The VT-BAM project

Still have a lot of 2nd & 3rd level divisions to go
We don't even have the Coastline finished. Some areas in Chile are still undone. Regarding that first/second level subdivisions, quality check, correction and other stuff is still before us, it's clear to say we'll have a rocky road until we're finished.

Also, again, this project is absolutely insane.
1. This will take 5 years to finish at minimum; I'm pretty sure the M-BAM project was started about four years ago (I know I was watching it's progress when I was in 10th grade, which was three years ago).
January 2015, makes roughly 3-4 years. (Depending on how you count - 2015-2016-2017 are three, chronologically it's more like 3 2/3)

A Map of only the size of FY-BAM (3 times the size of MBAM) would take, with the same effort and members, squared 9 times the time.
Even if we somehow manage to get that sort of map 9 times faster than originally projected, it's still another 3 years of "When will xyz be finished?", "I hate this coast" and "This subdivision/coast/border is off by a pixel".

2. A map this size is, in many regards, unsuitable for anything larger than displaying a single nation. At this size, a world map would be annoying to look at (given the scrolling you would have to do to even get from Washington DC to panama).
There are a lot of people requesting a split up of MBAM so they can view it accordingly. I have a good compute which I only use for graphic works in recent times. Still, loading the full MBAM file sometimes kills the entire program. And now people want an even BIGGER map??

3. Countries will be screen-filling blobs at this size. Again, it's insane to do anything bigger than a nation map with this, and even those, as @Valdore Javorsky has shown with his Großdeutschland maps, will be ginormous.
My most recent project, vBAM2 (Nicknamed Götterdämmerung), is a not-to-mbam-related map reaching from the Netherlands to the Caucasus/Finland. Its size will be bigger than qBAM world map. And that's pretty much Eastern Europe only. If I'd expand vBAM2 for entire Europe it would be around 7-8000px in length and width.
However this map is only half the scale of a theoretical fyBAM.
The original poster called for a map triple the size of fyBAM, nine times the size of mBAM.
That's either a complete scam or pure insanity. vBAM2 is something other people would call me insane for already. But both fy and xBAM are actual insanity.

So, if you really want to go through with this, I'd suggest:
- Renaming it to "T-Bam",
Other ideas:
sBAM (super)
uBAM (ultra)
fyBAM (fockin yooge) - originally used for mBAM x3 maps
xBAM (extrasize/ex orbitum) - originally used for mBAM x9 maps

- Focusing on making it a regional map; basically, try and finish one region at a time (say, east coast USA), so that certain chunks can be used by those who want to do a highlight of that specific area on their projects; again, like Valdore is doing with his/her (??) Germany maps.
(Also it's "his" ;))
I don't support this anymore, either. Peak Map must be proclaimed now! I support the MBAM as it is quite useful on a continental scale (Europe or North America, for example) or on a national scale (Ukraine, Germany, Greater German Reich,...), but the biggest maps I have ever used to a big extent are QBAMs.


I'm starting the H-BAM(hyper), which will be 3x MBAM. My intent is for detailed regional maps, municipalities, and not really for world maps unless you have an extremely powerful computer. This'll also solve the whole "Who is V!" issue. So yeah.


Pennsylvania has a shit ton of counties. But they're done now! I'll try and add in the rivers tonight, but I can't promise I'll finish.


In the meantime, if you're working on Central Europe, something you might find helpful: the altitudinal V-BAM for Central Europe, bounded by the 30th parallel north, the 60th parallel north, the 30th meridian east, and the Prime Meridian. Thanks to QGIS's raster calculator, maps like these are actually pretty easy for me to generate, so if you want one for another part of the world please don't hesitate to ask.

However, big huge NB: these altitude maps do not contain any information regarding any inland bodies of water. So lakes, rivers, and inland seas with no connection to the ocean will still need to be added.

Anyway, enjoy!