The Proletarian Presidents: The Graphical History of a Socialist America

This seems interesting, and reminds me of those two DBRPs. Watched!

That said, it's a little rosy, so I'm excited to see some of the downsides of the CC and their historical mistakes.
This seems interesting, and reminds me of those two DBRPs. Watched!
Oh yeah, I remember those! I'm glad you find the scenario interesting!

That said, it's a little rosy, so I'm excited to see some of the downsides of the CC and their historical mistakes.
There will certainly be some focus on mistakes made by the CC going into the mid-20th Century, although IMO I think what people will regard as downsides is very much subjective. In my personal opinion, I consider the CCA's political structure to be too centralized for my taste and I probably wouldn't be a supporter of flat out annexing Canada ITTL, for example. With that being said, I do plan on giving some future presidents more blatant flaws.
Love this timeline so far! The Wikipedia articles feel so fleshed out and intricate especially with the references to future events like the Chomsky administration, can't wait to see what's next.
Map of the World circa January 1931
The Proletarian Presidents-1930.png

~Map of the World, circa January 1st, 1931 AD~
Hello everyone! While I was under the impression that this TL was dead due to it being very difficult to update "The Proletarian Presidents" between my job, school, college applications, and my other TLs, I'm happy to say that I've managed to squeeze in enough time to at least get out a map of the world following the Imperial Revolutionary War and will hopefully have more infoboxes coming soon if my schedule allows it. While I doubt TPP will be frequently updated, there should continue to be graphics for this TL every now and then going forward.
Oh cool and something happened in South America, Paraguay is gone
Without the Monroe Doctrine, South America has actually become an important front of the First Great Struggle. Colombia, Ecuador, and Brazil are all within the German sphere of influence and have been backed by Germany in wars of expansion whereas Venezuela has been under German military occupation since the early 1920s after a government still indebted to Germany following the German-American War begrudgingly requested the support of Berlin keeping their territory intact. As for Brazil specifically, the country's territorial expansion has largely been driven by the anarcho-syndicalist revolution in Argentina scaring the increasingly unpopular Brazilian government into occupying territory perceived as vulnerable to the anarchist revolutionary tide that has already proliferated into Chile, partially as a power play to deter local rebellions by Brazil's growing socialist movement.
I love this. Day is a very underrated figure in both OTL and in alternate history. She was a great women and had a very interesting life IOTL with her fighting for women’s suffrage despite being tortured by prison guards and fighting for her own vision of Christian socialism. Glad to see her finally used in a timeline. A very good read.
How widespread were the Counterrevolutionary insurrections in early CCA History?
The vast majority of insurgencies were limited to the Deep South, with the KKK, a handful of local southern governments on the county and municipal level, and affiliated groups waging guerrilla conflicts and occasionally acts of terrorism against the Cooperative Commonwealth, although these were all very small and limited conflicts as opposed to anything close to a full-blown civil war. By far the largest and most organized insurgency in the region was the secession of Texas in a brief war of independence against the national government. Smaller terrorist attacks happened throughout the CC in its early history, however, these were typically very isolated, disorganized, and never held onto any territory like the insurgencies in the South.
Otherwise the map is very good IMO. The Middle East looks very interesting along with Egypt which looks like a powerhouse. But with it reaching down into South Sudan there’s probably going to be some insurgency unfortunately.
What's happening in East and Central Africa?
That lime green country is the Democratic Republic of Africa, an attempt at creating a pan-African state that is in reality a collection of warlords tied back to the East African Federation. During the Global War, Idi Amin, an officer of the German colonial forces in Uganda, staged an uprising in collaboration with East African nationalists that secured backing from both the Friendship of Mutual Assistance and the Japanese and quickly won the support of both local nationalist groups throughout Mittelafrika and the public of the American-Japanese coalition. Having grown up in a German colony ITTL, Amin based much of his philosophy off of Otto von Bismarck in particular, viewing his Pan-African campaign during the Global War as the African equivalent to the unification of Germany in the 1860s and 1870s and modeling the constitution of the Democratic Republic of Africa off of that of the German Empire, just without a monarchy. While Amin managed to establish a civil government in East Africa by the end of the conflict, Central Africa was placed under the temporary control of high-ranking officers and local nationalist leaders, which has turned the DRA's western holdings into de facto warlords tied back to Amin. For now, the DRA is loosely held together by the popularity of Amin and international backing from both global superpowers, but this arrangement isn't going to last given the tenuous nature of the western warlords.