Mazel tov! Welcome little George Tudor! What’s his title going to be as the Duke of Somerset’s heir?

Earl of Richmond or Kendal, going off the old Beaufort titles...
I'm thinking probably Earl of Kendal, mostly because I like the name lol. He'll certainly grow up loved, and hopefully well-prepared to succeed his father one day (along with his mother once she inherits Wiltshire)
Congratz to Charles and Anne plus long life and happiness to their first child.

Also well done Margarery.
Hopefully he'll be happy and healthy, but he's off to a really good start in any case. Yeah, Margarery has done quite well for herself, I suspect she's rather pleased with her new position...
Chapter 151, August 1526
Pamplona, Kingdom of Navarre August 1526

Catalina of Aragon looked across the corridor to her half-sister, Blanca. She wasn’t ugly but she was hardly the beauty her mother was. The Infanta of Aragon had largely inherited her mother’s hair, though it was a darker shade of red, auburn really, though this did not detract from her looks. What did, however, was her hooked nose, entirely too large for her face. Still, otherwise, she was pretty enough. At fourteen the Infanta was about as tall as she ever would be, with her head barely at the same height as the Dowager Queen’s chest. Still, being short wasn’t necessarily a bad quality in a bride. Blanca of Aragon was also slightly pudgy in build, with a full face and the dark purple dress she wore contrasted with her pale skin quite wondrously. A silver necklace hung from her neck, and the sapphire pendant glimmered from the sunlight that filtered through the windows.

Blanca smirked as she saw them watching her,“Well, what do you think?”

Germaine de Foix, Blanca’s mother answered,”You look the very image of a Queen of Navarre,

Ma fille. I am very proud of you, and I think your father would be too.”

“Indeed.” Catalina nodded,”Our father King Ferdinand would be very proud of you, dear sister.”

It was the truth, and of course, he’d be most pleased to potentially have a future grandchild inherit Navarre, which he thought was rightfully his. So, they all stood there, waiting for the signal to proceed.

Finally, they all heard several bells chime and Blanca said,”I guess that means it is time to head to the chapel, come now, everybody.”

Behind her, the Infanta Blanca’s maids carried her train. Young women from all of Aragon’s major noble families carried her train. This included members of the houses of Aragón, Cardona, Híjar, and Pimentel. They were all fresh-faced and optimistic just like their Queen. Navarre was certainly not rich, but service to a Queen could bring them opportunities to prosper in their own right, or perhaps find good men to marry. Given the dowry that came with Blanca was bringing with her, little Navarre owed them that much. Spain could afford it of course given the wealth that flowed from the New World, but money was money. Then again this was an easier way of dealing with Navarre than invading it, and such a war would inevitably draw in the French. It would be more trouble than simply sending an infanta and her dowry, this was a solution that would work for all parties. May this work for them as well as it does these Kingdoms.

The wedding ceremony had concluded, and now they were celebrating at the wedding feast. Now that Henry and Blanca had met the Dowager Queen’s worries were lifted a bit, though Germaine was still naturally nervous for her daughter.

“Do you think she will be happy?” Germaine asked, her voice low.

“I think so.” Catalina answered and looked across to the head of the high table. She saw the two of them, the King of Navarre, and its new Queen interacting together. Henry the second of Navarre was a young man of average build and height, with a short mustache that would make any other man look ridiculous. The King chuckled; Blanca had apparently made a joke that was to his liking. They would be just fine, and they would secure decades of peace between Spain and Navarre in the process, Catalina was sure of it.
Good for little Blanca. Will her height be a problem for childbearing? If she’s shorter than Catalina (who was apparently quite short), then she would be under 5 feet!
Good for little Blanca. Will her height be a problem for childbearing? If she’s shorter than Catalina (who was apparently quite short), then she would be under 5 feet!

Queen Victoria, who was just 5 feet tall, would be offended at the idea of that.

Matilda of Flanders agree with that statement.
Well I'd say she's probably 4'9 right now, though once she's done growing she'll be barely under five feet. It shouldn't be a major issue, but you're right in that it's something to keep in mind for Blanca...