The XK-BAM map series


Russian Empire guberniyas and uyzeds so far
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(80% Accurated) 8K-BAM 21000 BP (-18000BC) during last glacial maximum.
1- Ice Sheets
2- Sea Level at 115m
3- No reservoirs (possibly inaccurated)
4- Antarctic ice shelves.
1- Caspian Sea Level
2- Black Sea Level
3- Aral Sea Level
4- Some parts of Eurasian Ice Sheets
5- Chukchi ice sheet.
6- Large river deltas.
7- Inhabited areas.
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Can someone who knows how to generate sea level rise 8k-bams generate ones with 2, 5 and 7 meter rises? Maybe more less? Or a topographic one with those as colors? Please man
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Ok so is the river map ever going to get finished? Like, just use qgis.
Also does someone have an 8k- bam without the gigabazillion 1-pixel lakes?
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