Chapter 149, December 1525
Richmond Palace, Kingdom of England, December 1525

“I love her father, and I believe that she loves me too. I humbly ask Your Majesty if we may marry?”

The Duke of Richmond was there, on bent knee before them in the King’s presence chamber. It was not a scheduled visit, but John had sent his father a letter, requesting an audience, he claimed it was urgent. Evidently it was, just not in the way they had anticipated. The Queen of England looked at her husband, his eyebrows knit in what could only be frustration. Another problem to deal with, and from his own flesh and blood no less.

“Leave us John, so that I may decide on what I am to do about this.”

The blonde boy, for that was what he truly was, a boy and not yet a man, did so, with a bow before he backed out of the room. Eleanor of Austria felt sympathy for John, he had looked very pale when he had left, clearly, he was nervous. Perhaps she would do something to help him. She looked over to her husband again to see how she wanted to approach this.

Henry stroked his beard, as he often did when he was deep in thought. It was something that the Queen found endearing, attractive really, and at nearly thirty there were still times that he made her feel like the giddy, lovesick girl, that she had been all those years ago. Of course, this reaction meant that he was at least considering his natural son’s plea, so she wouldn’t be going into this with him being completely against John’s case.

With the first part of the audience over, the Queen of England rose from her throne and lingered by her husband’s side, she wanted him to look to her as the person who would he confide in. She wanted to make sure he made the right decision.

She looked down at him and smiled slyly, it was a simple thing, but she knew it would work.

Henry would prove her right, moving his gaze from the entrance to her,“What would you suggest Eleanor? I know your feelings on my Lord Richmond are different than those on my Lord Clarence, so I can trust you to give me impartial advice.”

“I think...” Eleanor placed her hand on his chest, stroking the skin underneath his doublet,”...That you should grant John his marriage to Margarery Kymbe. If you refuse and they elope it will undermine your authority, even more than what Charles has done. People will think that you cannot control your own children. Besides, letting them wed would make you look gracious to a young couple in love, and just before Christmas no less.”

Her husband looked up at her from where he sat on his throne, their gazes meeting,”What a cunning Queen I have. Yes, John and Margarery have my permission to marry, and I will make the country think this was my idea all along.”

It was moments like this that reminded the Queen why she loved him, the times that he trusted her fully. So, the woman decided that she may as well reward her husband for looking to her rather than another for advice.

Eleanor leaned down and kissed him on the lips. Henry’s eyes widened in surprise for but a moment, he grabbed her by the hips, a moan leaving his mouth. Soon it was clear that his base born son would have to wait a bit longer to hear his father’s judgement, as all others in the presence chamber made themselves scarce, leaving the King and Queen of England alone to their desires.
Or just Henry being the unrestrainable one, and Eleanor going along for the ride, I wonder?
Oh they both have a certain thirst for one another, though I will say that Eleanor's love for Henry is much deeper as she's been married to him since she was just a teenager, and she was the one who initiated things after all. Thank you so much for your input!
Congratz to John and Margarery.

Wonder if Eleanor and Henry can have another child?

I do feel for the servants who have to clean up after the Royal Couple.
Congratz to John and Margarery.

Wonder if Eleanor and Henry can have another child?

I do feel for the servants who have to clean up after the Royal Couple.
Thank you, Margarery certainly found a new, rich husband, and through her own initiative too! Perhaps you'll all see Giovanna's own reaction soon. As for a child, well, we'll have to see, but there's nothing wrong with either person, so I don't see why not. Oh certainly lol, but that's what they're there for.
Eleanor has just turned 27 so I would say chances are high…
Oh they certainly can and will at some point, though I will say that just because they are implied to sleep together dosen't mean that they'll conceive in that moment.
Chapter 150, January 1526
Hatfield House, Kingdom of England, January 1526

Giovanna had hurried back to England as quickly as she could, she knew that Anne would deliver her first child soon and wanted to be there for her and Charles just as she had been for Catherine. Once there she had found that events outside of her control had transpired, and, luckily, they were good ones.

On the way she had been hosted at Sutton House by the Duke and Duchess of Richmond where she found that Margarery Kymbe had heeded her advice quite well and acquired a new husband of her own accord. Of course, most interestingly, this meant that Margarery was now her step-granddaughter-in-law, and a Duchess to boot. Going from the King’s maternal cousin to his daughter-in-law was quite the climb in rank, and Giovanna could tell that the young woman was quite pleased with her new position. She wasn’t quite sure if Margarery truly loved John, but John himself was clearly fond of her, and if this marriage could bring Margarery status, even more than her brother the Earl of Rivers enjoyed, then all the better for her. From what she could see Giovanna thought it suited her perfectly. The Dowager Queen had been hosted there for a week, as despite her wishes to come to Hatfield as soon as possible, she was very happy for Margarery and John and didn’t want to be rude by being too abrupt.

In the end, she had made it to her son’s estates just in time for the arrival of his first child, just two days beforehand. Initially Anne had struggled, begging for an end to the pain that she had suffered. But they saw her through it, Anne’s parents, and Giovanna together, it was like it had been meant to be. It was at that moment that the Dowager Queen realized that something, whether it be God or fate, had brought Charles and Anne together, it was too perfect to be random. God willing, they would share many grandchildren one day, but for now, Giovanna would be content with just one English grandchild. She was determined to watch over it until she drew her last breath, she’d give anything to guarantee its future happiness.

It had been a day since Charles and Anne’s first child had been born, and she found the Duke of Somerset standing in the nursery, his thin frame sticking out amid the dim candlelight.

He’s restless in such times, just like his father Giovanna noted. The memory of her late husband made her feel somber, but she pushed those feelings away.

The babe in the crib was silent, his little chest gently rising as he breathed. Her grandson was perfect, from his olive skin to his perfect little nose. She wasn’t surprised to see her son there, it was convenient for her too, even if a part of her had wished to allow him a moment alone with his son. So, she drifted over, giving her son a slight curtsey as he noticed her.

“Have you decided what to name him?” Giovanna asked.

“Yes.” Charles nodded, his voice low like hers,”We’ve decided to name him George, after Anne’s brother.”

Her son looked down at her and sighed,”I know you were hoping I’d name him for my older brother John, and I’d hate to disappoint you, but Anne would be furious if I didn’t allow her to name our firstborn. I promised her that she could pick his name, and so our little boy shall be named George.”

“Oh Charles.” Giovanna murmured,”You could never disappoint me, you’ve given me a grandson to love. I am just happy that he is in good health.”

“Besides.” Giovanna patted her son on the shoulder,”I’m sure one day you’ll have another son that you can name for John.”