The People's Socialist Atlas

Argh, UPS screwing me over, they said they couldn't get my adress and is sending it back to america from france... what a waste of fuel and CO2 emissions...
Im loving the book, but I would try to get an editor, there are a lot of typos in the book. For instance, the capital and largest city of Russia, is listed as Montreal.
Finally got the book! Yeah there are a few typos, nothing too bad IMO. The editing often makes weird choices, some map are cut in two pages while they would have fit better as a smaller 1 page map. I guess Amazon must have some pretty specific requirements.

Otherwise it's great!
Just a question, in the book the Andaman Islands seem to be independent but they have no mention in the list of nations, is that on purpose or just a mistake?
Just got my copy. Exited to begin reading!

I might ask some questions here if that’s alright.