Hello, random reader.

You might've heard of the name "Nightrise" on this forum before. Or you've seen one of my Greater Germany maps and have somehow stumbled upon this.
I've been posting some maps regarding Nightrise over the year to remind people that the project is still alive.
I've been hesitant to do this thread since I wanted to keep an "oohh"-effect which would occur if my TL was posted randomly and finished without anyone really knowing before what's going on and what's going to be included, as a sort-of surprise post.

But in recent months, working out the entire world, timeline and scenario has confronted me with situations where I'm dissatisfied or indecisive with my results. It has me brought thinking, "Cmon, you're not doing this to get as many likes as possible. You have to earn your likes by making a decent writeup, realistic-while-fantastic world and gorgeous graphics. Presenting a finished surprise world which isn't good will not give your post any 'likes' or popularity. You have abandoned your original idea of making a beautiful and perfect fantasy world."

And this is why I've decided to make this thread, so I can ask someone for help if I'm stuck. I'm sure a lot of you do have a lot of fantasy as well and it would be cool if we managed to make a good-designed world and timeline.

I'll mainly post concepts and rough maps here, and leave the finished graphics and large-size maps be discovered when I'm finished.

To let you know how Nightrise works, I'll give you a short introduction. (Warning: A lot is ASB and fantasy as the world&timeline are based on a fantasy roleplay/story/writeup)

(Warning2: I simplified a goddamn lot. Some stuff might sound illogical.)

(Warning3: Nightrise is divided into epoques. [I,II,III etc.])

Nightrise I
In 1852, the PoD occurs. It's an event of unknown source or power, which is why it's just called "The Day" or "Day X". This day triggers a worldwide "awakening", in which many normal people transform into non-humans (all sorts of humanoid fantasy creatures, imagine elves, succubi, "monster girls", demons, angels, fox/dog/wolf/cat people like they exist in anime but also some less-humanoid monsters but they are usually more seldom, like orks or dragons) and such are born.
Naturally, the society of this world collapses sort of and most governments, lead by the vatican, are out to go after these people.
No one really wins, until two people are summoned in 1856 from an OTL-like world (if it's actually OTL or not isn't completely going to be explained, though it seems to be not as kaliningrad is german again) to the nightrise world (the prime universe, that is), originally supposed to be demon hunters (a special angel race). But as the odds want it, do these people, who never had a real connection to something as church - they're atheists, end up being in a "demon"(everything that's neither human nor angelic)-controlled area and decide to switch sides. They successfully defeat the habsburgs and ascend the austrian throne. (Now comes a lot of german unification stuff) In 1862, the German Kaiserreich finally unites, incorporating the German Confederation, the rest of austria and congress poland (plus some extra areas which are insignificant). The one who became german kaiser (the "main character") also gets a love story with the ukrainian archwitch valeriya yeliashkevych, and they marry n' stuff.
The "Great Demonic Wars" end in 1878 where the pro-metahuman forces win and peace is established in most places (china might need another decade or so to think about it).

Nightrise II

Stuff between the Great Demonic War and the Great Patriotic War (WW1 and only WW in Nightrise). This part is mostly limited to ah.com timeline writeup, as I don't plan to include a major character/book writeup here. Imagine it like the 1880s until the 1940s without the world wars. (Mostly in a cultural way, like there's the great colonialization, the "twenties" n'stuff.
However rockets are also started by germany so it's sorta like the 50s in space technology while it's the 30s anywhere else.

Nightrise III

Time during the "Great Patriotic War". Essentially a human-fanatic alliance between the US, UK and FR against China, the CSA and some colonial victims. Germany enters in 1932 since they were allied to China and Japan but since China declared war first on the french colony ,Germany sorta wanted to stay neutral and hug it out with everyone (which was good for france and britain) until FR&UK got cocky with Japanese waters which was the "final shot". So germany sorta takes the "US card" in the Great Patriotic War, staying neutral until their ally is actually attacked and then steamroll France.
I plan to write some stuff in here as well which is mainly about the situation in China, Japan and Germany before and during the war.

Nightrise IIII/IV

Sort-of the post-war era. nookyz get invented during this period.
There are some wars here and there against the crumbling French and British Empires and by china against some rebel states in which they gain their old size back which I've already shown on my DeviantART.

This is a second era "without any real content" (yet) since nothing really is happening (although it covers OTL's 40s to 2010s, technology-wise). The Monopolar world led by the Dreikaiserbund (DE,CN,JP) is actually quite boring since most conflicts that have any global significance are cleared, and the indian/african/middle eastern are far too distant from what's the "first world" (Especially for people like Finns, Swedes, Argentinans or Japanese).
The only competitive powers, the US/CSA and India are far too preoccupied. The indian States are fighting with themselves, the CSA is too 'weak' to have real world power (maybe cuz oil, but else...), and the US's economy literally collapses in 1937 due to the "magic crash" (which is the in-lore explanation why you shouldn't let magic take over most of your machines, tech and lifestyle; a treaty signed by most other powers had prevented such stuff in them respectively, but you know, the US and 'Freedom'...), in which a lot of magically modified tools were made useless and the economy was crippled.

Nightrise V
1972 and years after

"Modern Day". 2020s tech. (Do I have to say more?)

I'm thinking of making a portal or so to a "mirror universe-nightrise" which has the jaredia world to be the main plot for this 'era'.
However, that'd mean even more possible repetition, worldbuilding and stuff. Plus it's a bit off a GATE:Jieitai plagiarism feeling of the plot. So I'm not sure yet.

Nightrise VI/X
Somewhere in the Future (1990s-2070s)

This is a hypothetical concept made by my inner trekkie. It's sortof the "spacefare"-era. But it's just a thought.

Let's come to my first "I'm stuck upon this".

Here's the rough workup for my world in 1972 (Modern Day).

My main concern is north america. The CSA, California, everything south of these countries, Quebec, Deseret and Cascadia are OK, but I'm quite dissatisfied with the area where the natiives live (light teal country, grey country, brown country) , the Nova-Scotia/Newfoundland country and the "Pacific US".
they look odd, and I'm not sure how to display the "Natives area is pretty much anarchy and no-go zone for foreigners, no real states n' stuff".


Aye, cool stuff. What's California all about (and also the pirates, I assume some Voudon is involved?)? And will the mirror world be fully mapped out and such?