The Q-BAM Improvement and Core Thread

could you send one without the native reservations and those random dark green things?
With original color:
With white color:
Removing dry lakes and reservations caused some missing border pixels btw
Aw man, that is exactly why i diddnt remove them myself, oh well
i think you should merge and edit some old patches with this latest one or drew the missing borders yourself, you could easily see where the reservations and dry lakes are with's magic selecting tool
I definitely think that the QBam should include more islands/islets around Taiwan and immediately South of Japan. Especially if the standard is Rockall size.
I would like to point out that in my opinion the South Ossetia-Georgian "border" is incorrect:

image (1) - Copia.png

The red line should start after the "bulge" and end on the protrusion farther to the left. Something like this:
image (2) - Copia.png

Or something like these:
image - Copia.png
image - Copia - Copia.png
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