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    May 15, 2016
    -This is already an ASB, still, don't make it very crazy.

    By 2014 the internet had become a valuable tool, all the knowledge of humanity at public reach, a form of extraordinary communication. However, he had also become a garbage dump of lies and nonsense, one of which, however, turned out to be true.

    July 15: Users of Facebook and Twitter begin to see a news claiming that on August 04 there will be 3 days of total darkness in the entire world.

    July 17: July 17 – Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 crashes in eastern Ukraine after being shot down by a missile launched by Russian separatists. All 298 people on board are killed.

    July 18: NASA Issues a statement denying the news.

    July 20: The conflict in the Gaza Strip between Israel and Hamas intensifies.

    July 22: The Hubble telescope detects unusual activity in the Kuiper belt.

    July 23: NASA confirms that an asteroid the size of the dwarf planet Eris is en route to the inner solar system. Despite the initial panic, the route suggests that it will not impact the earth.

    July 29: NASA scientists announce that the asteroid's path will be aligned with the Earth during its journey, effectively blocking sunlight for a whole day creating an effect similar to that of an eclipse. This will happen on August 04.

    July 30: The world's leading intelligence agencies use their best computer experts and hackers to try to find the source of the internet bulletin that announced the event before NASA. Their attempts are unsuccessful.

    August 03: The dwarf planet now called Erebo is approaches. The world prepares itself for 24 hours of darkness.

    August 04: At 11:05 GMT the 24-hours eclipse begins. Despite the alarmists and preachers of the end of the world, the event occurs without major setbacks around the world other than some breakthroughs in communications.

    August 05: At 10:57 GMT the 24-hours eclipse ends. Global relief is general, activities resume their course in almost the entire world. However a few minutes later, individuals, companies, governments, communication agencies and satellites detect a failure of communications across North Africa and Eurasia. Desperate attempts to contact someone fail. In the Balkans, reports arrive from Serbia and Greece informing that there is no one in Kosovo or Albania. Israel reports that all attacks from Gaza have ceased ... all human activity has ceased, there is no one. Similar reports come through the world in Singapore, Armenia, Ceuta, Ethiopia and India.

    August 06:
    The UN together with several governments and Muslim religious leaders make a shocking announcement to the World, apparently every human being in Muslim majority countries has disappeared.

    Wiped.png The World on August 06 2014
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    Why is NT different from the rest of Australia?
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    This should belong to ASB forum.
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    August 5, 13:00 GMT: Hours after the end of the cosmic event the Ukrainian television channel 1+1 interviewed Said Ismagilov, Mufti of the Ukrainian Sunni Ummah. When asked about his oppinion on the recent reports comming out of the Balkans and the Middle East claiming whole regions have become depopulated the Mufti proclaimed that he feared this was the work of a secret Russian chemical or biological weapon specifically designed to target people of a particular faith.

    (OTL Mafti Ismagilov claimed that the ISIS was created and controlled by Putin, so in the ASB ATL he has an even crazier conspiracy theory)
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    Because it is a territory and not a state. It is the same for the Australian Capital Territory too. It should also be the case for Canadian territories, Waahington DC and Puerto Rico (and also Guam etc.).
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    @CalBear I think you need to move this...