The Penisula Ablaze ! Or A More Relevant Cold War Italy | PART 1 : BEGINNINGS

1940, LA MANCHE, 17th of JUNE


The Frenchman had been a difficult man to convince, with the Baronet of Warfield[1] having to drag him to his airplane minutes before a possible capture by the Huns who had not the same misfortune of the Great War but had it seemed Fortuna Belli was on their side, with Poland already theirs and France almost certainly coming closer to the same fate. Spears didn't blame the guy for not wanting to abandon ship, to be a good captain, but this war wasn't like the previous ones.
The kind of wars were you surrendered "honorably" had died with the infantrymen of the muddy trench fields, or killing fields. The Krauts were now the Horsemen of the Apocalypse, leaded by white horse rider named Adolf Hitler and his cadre of hierarchs, at their command demon-like men with knives between their teeth, all vengeance-hungry wolves from East Prussia to Heidelberg.
He thought about the war to end all wars of barely more than two decades before, if it was all for nothing, if they really brought peace to a world that just the year before was refractured by yet another war nobody really wanted to fight if not for those above with power, those who weren't at the fronts but in their bunkers, forts and offices while young men were sent to die for the master plan, all pawns in irrilevant schemes of self indulging individuals like Hitler and Churchill.
Edward Spears pondered if it was worth even fighting. Many , even in his own city, didn't want another conflict who saw a good chunk of their generation blown to bits, maimed or getting the Spaniards' flu and returning in coffins, without limbs or ghosts of themselves.
He quickly changed subject in his own head, mostly because the commander Charles was someone you didn't want in your plane, he probably wished he never had forced the Frog to come with him, but he had said to himself "One less person under the jackboot is one more person fighting it", the same reasoning that saved the lives of over a hundred thousands soldiers [2], over hundred thousands that could still fight...

Then a buzzing crescendo came.

The terrifying tone came closer and closer, his heart pumping and deafing any sound around him, except the bullet's crackling, hitting his Dragon Rapide[3]. He could hear the commander girly screams perforating him as an arrow and Spears understood it would soon be over.

He was about to die in the Channel with an effeminate frog eater at his side.

He murmured :

<< Oh well. It was enjoyable while it lasted >>

The Hun plane managed to hit the engines, him and De Gaulle in a few fell swoops, with them and the Rapide quickly reaching the surface of the water.

[1] OTL Major-General Sir Edward Louis Spears, 1st Baronet, KBE, CB, MC (7 August 1886 – 27 January 1974) was a British Army officer and Member of Parliament
[2] TTL The WAllies don't manage to save as many soldiers as OTL
The plane you see in the image.

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The news reach the penisula

Badoglio's lieu [1] presented himself to him and the King, both anxious to hear what he had managed to obtain from the Allies, if there was any guarantee they could offer or if there was any hope they would not "return home empty handed". Initially the lieu was supposed to be Castellano[2], but they had realized Giuseppe didn't knew "un cazzo" of English[3], so they had to send someone else, someone who might not cower in fear of the Eagle's might and at least attempt to gain something out of the surrender.

<< I have good news and bad news >>

The King of Italy looked at him wary, almost sorrowful.

<< Well ? What are the bad news? >>

<< I suppose are all of eleven points >>

Bad news indeed. Everything was making him the two other men nervous and agitated.

<< What are the good news ? >>

<< That we have just eleven points. I managed to convince the Americans for something less than unconditional surrender and to let us keep what we got until recently except for the concession in China and the Colonies, the French and the British are also on board with it. >>

<< If it wasn't for all the other points, I would say it is wonderful >>

Badoglio emphasized the IF like it was a religious recitation, the King was silent but thinking.

<< Badoglio... Your Highness, I also had access to their plans and their intellingence information >>

<< What...? >>

Victor Emmanuel III asked surprised, perhaps hopeful of more good news.

<< Hitler's planning the disarmament of our army, if we don't quick we might as well shoot ourselves here and now, because if we wait too long there will be at least one million shackled soldiers. >>

The King and Pietro were shocked. Were the Germans capable of such ? They didn't know and weren't certain, but the lieu was right. In a matters of weeks, days or even hours the Germans might be all over the penisula and it would be a repeat of Odoacer's invasion. Ironically, that would be the exact name of the invasion of Northeast Italy.

<< Fair enough >>

Victor Emmanuel looked straight in the eyes of Badoglio.

<< I will give the news to the country >>


The Stars & Stripes / Algiers Daily, later just Le Jour d'Alger, one of the first newspapers of the Republic of Algeria [4]

[1] Fictional
[2] Original lieu who went to the Allies, featured in The New Order Mod, likely Mafia connected.
[3] The above mentioned didn't know a lick of English. In other words, he managed for Italy just to not get the same treatment the Japanese or the Germans received.
[4] Algeria mostly likely would become independent much earlier than our time considering the are many less Free French Forces and the country is seen more as a collaborator than a WAllies country in exile. Will it become another Rhodesia? Personally I find it difficult to happen.