The XK-BAM map series

Does anyone has a full map of all third-level administrative divisions of Peru? earlier in this thread I could only find half of it, with the rest completely missing for some reason.
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XK eemian 1.png
XK eemian 2.png

World Map during the Last Interglacial Period (named Eemian) 130,000 years ago. (The Oldest XK-BAM topographic map).
The Caspian Level and Euphrates delta are inaccurate.
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A map of North Macedonia colored accordingly to its municipalities
There are no enclaves in the country so each color-coded region represents a single municipality
Oh also the City of Skopje (formerly shown as a single municipality) is actually some weird amalgamation of 10 municipalities each having its own mayor and stuff
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The Sea Level is according to this data (6 meter below sea level):
The Scandinavian Peninsula (in my map) are inaccurate: the terrain is 20,000 years later.
The data used by Yan Xishan (Linbot) are from 2000 years after mine, which are from the interglacial optimum (128,000).
Also use the following graphic:


(Edit: The data of Deep Time maps during Eemian is inaccurate)
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Hi everyone, I've been wanting to make some maps for this project but the map I have rn is heavily modified and I want my patches to be compatible with what everyone has so can someone please send me a map with the original's errors corrected (mainly the South African miscolored borders)?
Edit: Checked the thread from beginning to end, and I found only one global patch with South Africa corrected, sadly. I think I'll go with that one
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Divisions of India and Pakistan (also added some districts of Pakistan; tehsils will need further subdividing)

Cleaning up errata from parts of Ukraine (+ bonus Chernobyl Exclusion Zone)