The XK-BAM map series

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1914 Quality of Life improvements:
US States
Redone German States
Fixed Africa:

Added the Senussi and the Dervish Movement.
Also fixed the Darfur sultanate's borders.
On the topic of reservoirs, America has a lot which are not even shown on the map even though they should be. (I have worked on a map of rivers, man did I need to add a lot of reservoirs)
Found a good image to use as a reference for Romania's officially missing LAU 1 level of administative divisions. It doesn't line up perfectly with municipality borders, but it's workable.
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The current modern-day 2K countries with missing subdivisions are Albania, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belize, Bhutan, Bosnia, Croatia, Dominican Republic, Guatemala, Haiti, Iceland, Jordan, Kuwait, Latvia, Macedonia, Moldova, Montenegro, Philippines. Qatar, Republic, Salvador, Switzerland, UAE, UK, and New Zealand, will it be updated?
I was wondering, what is the projection of the XK-BAM, I'm trying to get the projection right on QGIS but I can't find one that fits just right
Hello all, today I’ll be making a American National Parks patch for the 8K-BAM - please let me know if you see any errors, I’ll be posting a few images of my progress here as I go along