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Events in 1965
  • 1965 Recap
    -Captain Solar taken off the air after 11 seasons.

    -Ren & Stimpy ending its 23 year run of theatrical shorts but will get a TV series in 1966.
    Ren & Stimpy are comin' back.
  • Ren & Stimpy are comin' back.
    Everyone's favorite cat & chihuahua duo is coming back in their first TV series, "The Ren & Stimpy Show" featuring brand new friends.
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    Batman Ad
  • 12 September 1965
    from the producers of the green hornet comes the next big action adventure phenomenon to hit the United States since the UK’s avengers Adam west Burt Ward Ceaser Romero and Julie Newmar in Batman sundays at 6 PM 5 PM central on CBS
    The Avengers (1965)
  • The Avengers

    Premiered by 20th Century Fox on October 11, 1965

    Directed By
    Gerry Anderson
    Sylvia Anderson

    Screenplay by
    Terry Southern
    Gerry Anderson
    Sylvia Anderson

    Based on
    "The Avengers" by Stan Lee & Jack Kirby

    Barry Gray

    Robert Redford as Captain America
    Peter O'Toole as Iron Man
    Charlton Heston as Thor
    Paul Newman as Bruce Banner
    Brad Harris as Hulk
    Peter Sellers as Ant-Man & Giant Man (Hank Pym)
    Steve McQueen as Hawkeye
    Julie Christie as The Wasp
    Christopher Lee as Loki

    NOTE: This was Gerry & Sylvia's first work produced and made in North America and their first movie in live-action.​
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    The Ren & Stimpy Show
  • The Ren & Stimpy Show
    R&S Show.png

    Premiered on ABC on January 15, 1966

    Based On
    "Ren & Stimpy" by Larry Ruperts & Jack Warner

    Philip Green
    William Loose
    Emil Cadkin

    Mel Blanc as Ren Hoek, Jasper
    Don Messick as Stimpy
    Daws Butler as Mr. Horse
    Paul Frees as Haggis McHaggis, Announcer
    John McLeish* as Wilbur Cobb (S1-Early S4)
    Jack Carter as Wilbur Cobb (S4-S18)
    Dal McKennon as Jimmy the Idiot Boy
    Jack Mercer as George Liquor

    The Segments

    George Jackal & Dingo

    George Jackal & Dingo.PNG

    Paul Frees as George Jackal
    June Foray as Dingo
    Don Messick as Narrator
    Walker Edmiston as Dastardly Dan

    Powdered Toast Man

    Paul Frees as Narrator
    Gary Owens as Powdered Toast Man
    Paul Winchell as Dr. Dynamite
    Jean Vander Pyl as Waffle Woman
    Arnold Stang as Muddy Mudskipper

    Mr. Billion: The World's Most Richest Man
    Mr. Billion.PNG

    Paul Frees as Mr. Billion, Sir Consworth the Butler
    June Foray as Mandy the Maid
    Bill Scott as Monsieur Pierre, French Millionaire

    NOTE: John McLeish died during Season 4. Jack Carter took his place.​
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    Batman (1966)
  • 8 September 1966

    creator/producer William Dozier
    stars Adam West Burt Ward Burges Meridith Frank Gorshin Julie Newmar and many others
    Network CBS
    duration 8 September 1966 to 15 January 1974
    seasons 6
    Dr. Crazy's Fabulous Invention
  • Professor Crazy's Fabulous Invention

    Premiered by MGM on March 11, 1966

    Directed By
    Jerry Lewis

    Screenplay by
    Jerry Lewis
    Bill Richmond

    Georgie Stoll

    Jerry Lewis as Bob Crazy
    Marvin Kaplan as Glenn Crazy
    Art Carney as Professor Melvin Cell
    Jayne Mansfield as Connie Cooney
    Jimmy Durante as Morris The Old Man​
    Four's A Crowd
  • Four's A Crowd

