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Provinces of Japan from the 794 to July 1871
Been scrolling through and putting in searches, couldn't find any direct mention of it; has anyone done the borders of the First French Empire? Not too worried about the internal divisions (those can be easily put together from the current ones) but external borders.

I found Saxony and a few other pieces, but nothing directly related towards 1812 France (including Illyria and Rome)
Howdy. So as I need it for a vt-bam version of a map someone else is doing, I started work on a municipality (2nd division) map of Colombia). I thought i'd post my progress along with my question. I'm using the external borders of the coastlines and surrounding countries and basing internal borders on a size-adjusted overlay of the map posted here . Pink is where I've yet to complete, red lines are copied from this map
Also note that I haven't started working on dilleniating 1st level division borders, I've just been doing second level so they're all the same color for now.

Here it is with the surrounding countries

Here it is without the surrounding countries


And here it is with the overlay

All made in paint .net
This is the first time i've done something like this so I might've committed some cardinal sin that I didn't know about and if so, sorry.

Now onto my question, does anyone have a VT-BAM map that has lines of longtitude and lattitude? I need it since some borders for a map im working on are following parallels and meridians that don't have any otl borders that I can base off of. I've had to go off of lakes, rivers, and other vague stuff as a substitute, and it kinda works but I don't like it.
Hello, can somebody please send me a picture of this map?

If i don't respond I am not at home. (I live in Europe)
VT Italy.png

I don't know if anyone else has noticed this or if there's a fix, but Italy has a lot of pixels which don't match up with the surrounding map. I changed it to blue to show it off and apparently, it's a big square. It's on 107 in the folder