The Republic of China is still recognised officially ( Taiwan )

First of all, please read this page it fills out alot of info even though it is that blasted pain called wikipedia ( look especially at the military section if anything )

Now, what if the world hadn't changed their stance on the One China Policy from the Republic of China to the Peoples Republic of China? Could we expect a violent clash eventually? Now a military clash between the two would be most spectacular but also full of loss, up untill the 90's the ROC maintained a force of over 400,000 to the PRC's 1 million. Another tangent we could go down is both get recognition from the UN and the World or maybe just the UN??

Now something that really intrigues me which could cock up the world, the issue of Macau and Hong Kong being returned to "China"! If the ROC was the one and only China recognised how would the PRC react to them gaining ground and people? Or what if both were recognised would they war over the territories or would they continue to be run by Portugal and Britain until such time as a single China was defined?
As it was, Chou wasn't crazy about joining the UN, but Mao was. IIC, Nixon's opening to China meant that the switch would happen anyway. Either you have to have the Nats win the CW (pre WWII POD), because one country has over a billion, the other much less. Until the 50's Chiang still had delusions about a mainland return...