    Premiered by Warner Bros. on May 19, 1966

    Directed By
    Blake Edwards

    Produced by
    Phil Feldman

    Screenplay by
    Frank Pierson

    Nelson Riddle
    Songs: Jack Urbont

    Spencer Tracy as Jonesy Arnoldson
    George O'Hanlon as Moe Burton
    Walter Matthau as Harold Bailey
    Fred Astaire as Trevor Franks
    Penny Singleton as Dana Bloom
    Phil Silvers as Frederick Samson
    Andy Griffith as Game Show Host​
    Stranger In The City
  • Stranger In The City

    Premiered by United Artists on July 9, 1966

    Directed By
    Alfred Hitchcock

    Produced by
    Alfred Hitchcock

    Screenplay by
    Evan Hunter
    Ernest Lehman

    Laurie Johnson

    Cary Grant as Horace Peters
    Russell Johnson as Terry Gillmore
    Katharine Hepburn as Jenna Moore
    James Stewart as Mel Taylor
    Jack Nicholson as Police Officer​
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    The First Super Bowl
  • Chargers beat Dallas in First Ever AFL-NFL Championship Game

    It was pandemonium at the LA Memorial Coliseum as the San Diego Chargers beat the Dallas Cowboys 28-13 in the first ever AFL-NFL championship game.​
    Fidel Castro Assassinated
  • Fidel Castro Assassinated
    March 14, 1967

    Fidel Castro, the mastermind of the Cuban Revolution and one of the key figures of the Cuban Missile Crisis, has been assassinated in his hideout in Santa Maria, Villa Clara by a team of 4 CIA agents at 11:00 A.M​
    Ernest Eagles: Biography
  • Ernest Lloyd Eagles

    : September 9, 1924 (42 years old as of 1967)
    San Diego, California

    Ernest was born on September 9, 1924 in San Diego, California. When he was 12, his family moved to Brooklyn where he animated a 2 minute short film. He is among one of the first hired animators in Dooly Inc., where he got his first start at animating Ren & Stimpy cartoons.

    Select Filmography
    Bubble Bath (1946)
    Sven Hoek (1947)
    To Salve & Salve Not! (1950)
    The Big Shot! (1952)
    Big Baby Scam (1955)
    Blazing Entrails (1959)
    Aloha Hoek (1959)
    Stimpy's Invention (1960)
    Egg Yolkeo (1961)
    Lair of the Lummox (1965)​
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    President Johnson's Remarks on the Assassination of Fidel Castro
  • President Johnson's Remarks on the Assassination of Fidel Castro
    "My fellow Americans, as of March 14, 1967, I am pleased to report that Fidel Castro has been killed in his condo in Villa Clara, Cuba. Today, we owe our greatest thanks to the brave agents from the CIA who gave their lives to accomplish the impossible. Thank you and God Bless America."
    The Fantastic Four
  • The Fantastic Four

    Premiered on ABC on September 4, 1967

    Created & Produced By
    William Frye

    Based On
    "The Fantastic Four" by Stan Lee & Jack Kirby

    Narrated By
    Bernard Cowan

    Malcolm Lockyer (incidental)
    The Ventures (theme song)

    Russell Johnson as Mr. Fantastic/Reed Richards
    Elizabeth Montgomery as Mrs. Fantastic/Susan Storm
    William Demarest as The Thing/Ben Grimm
    Tim Considine as The Human Torch/Johnny Storm

    Notable guest stars included Mickey Rooney as the Mole Man, Leonard Nimoy as the Sub-Mariner, Boris Karloff as Dr. Doom, and Paul Henreid as Galactus.​
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    Batman: The Movie (1967)
  • 1652474738466.jpeg

    1 July 1967
    batman the movie
    Adam West as Batman
    Burt Ward as Robin
    Cesar Romero as the joker
    Clint Eastwood as two face
    Burges Meridith as the Penguin
    Frank Gorshin as the riddler
    George Saunders as mr freeze
    Vincent Price as egghead
    Julie Newmar as catwoman
    POD with two face I am actually basing it off of the information that I got on a unproduced episode of Batman 66 which would have aired in this timeline where Clint Eastwood was up for consideration to play two face but got scrapped IOTL so yeah
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    Sam & Max: Freelance Police
  • Sam & Max: Freelance Police

