The RoC?

Sorry this is likely to of come up before but still being new I can be forgiven, right? :rolleyes:

Ok so what would be different today if the Republic of China was still recognised today? Honestly I find it suprising that a small island with a military capability astonishing for such a small island and its economy being 26th largest in the world. So what if they had not been abandoned by the world, I understand the US and France supply them and such but what if official diplomacy had not been dropped in the 70's, would the PRC of changed its tune and accepted Taiwan as a island it would not defeat in order to be accepted itself, or would it still be isolated?

Would the west then have a another fort of economic strength on the fringe along with Japan and South Korea?
The two Chinas are a very complex issue, but essentially it boils down to this: both claim to be the one true government of China. A nation can only be internationally recognised by a single set of representatives, so the choice for the world was which China is it in their best interests to primarily engage with - the small though densely populated island nation which is more or less a guaranteed ally in Asia, or the most populous nation in the world (until recently) with enormous economic potential, which is sort of Communist but in a way we can deal with.

Until quite recently, the RoC was a single-party state, and the ruling party did not want to be recognised as anything other than the government of China. Suggesting independence to them was not on the cards.