The troubleshooters: An alternative science fiction universe

The premise
  • What is this?
    An alternative universe where Doctor Who wasn't made
    So what is the relation to Doctor Who?
    when initially making Doctor who, Sydney Newman's premise for a science fiction show involving a group of contemporary scientists fixing science fiction troubles daily.
    What else would I potentially see in the TL?
    Well, there would be some other pop culture differences, maybe a presidential timeline of the US, because as you might see, will be different. No spoilers though!
    Sydney Newman's idea
  • In the early 1960s, Sydney Newman, head of drama at the BBC, had an idea for a science fiction show where there's a group of contemporary scientists fixing science fiction troubles. With an airdate of 1963, although this would change, with the premise being changed to be set in the future. The cast and scripts for season 1 were set up by 1964, and the show started filming from there. The Air date would be from early to mid 1965 with 10, 25 minute episodes.
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  • Derek James - Hugh David - A reserved, quiet, and loyal man of culture
    Edward Dobson - William Russell - a brash, confident action man, who is kind hearted under all of it
    Johnathan Phillips - Richard Attenborough - A grandfather figure who is a gentleman
    Lillian Franklin - Phyllida Law - a cold, stoic emotionless woman, she is shown to be very intelligent.
    Samantha Briggs - Honor Blackman - she is a woman who is very passionate of women's liberation, and is not afraid to speak up.
    Zoe Heron - Joanna Lumley - a young, naive, scientist new to the career.

    Dr. Who - Alec Guinness - an evil rogue scientist, who will allow nothing to stop him conquering the universe