded man looked delighted,”I am glad to see that you two are already on good terms, as such I regret to end our part in the feast, but I think it is time that Germaine and I make ourselves husband and wife in the eyes of God.”
The other woman blushed a little at this, but nodded,”Of course husband.” She then turned to her stepdaughter as she rose from her chair,”I shall see you tomorrow, Catalina, I bid you goodnight.”
Catalina bowed her head,”Of course my Queen, I hope that you will find happiness in your role here.”
Yay for Germaine and Catalina getting along! I hope Catalina gets to see Maria at some point too.
Thank you, as you said it would make sense for them to become friends... Catalina will be happy to visit Portugal sometime in the future that much I promise, as Maria's constant pregnancies means she won't be going to Castile....
Chapter 9, April 1506
April 1506, Windsor Castle, Kingdom of England

They stood in the gardens, quiet as the warm wind gently rustled through their hair. Indeed, it was unseasonably warm for early April, fortunately, it was not so warm as to be uncomfortable. Giovanna looked to the woman to her left, one of her cousins,”Tell me, Juana, what does your daughter Eleanor think of being Queen of England one day?”
The Queen of Castile turned to her right, looking down at Giovanna, for though the two cousins shared dark hair, they were the opposite in stature. Whereas Giovanna was somewhat short and was now very plump while Juana was tall, and despite her five pregnancies, was still svelte, yet hesitated in her answer,”I… my sister-in-law Margaret has been overseeing her education since she returned last month… All I can say is that she is happier with that prospect than I am with my own queenship.”
The Queen of England tried her best to give her cousin a reassuring smile,”I am sorry that such a burden falls to you, but surely you will have advisors and ladies that can assist you.”
Queen Juana shook her head,”I am not sure about that..”
Giovanna pressed the issue,”But surely you will. I already have friends and allies here, like my lady, Elizabeth Howard. You are simply returning home, where many have already known you, it cannot be that hard.”
The other woman scowled, and her voice turned sharp,”Enough cousin! Just because you are at ease with your role does not mean that I am! I never wanted to be Queen, all I wanted was to be with Phillip in Burgundy, and to raise our children to rule the Empire. Now I cannot, all because my older brother and sister, as well as my nephew, had to die before their time should have come. As for ladies to assist me, my husband has dismissed those who he has not seduced. So do not presume to understand my life, for you never will.”
Giovanna looked away from her cousin, tears forming in her eyes,”I am sorry your majesty, I simply wished to reassure you.”
Juana dismissed the apology with a wave of her hand,”It is fine Giovanna, just, please do not bring this up again.”
“I will not.”
The taller woman nodded,”Good, let’s talk of something else.” She paused for a moment,”I see that you are already with child, I suppose that I should congratulate you on that.”
Giovanna smiled broadly,”Yes ,I will be happy to have a child of my own. I feel prepared as I have had plenty of practice with the Princesses Mary and Catherine. It is hard knowing that Mary will one day leave to marry the Crown Prince of Denmark, but I trust that she will be safe.”
Juana gave Giovanna a sympathetic look, and the two continued to walk through the gardens, now silent. Eventually, they made their way back inside the castle, and, standing outside the chambers where their husbands were having a discussion, heard the sounds of a potential argument, first from King Henry who rose his voice,”If you do not send the traitor Edmund de la Pole to me, then I suppose I will have to break the betrothal between the Prince of Wales and your eldest.”
They then heard the characteristic scoff, off Phillip, Duke of Burgundy,”Then I suppose you will not have the precious Lancastrian blood needed to secure your rule here!”
“You fail to see that I can pick any number of other brides for my boy. Your wife’s nieces, the Portuguese Infantas Isabella and Beatrice would do just fine. As would your cousins in Bavaria, so you see there is no way I am letting my son wed your daughter if you do not hand over de la Pole.”
The Duke of Burgundy let out an exasperated sigh,”It would seem, that we are at an impasse, King Henry.”
Giovanna could not allow this to go on and simply barged in, with her cousin in tow. Her husband was quite shocked, though fortunately did not appear to be too angry,”I thought you two were supposed to be in the gardens, not barging in on these talks.”
The Queen of Castile smirked as she seated herself, her voice dripping with sarcasm,”And miss the diplomatic finesse that you men possess?”
Giovanna was somehow able to resist laughing at this, though both men glared at her cousin, and sat at a well-padded chair next to where her husband sat, bowing slightly as she did so,”My apologies my lords, but I wished to soothe your tempers, and try to bring a solution to this.”
The Duke of Burgundy sneered at this,”How could you hope to accomplish anything, woman?”
Her husband narrowed his eyes at the Duke of Burgundy,”Do not speak in such a way to my wife, she is trying to help the both of us.”
Phillip rolled his eyes, but Giovanna ignored it, smiling,”Now, I know, that there have been issues over the York man, but we must realize that we have a common goal in seeing England stable. Besides, I would suggest that to double our ties, that Princess Catherine should be betrothed to your eldest son Charles.”
The King of England seemed to contemplate this for a moment, and looked at Duke Phillip,”Yes, I think that would give you further reason to agree to this, would it not? That way we are both sending our daughters to wed the sons of the other, and it may facilitate trade as well.”
While Phillip of Burgundy hardly seemed pleased, he did not look particularly unhappy with this, and nodded,”I believe that would be best, I will hand over Edmund de la Pole in exchange for such terms, and we may be allies, should the French king threaten us.”
Giovanna beamed, as she was happy to see that the discord was over,”Then perhaps we can celebrate with a feast, and plenty of drink, to show our trust.”
Her husband smiled,”Yes, I think that would be a fine idea, do you not agree Duke Phillip.”
The Duke replied, almost sounding happy,”Yes, I believe celebrations will be in order, for the prosperity of England and Burgundy has been ensured.”
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I'm basing my description of Juana off of this portrait, as well as the fact that I find it unlikely that every child of Ferdinand and Isabella had red-gold hair(I believe Juana was the exception)
Joanna of Castile - Wikipedia
Oh yes, though she does have another cousin, who may inherit Spain who she can wed... Thank you very much!!!
That other cousin inheriting Spain would be a great thing... sure his OTL bride would be forced to wed a much older groom and likely stay childless (but she would likely remarry after that)
That other cousin inheriting Spain would be a great thing... sure his OTL bride would be forced to wed a much older groom and likely stay childless (but she would likely remarry after that)
Yes, I think Spain and The Holy Roman Empire being separate is better for all nations involved, as well as Spain's colonies... I do plan on Anne of Bohemia and Hungary having a son named Ernst with Maximillian....