The Queen is dead – An Aquitainian Timeline

The Queen is dead
On 1150, Eleanor of Aquitaine would die giving birth to her daughter, Alix of France, her daughter, Marie or Maria of France would be the new duchess of Aquitaine and Louis would remarry to Constance of Castile which would create an alliance between France and Castile, the death of Eleanor would mean that Aquitaine would remain under the regency of the Archbishop of Bordeaux and Marie and Alix would be under the custody of the Archbishop of Bordeaux, Constance of Castile would give birth to two daughters named Margaret(1158) and Alix(1160) while his third bride, Eleanor of Vermandois his third wife would give birth to a son named Philip(1165) and a daughter named Eleanor(1170).

Marie of France would end up being betrothed to Raymond V of Toulouse which Louis VII and the Archbishop of Bordeaux had decided, the marriage would happen in 1160.

Marie, Duchess of Aquitaine and Raymond V of Toulouse and they would have the following children: William(1166), Scholastica(1172), Marie(1174), and Raymond(1179).

Alix of France, daughter of Eleanor of Aquitaine would be married Alfonso VIII of Castile and took the name Leonor or Alienor upon marriage in 1170 which would further strengthen the alliance between France and Castile.
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Henry of Anjou
On 1153, Henry of Anjou would marry Elizabeth of Blois to weaken the House of Blois and was able to be made the heir of Stephen of England and became the King of England himself and would have issues with France due to his being a vassal of France in the continental territories, he would marry his bastard sisters to Henry II of Champagne and Theobald V of Blois to create an alliance against the French royals, however, Vermandois merging to the royal domain would be an issue to the Plantagenets or Angevins.

Elizabeth of Blois would give birth to the following: Matilda of England(1154), William(1155), Margaret(1160), Joanna(1163), John(1168).
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Princess Alix
On 1169, Louis would betroth his daughter, Alix who is under the custody of the Bishop of Bordeaux to the King of Castile, he deliberated who to marry his second daughter as a daughter of the French King would marry a Prince in England and he would choose his daughter Margaret for that with the dowry of the County of Vexin for Prince William of England.

Alix would take the name Alienor or Leonor when she arrived in honor of her late mother who died in childbirth when she married Alfonso VIII, Leonor and Alfonso VIII would have the two children who would survive infancy before she would die in 1190: Berengaria of Castile(1174) and Sanchia of Castile(1180).
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Humbert III of Savoy
Humbert III of Savoy would have the following children
With Faidiva of Toulouse d. 1154
-Faidiva of Savoy b. 1154, wife of Philip I of Flanders
With Gertrude of Flanders annulled 1163
-No children
With Clemence of Zahringen
-Sophie b. 1164, wife of Azzo VI of Este
-Alice b. 1166 d. 1178
With Beatrice of Viennois
-Thomas b. 1178
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Louis VII’s arrangements
On 1170, Louis VII would marry his daughter, Margaret to William of England which would result in a death of Princess Margaret to a miscarriage in 1173, his daughter, Alix would marry Frederick of Swabia, Louis VII would also support the annulment of the Count of Flanders and his wife, Elizabeth of Vermandois in 1170 who is known to be infertile due to the lack of pregnancies and he would proceed to marry Faidiva of Savoy, a relative of the King of France, although at this time, the Duke of Savoy has no heirs so he forced his daughter to renounce her claims to Savoy and the King of France gave her an impressive dowry.

Instead of a marriage between one of Louis VII’s daughters to William, he would offer that Henry II’s daughter, Joanna would marry his son, Philip of France, which would happen in 1179 which would end the conflicts of the English King and the French King until Louis VII’s death in 1183.
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