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  • So a bunch of HOI4 mods have their own threads. These include Kaiserreich (Germany wins WWI), The New Order (Germany wins WWII), Imperial Dusk (Anglo-German alliance), and Spartakus (successful German revolution).
    All these mods are amazing, but there is no thread where we can highlight cool mods, discuss ideas for mods we wanna make, and shamelessly plug our mods.
    Except there is one (now). Without further ado, let the thread begin!
    • Be nice to everyone and don’t criticise mods rudely
    • Don’t be racist,transphobic, misogynist, etc and don’t include bigoted mods
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    Red Flood
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    Possibly HOI4’s most cursed AH mod, “Red Flood” takes place in a world in which WWI was drastically different (our boy Franz Ferdie was never assassinated, for starters) and ended in a stalemate. However, due to a Russian victory in the Russo-Japanese war, the Russian Empire remains strong, although it is more of a dictatorship under Alexander Kolchak than a monarchy, since Nicholas II was assassinated.
    France, being heavily scarred by the war, was scared of the Syndicalists who ruled Germany, and Antonin Artaud, who in OTL was a playwright, actor, and member of the avant-garde movement, and his futurist militia the Escadron take over France in an attempt to wipe out socialism. France, or ‘Avant-Garde France’, is a weird and hella cursed futurist dictatorship.
    Other features include-
    • A Roman revivalist Montenegro
    • Balkanised India (my guilty pleasure)
    • Roman Von Ungern-Sternberg ruling Tuva
    • Nightmarish pizzas being served up in Italy
    • Italian regency of Carnaro and etc.
    • Rebel Prussia
    • Ancap Brazil
    • Islamic futurism
    • Yuan Dynasty 2.0:Electric Boogaloo
    And much more!
    (NOTE:The mod is still very new and only a few countries have focus trees. Expect bugs and less content than Kaiserreich)
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    AEIOU 1886
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    A.E.I.O.U 1886

    A.E.I.O.U 1886 takes place in a world of feudal states, medieval ideas, and little technology.
    Features include-
    • Independent New England
    • Rudolf von Habsburg as Emperor
    • An English Republic
    • French Kingdom
    • Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth
    Unfortunately, there are no focus trees ready yet.
    Inundação vermelha: parte um
  • So, brazil is being rapidly developed on Red Flood, we got the new PR on the works.
    I must say that months ago I was listening to suggestions and someone suggested the Ancap brazil route, that is, oligarchic lead. My original idea was a pure text campaign with normal brazil but without industries or anything, but well, the other admin got so excited and we did so much things that here the current situation:

    There are many more warlords coming, we hope you enjoy. The civil war will be fixed on the new version but we only plan to add the right wing paths on the following update, not in this one.

    Edit: Brazil got the largest japanese population outside japan, and one of the effects coming from this was the Shindo Renmei, a japanese group inside Brazil that kept world war II going until 1947 with low level insurgency on the ABC area I live on, because of that some Shindo Renmei leaders will be able to be recruited during the civil war:
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    Inundação vermelha: parte dois
  • unknown.png

    Here a explanation of the brazilian warlords cliques in Red Flood, but first I must remember that this cannot happen unless you provocke it or choose in country specific routes.

    They are broken on the following categories:

    *Burasiru, they can core the rest of the state of São Paulo and the rest of Paraná, they are led by local oligarchs, most specifically the japanese oligarchs. While the japanese brazilian population is just about one million, the people are so exausted and never have been included in politics before, so they don't really care about who's rulling, and burasiru allies the local oligarchs inegrating them. Expect it to be always crushed by who unifies Brazil, or even before when they try to takes the rest of São Paulo from the Emergency government.

    Hetmanate of Brazil: They can unify Brazil, they are led by the progressive ukrainian minority, they can ban racism due the massive amount of racism they suffered, one of the insults used by other brazilian slavs against them was "chorni", basically "blacks", claiming they were not white slavs like the others.

