The VT-BAM project

does anyone have the latest versions of Ukraine, Spain, and Bhutan/Nepal/Northern India? I'm working on putting the whole map together, but my borders are all messed up in those 3 areas.

Btw, zooming out to the whole world view on VT-BAM is absolutely glorious. Eastern Europe is like 30% darker than everywhere else on the planet
Tried to make a sketch for a hypothetical civil war in Austria in 1934 by using VT-BAM
In OTL the Austro-Fascists defeated Social Democrats in several Austrian cities, here I tried to predict areas of control after several Social Democratic victories in the first weeks of such a civil war.

Red mean only First-level administrative country subdivisions are done?
Green means Second-level administrative country subdivisions are done?
Blue means Third-level administrative country subdivisions are done?
Red means everything is not done eg: 1st level only or only national borders
Green means it's been done according to key
Blue Means it's been improved later on
Two State Irredentism maps I have done so far. Try not to pay attention to the exact border colors, as I used different colors throughout them simply so that you can see them well. For New Jersey, Blue is West Jersey, and Green is East Jersey, and red is the area that was transferred between them.