The XK-BAM map series

Why you shown Russian claims in Ukraine is state border? It's so horribly wrong
I agree that I absolutely could've done better here. I chose to draw the border where I did because Russia controls more of the disputed territory than Ukraine does and to show more detail (Russia is federal and Ukraine is unitary). If I ever make a revised version of this map, I might show both borders instead of just one.

I don't think that divisions like Budapest municipality is real autonomous division like Karakalpakstan
I added them in because Wikipedia listed them as autonomous. My intent was to fact-check if I ever got around to revising the map since a lot of these claims lacked citations. I'm awful at committing to projects, so I rushed this one to ensure its completion. It definately shows.

And where Chechen-Ingush border?
That's an error on my part. The border between Chechnya and Ingushetia is depicted as disputed in the original 8K-BAM, unlike the other borders, resulting in it being missed by the magic wand tool. I should've caught that considering my experience.
Could anyone please update the current subdivisions of Pakistan's Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Province, since in 2018 the Federally Administered Tribal Areas have been absorbed into the latter and no longer exist, and (apparently, I might be wrong) most of the internal subdivisions of the region have also changed as of 2020.
Personally, I'm quite interested in seeing more of this project.
Hell, i might even switch over from 8K to this if this is ever completed with lots of resources to use.
I am continuing to work on this, however I don't think the world will ever be completed, and right now I am redoing the North American coasts. I will definitely be doing historical US patches, however I'm not sure what else besides that. This will take a while to do.
I couldn't find a good Sudetenland patch so I made one:
Hello, I would like to show off the current progress of the 16k-BAM. Currently it is just NA, as I have completely redone the coasts, so they are much better now. Unfortunately this means it will take much longer to finish, but it brings the benefit of both more correct and better looking coasts, along with lakes being classified based on what type they are (normal, alkaline, reservoirs, and intermittent). This is done using the new natural earth data (the hydrolakes data is unreliable, for example with the Great Salt Lake, and the fact that it labels lakes incorrectly.)
I finished a map of the provinces of the kingdom of France in 1788 / 1789 started here. I didnt finish Lorraine because it would be a nightmare and also Limousin because i was lazy. I drew 1.5 pixel thick borders, so i'm not sure if this is allowed here. This is my first post on this site btw and i don't really know forums.
K of France provinces 1789_20230218110632.png
Does anyone knows how to make an 8K-BAM map like this, or has an original version of it, showing virtually "everything" - the topography, snow, borders, and all administrative divisions?

Are these maps the topographic overimposed the normal 8K-BAM?
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Pardon me, I was wondering if anyone had seen anything depicting an ice-free Greenland and/or Antarctica in equirectangular? I wanted to make a fully deglaciated 8k map. Any tips you have on warping a robinson depiction to shape would also be appreciated (I only know how to use GIMP atm).
Could anyone please make lines of Latitude and Longitude (Meridians & Parallels) for the 8K-BAM just like on the TurboWorldA?