    The Polish Enclave can only develop itself and hope for a good annexer to come close

    Rio Grande do Sul, led by local oligarchs. They have two paths, the first being the Gaúcho Traditionalism-

    What is Gaucho traditionalism?

    The other route is Social Liberal under the son of someone you know.

    Amazonas technocracy: Basically a anarchy, some are scientific teams, others are tribes, troops stuck there, etc

    2nd Manaus Commune. Yes, the second. João Amazonas escape there after losing the civil war and makes a Hoxhaist state mixed with 1984 levels of surveillance, the dark red spot in the americas.

    Filinto's Clique, led by Filinto Müller, a member of the left wing tenentistas like Prestes or Lopez who defected to the government and led Vargas special police before being fired. Since he didn't deserted on TTL he's a officer for the left at the start, but if the warlord era begins he caves his own state on Mato Grosso, extremely brutal.

    New Silesia: German colonists, they can try to cave a realm for themselves, they receive support from Prussia if they reach the coast. Their leader is a brazilian luftwaffe pilot that never left to europe on this timeline, Egon Albrecht.

    Then we got the loyalists of 1889.

    The first is our boy Cândido Rondon, stuck at Rondônia when things blew up. He's too old for a war of unification, so he deals with his troops supply and the diplomacy with other warlords before retiring and his sucessor can unify Brazil restoring the 1891 constitution, and making people follow it this time.

    Punaro Bley, from Blei's clique. Bley had two options: Either he would follow the boat to the bottom of the ocean, or try to repair it before it was too late, he took the second. He seized the areas north of Rio under the government orders to restore order and caved his own clique, while keeping the pre war governors still in de jure power. He began to make courts work, and not to be a tool by the oligarch to arrest, torture and kill their enemies; he made local elections work, and not be just a ritual while the politicians were appointed; he cracked down as he could in corruption to make the system works, however he's allied to the corrupt central government, and it's up for him now to decide if he will follow them, or try to be a new Marshall Deorodo and seize power by himself, this time to garantee democracy and not to bury it.

    The Emergency government: If you could take everything wrong with the old republic, and remove any surveillance, you would get them.

    Then we got the new republicans, who want to build a new system.

    Landry Salles, from Salles Clique. Supported every single attempt to crush the old republic, the 1922 copacabana fort riot, the 1924 civil war, the manaus commune, the 1930 revolution, got dissilussioned when Vargas became a dictator OTL. Salles seizes the center-north of Brazil and allies with every reform minded left-center-right politician he can finds and form a new democratic constitution, he wants to demolish the old republic and make a new democratic one, if he wins he steps down (since the army is not made to rule) and call free elections.

    Renato Pinto Aleixo, from Aleixo's clique, otl pro Vargas military officer, he announced Vargas suicide to the VP Café Filho in 1954. During the chaos in Bahia with oligarchs militia's, left wingers and local caudillos trying to seize power, he mobilized the local army and crushed them, he proceeds to democratise and return to the army as a new governor is elected, he rejoins whoever unifies Brazil.

    *drum the drums*

    GOÉS MONTEIRO, from Goés clique, described by scholars as "the father of all army intervention in civilian affairs", something that is not right since our first military dictator was Deodoro in 1889, still, Goés was corrupt, he ran for the presidency in 1934 and came in third and the main thing that comes from Goés is that he does not cares, neither respects, neither accepts any positive point, of democracy, nothing, whatsoever, he makes every single local politician and industrialist declare loyalty for him and proceeds to try to unify Brazil, if he wins you can expect a Reza Pahlevi kind government, but with no official reference to democracy in any government document or in the constitution.

    Finally, Lampião. Virgulino Ferreira da Silva.
    Who is Lampião? Well...
    "Lampião and his band attacked farms and cities in seven different states, stealing cattle, looting villages, kidnapping, murdering, torturing, mutilating and raping. His passage caused terror and indignation on the population."
    He cannot unify Brazil, he can only raid and make the like of the warlords miserable until he's eventually put down, the question is how many people he can murder and how much he can steal until this happens.

    I hope you liked it.