    Premiered by Cartoonscope Animation Pictures on December 15, 1967

    Directed By
    Kerry Pendleton
    Ross Maxwell

    Based On
    The "Sam & Max" comic strip by Kerry Pendleton, and Ross Maxwell

    Marty Paich

    Phil Harris as Sam
    Larry Harmon as Max, Otto Coran
    Hal Smith as The Commissioner
    Julie Bennett as Mandy
    Sterling Holloway as Freddie
    Thurl Ravenscroft as Bruno the Sasquatch
    Doug Young as Horatio J. Coran, the Sasquatch Tamer​
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    Sam & Max (TV Series)
  • Sam & Max

    Premiered on ABC on February 28, 1968

    Based On
    The "Sam & Max" comic strip by Kerry Pendleton, and Ross Maxwell

    Jim Timmens

    Larry Harmon as Sam, Max
    Hal Smith as The Commissioner
    Sandy Becker as Flint Paper
    Julie Bennett as Giraffeneck Trixie
    John Stephenson as Conroy Bumpus
    Alan Reed as Lee-Harvey​
    The Comeback Kid
  • The Comeback Kid

    Premiered by Paramount Pictures on April 9, 1968

    Directed & Produced By
    Sam Peckinpah

    Screenplay By
    W.R. Burnett

    Ernest Gold

    Johnny Cooper* as Jack "Fast Boy" Horschel
    Steve McQueen as "Cool" Curtis Davis
    Gale Sayers as Jamal Powell
    Dan Blocker as "Big Man" Bob Pursley
    Paul Hornung as Nash Morsen
    Ernest Borgnine as Coach Jerry Hills

    *Fictional Actor​
    The British Invasion
  • Celebrating The British Invasion of Rock Music
    The 1960s saw numerous up-and-coming bands conquering the American and worldwide airwaves by rising to the top of the Billboard Charts, and performing to the joyful screeches of teenage audiences around the globe. Let's take this time to celebrate three bands who contributed to arguably the greatest era in music history.

    The Beatles

    Consisting of John Lennon, Ringo Starr, George Harrison, & Paul McCartney, The Beatles were considered to be the juggernauts of British rock. Throughout their run, most of their hits won the hearts of millions of young fans such as "Twist & Shout", "Yellow Submarine", "Strawberry Fields Forever", "When I'm 64", and so on. The band had just recorded 2 studio albums prior to this year, presumably "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band" & "Magical Mystery Tour" Going through 1968, they are scheduled to release their new self-titled album also known as "The White Album" this fall.

    The Rolling Stones

    Mick Jagger's Rolling Stones are just another example of a band that revolutionized the British beat genre. They have amazed audiences worldwide with hits such as "(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction", "Paint It Black", "Mother's Little Helper", and more.

    The Who

    The Who is the brainchild of Pete Townshend and Roger Daltrey. The 1960s saw numerous ups for The Who ever since recording their debut album "My Generation" in '65, and releasing "The Who Sell Out" in '67.

    And there you have it! The three main bands of the British Invasion.​
    Spider-Man (1968 TV Series)
  • Spider-Man

    Premiered on NBC on June 18, 1968

    Based On
    "Spider-Man" by Stan Lee & Steve Ditko

    Created & Produced By
    Sherwood Schwartz

    Billy May

    Tommy Kirk as Spider-Man/Peter Parker
    Sherry Alberoni as Mary Jane Watson
    Ruth Gordon as Aunt May
    Lee Marvin as J. Jonah Jameson
    Tor Johnson as Rhino/Aleksei Sytsevich
    Bob Pettit as Electro/Max Dillon
    James Coburn as Sandman/Flint Marko
    Peter Cushing as Mysterio/Quentin Beck
    Donald Pleasence as The Vulture/Adrian Toomes
    Dennis Hopper as Kraven the Hunter/Sergei Kravinoff
    Yul Brynner as Kingpin/Wilson Fisk​
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