World Map - 2019 AD
Again, I updated the map:

What do you think about these changes?
  • The Free City of Danzig is now a thing
  • A fifth France: New Caledonia
  • The Kerguelen Islands, New Amsterdam and St. Paul Island belong to Auralia.
  • Adygea, Circassia, Abkhazia and Kabardino-Balkaria are a thing.
  • As is Balochistan. A stratocratic puppet of Persia.


Flag of Crete

Flag of Cyprus
Crete and Cyprus are two islands in the eastern meditanain. Currently, they are part of the UK, but with some self government. There exist parties which want to see a transition to Domion status - but the impact that this would have is questionable, given that it would not have much more of a say of foriegn policy and would have to start paying for defence, which at the moment is payed for by the IU.
ROADMAP: Announcement
I have given the news that I'm going to retire as a chief editor of The True Divided Nation as I made my second worldbuilding project, Liberty and Honor. I'm gonna give you an instructions on making your own roadmap priorities to continue the worldbuilding project as soon as you can.