The White Rose Blooms - A Collaborative Timeline

Everyone have his own vision of what is likely or not, what is good drama or not; in a collaborative timeline the key is compromising but not everyone is good at that.
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Catherine of York gives birth to a healthy son whom she names John after the man who should have been her husband. She is allowed to keep the child in the convent with her as she reacted very violently towards anyone trying to separate them. Elizabeth of York announces a pregnancy, as does Kunigunde. Cecily of York was pregnant, but lost the child after she fell off her horse. She was only alive because she landed on her stomach, but she is consumed with grief and spends days on end just weeping and praying. The relationship between Richard and Anne of Brittany, both still in exile, breaks down. Both openly take lovers and live separately, blaming each other for their deteriorating finances as well as their ruined reputations, and communicate only through their children. Henry Tudor and his wife, Elizabeth de la Pole, have a daughter Margaret together and she is betrothed to the youngest of the triplet sons (Juan, Fernando and Enrique) Isabelle of Brittany gave birth to. Anne of York discovers that her husband finds her unattractive, and he is taking a lot of lovers but leaving her a virgin, which infuriates her. The sisters of the Prince of Asturias, all of them considered great beauties, are set to marry.
Isabelle of Brittany died and thus cannot marry the Prince of Asturias. And a daughter of an English Earl would never marry an Infante. Philip would definitely at least consummate his marriage with Anne. Anne of Brittany would have never taken a lover, it goes against her personality, and their children are not communicating between them because one is two and the other was presumably miscarried.
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