The XK-BAM map series

I have two questions.

First, why is the Caspian Sea different between 1930 and 2019? what caused it to shrink just like the Aral did?
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Second, in the 2019 2K map there are missing administrative divisions for Belize, Guatemala, El Salvador, Haiti, the Dominican Republic, the UK, Iceland, Switzerland, Croatia, Bosnia, Albania, Montenegro, Macedonia, Moldova, Latvia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Jordan, the UAE, Kuwait, Qatar, Bhutan, and the Philippines.

Will it be updated soon? tell me because if it isn't then I'll try to make my own administrative divisions for use in my personal maps, not for the official 2K one.
This can be of help about the Caspian Sea levels
Caspian Sea-level changes.jpg

Little Markerwaard patch for you all


Also the 2015 proposed Venezuelan state of Esequibo,

good luck on whatever ur doing
I was hoping for a softer gradient than the normal base topographic map, as that already has info for a change every 100m, but thanks for the help nonetheless!
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2K Bam patch for the Viceroyalty of the Rio de la Plata, around 1806 or so. Some sources cite Puno as part of Peru at the time, so in case you wanna go with that, you might wanna change the Peru-Upper Peru Border around the Titicaca to the modern border.