[Map] Warring State of Libya - September 2026 - A Follow-Up
Warring State of Libya - September 2026
A Follow-Up


1.1: Script for the first piece, Where's Soleimani?

It’s been an entire month since my last update, my dudes. For the most part, churning out content on a weekly basis isn’t as practical as it used to be, mostly because I formed a step-by-step process that involves planning and script. It’s a bummer since I have a lot to share about this timeline, especially when I want to end this project and move on to another epoch. There are moments where I consider asking someone to help, but I thought that it might lead to some trouble concerning creative differences, and I’m not keen on compromising my vision for the timeline.

However, I’m trying my best to deliver as much as possible. After days of complementing in the dark, I thought sharing some of the ideas might give you folks a picture of the future pieces I’m planning to publish. So without further adieu, here’s the following list of upcoming updates.

Northern Front: Where's Soleimani?

So here’s a list of stuff that never happened in this timeline: COVID-19 didn’t take place, Taliban hasn’t overthrown Kabul yet, Omar al-Bashir still rules Sudan, AUSUK is still a long way, Cyberpunk 2077 didn’t get released, and most importantly, Qassem Soleimani didn’t get assassinated by a drone. I usually avoid shoving current events into this timeline because it doesn’t benefit the narrative of the project, and I don’t like rectonning my writings just to stay relevant; It’s a pet peeve of mine when I look at other alternate history threads.

In this timeline, Soleimani is still alive and well. Instead of crossing through Iraq to have some secret talks with Saudi Arabia, he went there by boat from Bushehr. Since then, the relation between Iran and the former went uphill, and the tension over the Persian Gulf is soothing (well, excluding their ventures against the United States). He’s also (allegedly) responsible for Syria’s normalization with Turkey and their following campaign against the AANES (also known as Rojava), and their waning actions against Iraqi Kurdistan. I have a lot in mind concerning his action post-2020, but I’m shelving it for now.

So what happened to him after 2020? Well, if you folks read my piece on Tripoli under the Green Army, you’ll notice a little link implicating his whereabouts. In all honesty, he pretty much disappeared. Not much as being dead, but rather became the geopolitical equivalent to Where’s Waldo. No one knows where he is: not the IRGC, the Basij, not even the Supreme Leader himself. Thus, a lot of people are coming up with conspiracies since his disappearance: some are pretty sensible, most are pretty ludicrous.

And that’s what I’m planning to write: his whereabouts. Since his subject is the easiest to both script and design, the piece will pretty much be out in a couple of days, at least when I’m done with my other projects.

The Mediterranean: The Shanghai Pact and China’s Sphere of Influence

The title is rather self-explanatory, so I don’t need to ramble on it much. But to give some clarity, the premise entails the premise concerning China’s influence across Eurasia and Africa. It’s going to generalize the extent of their reach and the consequence it has against their waning parallel, the United States.

On the technical side of things, I’m going to use QGIS to form the orthographic projection. I’m planning to phase out my use of maps from DavidRumsey since I’m not restricting myself to limited references anymore. Instead, they’ll probably be more useful for geo-referencing; something I can use to lay out the details. Actually, I might consider making another video tutorial, this time on QGIS. It could be beneficial for folks who want something a bit malleable.

Also, the piece is written by none other than Hubert Douglas, so you folks will be having fun with him.

Northern Front: The Iron Brigade: Serbian Mercenaries of the Free State of Sabha

When Martin Geoff set his foot on Libya, he didn’t come alone with an empty gun in his hand. With his Serbian partner - Ljubomir, he takes over Sabha with a well-armed and well-trained mercenary force behind his back. Even more so, they went from being personal bodyguards of the Head Representative to a khaki-wearing elite airborne formation, basically their equivalent to Rhodesia Light Infantry but in the desert. These folks are pretty much responsible for most of their military triumphs, to the point that Geoff formed Sabha’s Core Army to broaden their capabilities.

This subject will be illustrated in an article piece, something similar to my post on Tripoli under the Green Army. It’ll have the same author who writes the former since he’s the only few correspondents residing in Libya. It’ll deal with the basic premise ranging from their armaments to their military history.

Briefing in the Situation Room

A few years ago, I wrote a dossier explaining the basic characteristics behind Zaim - the leader of the Green Army. For the most part, it’s a rather simple document to explain his background and personality, but not much else beyond that. It was fun designing them, to the point that I scan a rough print of them to make the piece very authentic. The results are great, but people did point out how flat the characterization is (and rightfully so).

So, in my attempts to retread back over these things, I’m planning a series to introduce these important characters. It’ll be set in the White House’s Situation Room, where they brief over the leaders and major actors of the civil war for President Lars McCallum. I need a little bit of research to get the basics and set the tone, but I have enough lists of topics to choose from so I don’t need to worry that much.


Well, that’s pretty much it from me. After I’m done with one of my other projects, I’ll jumpstart the piece about Soleimani as soon as possible.

Anyway, have fun!
[Media] Northern Front - Where's Soleimani? : A Teaser
Northern Front - Where's Soleimani? : A Teaser


Probably my most revealing teaser yet.
There's more to it below, just need to clean out the gunk.
Expect this piece to come out within 2 days...​
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[Media] Northern Front - Where's Soleimani?

Northern Front - Where's Soleimani?


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marcayoo - [11 Pts]
Nice work, as usual, my dude. Keep it up!

[Author] Dimitri Vasily - [23 Pts]
You're welcome.

MohammedIdris2321 - [7 Pts]
This is a great piece, but I'm surprised that you didn't mention the sightings and rumours from Lebanon. Ever since his disappearance, people here are going insane over how that helping Hezbollah to drag the country into another war with Israel. It's bad enough that they're making stuff up, it's enough to cause a manhunt in Tyre.

[Author] Dimitri Vasily - [13 Pts]
Thank you for mentioning this, @MohammedIdris2321. To be honest, I didn't put much thought into Lebanon until now. It's mostly an oversight on my part, especially when I'm too focused on making the article as concise as possible.

mrseex - [17 Pts]
To be honest, I don't you did proper justice to the subject. Besides Lebanon, there were also rumours that he's in Kashmir on Pakistan's request and another one from Bosnia; something about training their army. Overall, I think should've dove into the rumours more instead of shortening them.

[Author] Dimitri Vasily - [32 Pts]
Thank you for mentioning this, @MrSeex. Again, it's mostly because I was making the article as concise as possible. I remember people criticizing my writing for being overwhelming and unfocused, so I shortened it.

MilleroftheMiles - [9 Pts]
What does Russia have anything to do with Soleimani?

[Author] Dimitri Vasily - [15 Pts]
It's a brief reference over the allegations that he's either helping them over their last incursion against Ukraine or helping Kadyrov's security force. Either way, it's too vague to be written in a paragraph.

Erikson72244 - [-7 Pts]
If only we have warriors like him on our side. Only then we can purify the world of them.

[Author] Dimitri Vasily - [2 Pts]

manof69 - [4 Pts]
You're sure that the tunnels are related to them? IIRC, most of them are 1km long, and they're cleared off by the IDF.

[Author] Dimitri Vasily - [8 Pts]
They clearly said the tunnels went further than 3km, far longer than what Hezbollah managed to build in their south. And if what their surveyors say is true, that the tunnels could go further than 50km, which is outrageous even for them. I'll try my best to link the sources below when I have the time.

ShahAbbas1571- [5 Pts]
What's your next article going to be about, my dude?

[Author] Dimitri Vasily - [16 Pts]
I haven't planned it out yet, to be honest. Maybe a dive on the Islamic State of Libya's court system, but I need to co-author it with someone who knows about them. I heard a friend of mine has his piece rejected by The Mediterranean, so I might collaborate with him.
Author's Note

Admittedly, the stuff I wrote below the piece is filler, but it's something I have in mind for future updates.

I'm writing a follow-up piece concerning the subject, so stay tuned!