The People's Socialist Atlas

João Pessoa would probably still be called Paraíba - it's named for a local governor who was assassinated in 1930. Florianópolis might also still be called (Nossa Senhora do) Desterro, it was renamed in 1893.
Hey everyone, I’m back with another exclusive map from the print version of the People’s Socialist Atlas. It’s coming out in TWO DAYS, so get ready! It’s 400 pages of lore and maps I worked extremely hard on. I’m looking forward to releasing it to the world, and I hope you’ll buy it! The link to the website you can purchase it on will be posted on December 7th.

Today’s map is of India. :)

The print version of the atlas is dropping TOMORROW!!! Tomorrow, along with some more fun maps with the book, I’ll post a link to where you can finally buy it! It’s honestly nerve wracking, soon you’ll all get to see the amount of work I put into making this thing! Today’s map is of Canada, please enjoy and get excited for tomorrow!

I'da bought one but I couldn't find the link...No wonder you cut back on, having to put this piece of work together!?
Even though you will have left the forums, will you still be making books?

(And hopefully advertising it here?)
I mean, this is probably the one book I’ll make, I don’t have plans to turn this into a series. :p But sure, if I make another book, then I’ll advertise it here.
Woah! How did Bhutan became so expansionist?

And a part of me feels a bit off when looking at Canada Keeyikawe. Perhaps it's because I have some friends from Alberta, but it just feels not right when to see America's hat getting the Balkan treatment. I know the future Quebecois are both happy and sad at their state of affairs, but I wonder what their reactions are like if they have magical crystal balls to see our Canada.

also, no independent Bhopal? boo.
how many countries are there in the chines map? it kind of hard to read with all the capitals in the map.

First of all, I just want to say that all of these maps are simply amazing. I deeply admire the attention to detail that has obviously gone into building this world. That being said, I would like to point out that in your map of China the labels for the provinces Liaoxi (辽西) and Liaodong (辽东) seem to be switched up. These provinces are named for their position relative to the Liao River, with xi (西) meaning west and dong (东) meaning east. In your map Liaodong is west of Liaoxi, which seems to be incorrect. See

* I joined the forums back in 2012 (originally to read @DValdron's Green Antarctica) but lurked for six and a half years until now. This is my first post.
** I am intrigued that China now has access to the Sea of Japan via controlling both sides of the Tumen River.


Hey people! It's ya girl, back with another map from the upcoming print version of the People's Socialist Atlas! Right now, the tentative date for publication is December 7th, so get your buying fingers ready! Today's map is of China, and I'm pretty proud of it. :) Enjoy!

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