The Return of the Bear with the Crown: A Timeline of the Russian Empire



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After some thought on the timeline of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, I decided to rewrite it due to some errors and will write a new timeline of Austria instead.
Also because I found out that it was in the wrong place in the forum where it was supposed to be in a section before 1900, so I sincerely apologize for this thing and will try to fix things

This timeline will this time be about the Russian Empire, and it will be based on the family gathering prepared by the Prince of Hesse on October 6, 1903, which led to the death of his daughter, Princess Elizabeth of Hesse, from typhoid, which was rumored to have been poisoned by eating a poisoned dish intended for the Russian Emperor Nicholas II.

The question would be what if Nicholas ate the poisoned dish and led to his death instead of Princess Hess

In this timeline, we will discover the implications of this for Russia as a whole

I hope you like it and tell me about the errors and I will correct them and if you have suggestions you can tell me and I will take them into account

And a final warning, the table will start with a quick mention of previous events before 1903, but it will be different so that by 1903 some things will be different, but the beginning will be in 1903

And let's go

tsar Nicholas ii (18 May 1868 – 18 November 1903)
Chapter One: The Party


Chapter One: The Party

The Russian Empire was a very large state, stretching from Alaska to Wallachia and Moldavia, which was annexed to Russia in the early nineteenth century and the Danube Basin and Northern Dobruja which were annexed in the 1870s after the Russo-Ottoman War

tsar alexander i (1801-1825)

Russia passed by its tsar during the nineteenth century, the moderate Emperor Alexander I, who carried out reforms to modernize Russia and expand its area after his successful wars in Persia and expansion of its possessions in North America

And to the hard-line tyrant Nicholas I, whose reign witnessed the beginning of industrialization, Russia's reaching its limits, and Russia's loss in the Crimean War, which led to revealing the extent of the backwardness that Russia suffered.

tsar Nicholas i (1825-1855)

and reformer and liberator Alexander II, who initiated the modernization of the Russian state and liberated large parts of the Balkans from Ottoman control


tsar alexander ii ( 1855-1881)

The discovery of Alaska's resources led to the improvement of Russia's economic situation and the cancellation of its sale to the United States
And the iron and ferocious tyrant Alexander III who accelerated Russia's industrialization to astonishing levels and also by ruthless suppression of any opposition

tsar alexander iii (1881-1895)

And the end to Nicholas II, who, despite his good intentions, the Khodynka tragedy led to the fateful beginning of his reign, which will end much sooner than anyone expected and even Nicholas II himself

tsar Nicholas ii( 1895-1903)

October 6, 1903 was a beautiful day when Prince Ernst of Hesse hosted the ancient European royal families because of the wedding day of his niece, Princess Alice of Battenberg, from Prince Andrew of Greece and Denmark. Tsar Nicholas, his wife and his four daughters attended. It was a happy day because of the nature of the occasion.

After the event was over, the Tsar went with his family to host the Princess of Hesse, who decided to spend time with the Tsar's daughters in the Polish city of Skiernice

On the morning of November 18, 1903, Nicholas woke up with a very red face and felt a sore throat and a high temperature. The Emperor's personal physician was called for help, but nevertheless, Nicholas' condition worsened even more. After many attempts to treat him, and most of them failed, the emperor seemed to think that in his last days, in his last will, he decided to succeed his brother Prince Michael in his position as Caesar and made him regent during his illness and closed his eyes for the last time.

Nicholas' family was around him in his bed that day and when he died they mourned him greatly, especially his wife, daughters and brothers

The Grand Duke Mikhail Alexandrovich had by the end of this day become Emperor Mikhail II Alexandrovich Romanov, a position he tried to avoid as much as possible, but God made him return to this position


But he decided to postpone his coronation until the twenty-fifth of November in order to complete arrangements for the funeral of Nicholas II

funeral of tsar Nicholas ii

The new emperor has a heavy task on his shoulders, which includes restoring Russia to its greatness and avoiding wars so that Russia will be in the best position possible.

The days will reveal whether Tsar Mikhail will be able to carry out the duties and goals contained in his new position

We'll see that in the next chapters

The end of the first chapter