The Queen is Dead!: Katherine of Aragon dies in 1518

Incidentally, anyone want to guess which of my history lecturers got a cameo as a scholar ITTL? There are three where I've borrowed/adapted either the first name or surname and one where I've just lifted the name outright. I'll PM you and let you know if you're right if you're curious :)
Well, let's go. Here's my guess:
Rachel Wincraft - maybe because one of my teachers at university was a Rachel:)
Sarah Rose
Graham Banworth
Amelia Morris
Alexander Hickman
A belated thank you for your 2 years of dedicated, inspired work bringing us lucky readers this thoroughly enjoyable, immensely riveting, well researched, smartly constructed story.

T'was a jolly good ride!
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You're ending this timeline here?
How very dare you. I shall scold you in strong words over on FFN when I next get on there!
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Is Eloise Smyth, who plays Caitlin, Queen of Scotland, the same actress who portrays Eloise in Bridgerton? They look identical apart from hair colour... and she could have died her hair like Natalie Dormer did to play Anne Boleyn.