The Yellow Sand Society launches a second Boxer Rebellion

Actually, this sort of happened historically:

Following the collapse of the Qing Empire, the Yellow Way Society opposed the new Republican government. This was unusual, for most secret societies chose to cooperate with the new regime until the mid-1920s. Around 1919, a man calling himself "Chu the Ninth" appeared in Anyang County of northern Henan. Claiming to be the ninth-generation descendant of the Ming dynasty, he proclaimed himself Emperor of China with the era name "Great Brightness" (Daming). In doing so, Chu was supported by a local Yellow Way teacher. The two jointly declared that China had to be reunified under the "true dragon [rightful emperor]" and that only Yellow Way Society members would be spared in the coming armageddon; their insurgency against the government lasted three years and was finally suppressed by Republican militia and army forces.
In course of the Kuomintang (KMT)'s Northern Expedition 1926–28, the power of the warlords in northern China weakened significantly. This prompted the Yellow Sands, alongside other rural groups like the Red Spears and Heavenly Gates, to seize large areas for themselves.[21] For example, these three secret societies captured Cheng'an County in 1927 and proceeded to run the local government for several months.
Has anyone actually heard of these guys before? This seems like the sort of deep scholarship in a very obscure topic makes it seem like a Wikipedia hoax. Their commitment to restoring the Ming in the 1920s is super anachronistic and cool.

Ming pretenders were actually common in Anyang County during the early Republic of China. For example, just two years after the defeat of "Chu the Ninth", a man calling himself "Wang the Sixth" proclaimed himself Ming emperor and managed to gather three hundred adherents before being captured.
Well, that's just fun.

They're officially on the list of Factions for the template for the Warlord era, so they are Wikipedia-official! Alongside multiple Mongol princes and Guizhou, another obscure clique that looks almost like a hoax.
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