The Red World: Alternate History of the World

The Red World: Alternate History of the World
(Not to be confused with the HOI4 mod of the same name)

In an alternate timeline where the Soviet Union won the Cold War, the United States fell into civil war in 1987 due to economic and political crises following President Reagan's assassination in 1981, resulting in the collapse of the United States. The main divergence from OTL is when North Korean communist forces defeated South Korea and the United States after a Soviet veto in the UNSC to intervene. The Vietnam War ended in a even more humiliating defeat for the United States, and Soviet missiles stayed in Cuba following the Cuban Missile Crisis, while relations with NATO countries and other US allies began to sour, especially France, West Germany and Türkiye. In 1981, President Ronald Reagan, a promising leader, was assassinated and his Vice President, George H. W. Bush lost the 1984 election to Walter Mondale, who attempted to reform the U.S. economy, but failed. NATO was dissolved in 1985, as many countries began to leave the alliance and turn to communism. In 1987, communists in the Pacific States and New England began to revolt and eventually, led to a second civil war, that ended with many states that seceded from the Union forming their own countries, while the Southern states formed the Federated States. Canada annexed Alaska to prevent the Soviet Union from taking it. In the aftermath, the Soviet Union became the world's sole superpower, former NATO countries became Soviet puppets and joined the Warsaw Pact, the Mujahideen in Afghanistan were crushed and many other countries fell to communism due to the United States no longer existing. In the former United States, now the Federated States, the Republican and Democratic parties merged into one in order to prevent communist takeover which already occurred in the Pacific States, New England, Texas and the Mid-Atlantic. In 2016, a fascist organization led a coup against the existed Federated States government, which fled to Puerto Rico, and established a new policy: to reform the United States of America, with Texas being invaded and annexed in 2023 after peaceful diplomacy failed. In the aftermath of Texas's defeat, a new Cold War has sparked between the Federated States and the Soviet Union, alongside the Warsaw Pact and other Soviet allies.

(NOTE: This summary is still a work in progress, and is bound to change in the future.)
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North America on January 1, 2024
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Is Germany, like OTL German Democratic Republic, divided into Bezirke?

Also, which countries are not communist beyond the Federated States?
Yes, after West Germany unified with East Germany following the communist election victory, the states of West Germany were reformed into Bezirkes.

Non-communist countries beyond the Federated States are Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Deseret, Montana, Great Lakes Republic, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Iraq, Argentina, Switzerland, Spain, just to name a few. I'll make a map based on political ideologies eventually for better detail.
In an alternate timeline where the Soviet Union won the Cold War, the United States fell into civil war in 1987 due to economic and political crises following President Reagan's assassination in 1981, resulting in the collapse of the United States.
Didn't Reagan dissolve the US in 1987 to prevent civil war?
Is Britain the last bastion of democracy in Europe in your version?
No, Britain fell to communism in 1990 during a coup, shortly after the fall of NATO and the United States. The only democracies that remain in Europe are Ireland, Switzerland, Austria, Spain, Norway, Sweden, Iceland, Greece, Türkiye, Malta, Liechtenstein, Monaco, Andorra, and San Marino.

When Britain fell to communism, Northern Ireland became independent and held a referendum to join the Republic of Ireland in 2002, and unified with the Republic of Ireland in 2004.

As for the British monarchy, they fled to Canada shortly after Britain fell to communism, similarly to Kaiserreich.
2023 American invasion of Texas
2023 American invasion of Texas.png

On 10 May 2023, the Federated States invaded Texas, marking an end to the American-Texas Cold War that had begun in 2020. The invasion was the biggest attack on a North American country since the Second American Civil War. It is estimated to have caused tens of thousands of Texan civilian casualties and hundreds of thousands of military casualties. By June 1, 2023, about 3 million Texan had been internally displaced. More than 4.7 million had fled the country by June 16, 2023, creating North American’s largest refugee crisis since the Second American Civil War. Extensive environmental damage caused by the war contributed to food crises worldwide.

Before the invasion, American troops massed near Texas’s borders as American officials denied any plans to attack. Federated States president William Daniel Johnson espoused irredentist views challenging Texan’s right to exist, and claimed that communist government brutalized its civilians. He said his goal was to "demilitarize" and “decommunize” Texas. He said the Federated States would not annex Texas. American air strikes and a ground invasion launched at a northern front from Oklahoma, a northeastern front towards Dallas, a central-eastern front from Arkansas towards Houston, and a southeastern front from Louisiana. Texas enacted martial law and ordered a general mobilization.

American troops managed to completely occupy major cities such as Santa Fe and Austin by early June. On the southern and southeastern fronts, the Federated States were held at the borders of Houston by fierce Texan resistance which led to a destructive siege. The Federated States launched a renewed offensive from the West after capturing San Antonio and continued to bomb military and civilian targets far from the front line, including the energy grid through the early June. By June 9, 2023, Houston was encircled by American forces. On June 10, Gregorio Eduardo Casar, General Secretary of Texas, committed suicide to avoid capture from American troops. On June 12, 2023, the Provisional Texan government formally surrendered to the Federated States. Soon after on June 16, the Federated States announced the illegal annexation of Texas, ending the war. Despite the annexation, Texan partisans that were loyal to the communist government, would continue to carry out resistance throughout Texas.

The invasion met international condemnation. The United Nations General Assembly passed a resolution condemning the invasion and demanding a full American withdrawal in May 2023. The International Court of Justice ordered the Federated States to suspend military operations and the Organization of American States expelled the Federated States. Many countries imposed sanctions on the Federated States, and provided humanitarian and military aid to Texas. Protests occurred around the world, with anti-war protesters in the Federated States subject to mass arrests, increased media censorship and executions. Over 1,000 companies left the Federated States in response to the invasion. The International Criminal Court (ICC) opened an investigation into possible crimes against humanity, war crimes, abduction of children, and genocide, issuing an arrest warrant for Johnson in August 2023.