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The People's Socialist Atlas - December 21st, 2017
So, I'm leaving the forums. I know it doesn't really matter much, but this place has been a big part of my life for over three years. I figured, if I was going to close this chapter of my life to move to other things, I needed to close things out with a bang. And what better bang than a Christmas present to strangers?

I decided to write an atlas. The People's Socialist Atlas is an atlas made from the perspective of a communist United States that underwent a revolution in the 1920's. The PoD of the atlas is that there was a larger and more successful Paris Commune, which lead to increased paranoia around the world. It's a full book. It's over 200 pages, and over 50,000 words. I began writing it in 2016 with the intention that it would be done by the beginning of 2017. It didn't. It took me up until today to finally finish this project. It was a collaboration with @Noravea, who put up with my incessant nagging. I received a lot of help with writing from @Asami and @Fox-Fire, who were both extremely supportive of my endeavor.

I'm going to post one part of the atlas every day from today until Christmas, when the whole thing will be posted along with every single map.

There are thirteen maps in the atlas. Four I'm extremely proud of, and all took me hours upon hours to make. That's why I'm posting the atlas here. In each post, there should be more than one map, which I think qualifies it to belong in this thread.

The rest of the writing should speak for itself. Today, I'll be posting pages 1 to 74 of the Atlas. That's the first half of the "American History" section, and includes maps of the American Revolution and the United American Socialist Republics. CLICK ON THE IMAGE BELOW TO CHECK OUT ALL THE PAGES, or click here. I'm very excited for you all to see what I've been working on for the past few months. :) I had a great time working on it, so I hope you all have an even better time reading it. Please, enjoy!

Today's maps:

The United American Socialist Republics (it's too big to post here, so click on the image to see the full thing!):

The American Revolution:

Aww, but still it is your choice. I've seen your work and it is awe inspiring to see the thought put into every map. I'm impressed with each entry, on the forums and on deviantart. You have impressed me with your skill, and this last one is just too cool. I hope you succeed in your future projects and future overall. Good luck.

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Will it be a soviet democracy, or a union republic system?


Holy Crap never thought I'd see my little town in Middlesex NJ anywhere here but i guess i was wrong! Very awesome so far.

Losing is two biggest cities shouldn't be that fun for NJ though.
I feel like you could get this published as a physical book. Maybe not mainstream publishers due to the subject matter, but there have got to be left-leaning publishers out there that would do it. Then again, you probably already have a plan for that.
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The People's Socialist Atlas - December 23rd, 2017
Hey everyone! Here's another update from the collaborative project between myself and @Noravea. Today's section is Our Neighbors, which focuses on the neighbors of the United American Socialist Republics. Today's update is going to have the shortest number of pages, but also the highest number of maps. Five of the six maps in this section I'm extremely proud of, especially the map of Mexico! This should give some valuable exposition on the surrounding regions of the UASR, even if it is a bit short! So yeah, enjoy six maps, and pages 122 to 143!

As always, click on the maps to see bigger versions, as some were too big to post by themselves!

Tomorrow's chapter I'm excited for you guys to see, as both of the maps in that chapter are the best maps I've ever made. :)

Happy Christmas Eve Eve!

Today's maps:





Texan electoral map, 2016: