The Official Creation of DC Timeline of Earth-53

Well, it was certainly unavoidable!!! With the creation of a Marvel Universe for, it was only a matter of time before the creation of an ATL for the DC Universe. As such, please feel free to go as wild as possible. If anything, we certainly want things to get interesting when the DC/Marvel ATLs collide on a regular basis. Just remember originality is a plus!!!
Kal-L (a.k.a. Clark Kent a.k.a. Superman)-Kal-L , the last survivor of the civilization of Krypton was sent to Earth in 1908 in a field outside of Smallville, KS. In 1938, he made his debut to the world as the hero Superman in Metropolis, NY. In 1940, he shocked the world with the arrest of Soviet leader Stalin and Nazi leader Hitler, transporting them to the Hague and the League of Nations for "crimes against humanity". In 1946, he shocked the world again by publicly declaring war against the KKK during a rally in Atlanta, GA. In 1948, he successfully prevented the assassination of Mahatma Gandhi. In 1963, he mysteriously disappeared after preventing the assassination of U.S. President John F. Kennedy. Rumors began to arise that he had established a base of operations on the moon in 1978, but the U.S. government will neither confirm nor deny these rumors. In 1980, Superman prevented terrorists from detonating a nuclear weapon that would have destroyed France. In 1987, he launched a campaign for the elimination of nuclear weapons on an international basis. It wouldn't be until 1991, that it would be known that Superman had become withdrawn from human society, because of the death of his human companion and wife, Lois Lane. Another reason has been that in 1966, he was confronted by the Guardians of the Galaxy and transported to Oa to prove that his presence was detrimental to human progress and development. It was recently unveiled in 2001, that U.S. Army officials unleashed a Bizarro firgure named Nuclear-Man against Kal-L in 1987 after his crusade against nuclear weapons. Many are unsure of whether or not he still lives, but his presence on Earth-53 is undeniable.

But something that has been a major concern has been the large number of children he has left behind a.k.a. "Sons and Daughters of Krypton" or "the House of El". In 1967, he began actively trying to find an heir with Mitsuo Suwa a.k.a. Nightwing I in Tokyo, Japan. In 1972, French ultra-nationalist Jacques Dupont a.k.a. Flame-Bird made similar claims in Paris, France. In 1973, it was discovered that Juan López a.k.a. Chiton, a local office-worker in Madrid, Spain was his son. It is rumored that he fathered yet another child in Japan in 1986 by the name of Eiko Magami a.k.a. Power-Girl. In 1987, Shekhar Issar a.k.a. Indian Superman appeared in Andhra Pradesh, India. In 1988, Tito De Leon a.k.a. Philippine Superman of Manila, Philippines announced that he was a "son of Krypton". In 2001, Saiful Rempits a.k.a. Malaysian Superman of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia has come out of the woodwork. The most controversial offspring maybe Warren Hitch a.k.a. Apollo, the openly gay offspring in New York City, NY.
Some Major Changes...

Gen. Anya Savenlovich (a.k.a. "Green Lantern)- Anya Savenlovich was born in 1940, and signed up in 1959 with the Soviet Air Force. She was selected for the Cosmonaut Corps in 1964, under Project HELIOS. It was during this mission, that while in orbit, she discovered the alien vessel of Abin Sur, which she promptly intercepted before it crashed on Earth. She was soon rewarded for her efforts as the Green Lantern of Sector 2814. She led the Soviet effort in 1966 to attempt to "contain and limit" the actions of Kal-L (a.k.a. Superman) by making a case before the Green Lantern Corps on Oa. For her efforts, she suddenly found herself listed as a "strategic element" by members of the Politburo in Moscow. According to CIA reports she intervened on behalf of the NVA and Viet Cong starting in 1966. She intervened in 1968, at the behest of the Politburo in Czechoslovakia and against the Chinese border in 1969. In 1974, she helped force the League of Nations to accept Soviet membership on the Security Council. In 1979, she led Soviet troops into Afghanistan. In 1986, she prevented the Chernobyl nuclear power plant from a meltdown. In 1988, she launched a crackdown on nationalist rebels, covertly backed by the United States in Kazahkstan, Armenia and Azerbaijan. In 1990, she launched a brutal crackdown on the Baltic States of Lithuania, Estonia, and Latvia, sparking international attention. Because of her long exposure to the energies of the Green Lantern Battery, she hasn't aged since 1964. She is considered the counter-point to Superman, and is considered a close friend of Premier Vladimir Putin.

The Phantom Zone- In 1961, Kal-L unveiled in Washington D.C., the Phantom Zone Projector as a means to combat crime while preventing the need for capital punishment. It's first recipent of its judgement was Alexander "Lex" Luthor. Unfortunately, it was discovered starting 1977, that former Kryptonian criminals were begining covert operations in conduct with human criminals while in the Phantom Zone. Faora Hu-Ul, Professor Va-Kox, Nadira, Az-Rel, and Jax-Ur were recorded as coordinating efforts to launch attacks on Earth with human super-villians. In 1978, it was revealed by INTERPOL that General Zod, Ursa and Non had escaped into our dimension during a rare cometary alignment. In 1980, human rights activists led by a coalition of Amnesty International and the ACLU called for the end to the "Phantom Zone Exile" as a form of "cruel and unusual form of punishment". The 1984 banishment and subsequent escape of Mitsuo Suwa a.k.a. Nightwing I has sparked questions into the reliability of the Phantom Zone as a means of containment. In 2001, the Administration was accused of using the Phantom Ground as a covert staging ground for military operations. In 2003, Amnesty International and the ACLU accused the U.S. of sending political dissidents into "the Zone". These accusations have many people to begin questioning the Phantom Zone as a whole...

Bruce Wayne-Luthor (Batman)- At the age of ten Bruce Wayne was a happy child. He had everything he could want, toys, books, games, but Bruce carried only for the unconditional love from his parents Thomas and Martha Wayne. On night on the way home from a flim Dr. Thomas Wayne and his wife Martha Wayne, were murdered by a mugger.

Bruce quickly withdrew inward, the happy boy was gone overnight. Under the caring, and protective eyes of Alfred Pennyworth Bruce did his best to cope with his lose. What the boy did not know was that his father was working closly with Lex Luthor to combine Wayne Entreprise's with Lexcorp. While Thomas found Lex to be cold at times, the two where close friends. So when Bruce became an orphan Lionel approached Alfred and let his wishes of adopting Bruce be known.

At first Bruce dispised the thought of calling another father, but the boy was won over by Alfred who promise dto stay by the boys side at all times. At the age of twelve Bruce moved to metropolis to live with Lex Luthor. The two got on surprisingly well, Lex watching over the boy like he was his own. Predicting a nice rich, pampered life for the young man, not a true heir, but a usefull photo op, and Lex had to admit the boy was fun to be around. Bruce was far from stupid, but prefered the role of playboy.

In private Bruce only showed his true self to Alfred. As time went on he approached Lex and wished to travel the world, Luthor sent Bruce off with a limitless expense account assuming the sixteen year old needed to get his wild years out of the way. Lex followed for a few months, but quickly grew bored with visits to magicians, monks, and detectives. Alfred and Bruce travled the world, the young man crafting his body and mind to combat crime in all forms. Yet every Christmas, and every birthday Bruce would return home all smiles and entertain his adoptive father with his adventures.

At twenty two Bruce returned to Metropolis tall, dark, and handsome. As the papers filled with tales of his wild nights, similar tales filled with a mysterious black clad man fighting crime about the city. Intergang quickly found it self the target of a determined crime fighter who now one ever saw. Lex was extremely distant to Bruce, occupied with the hidden, criminal aspects of his life, and sent the boy to Gotham City to "fix" the corporate offices there.

Bruce did his best to juggle his life as a crime fighter, and keep the image of a playboy up, but his world once again crashed down when Lex Luthor was captured trying to use some weapon against a government facility, the reasons where never given out. The young man did his best to assist Lex, spending close to eight million dollars on his adoptive fathers defense, but it did no good.

Bruce was soon thrown head long into the role as only stockholder in Lexcorp. At first people tried to buy the boy out, but Bruce showed his remarkable intellect tripling profits in only one year. Moving into humanitarian improved the public image of the company, but for the most part Lexcorp did not change. Military hardware, computers, and consumer goods where pumped out at a fast rate under cutting prices for most of the competition.

One night Bruce was wondering where to go with his life. Sitting in his parents old mansion, Bruce Wayne-Luthor wondered what to do. He had the skills, and the training to go off and avenge his parents death, yet for the first time he felt happy. Fancy parties, pretty girls, and the respect of his peers felt good. Yet the burning with in him still was strong. Before the thoughts could continue a bat flew through the windows.

Bruce knew what he was to become. As time went on Bruce expanded Wayne-Luthor International to one of the largest companies in the world. At night he prowled the streets of Gotham City fighting crime as Batman. He fought his crusade, never faltering, never forgeting his goal, except for his few rare slips in which he has helped his adoptive father hide from authorities. As Batman he is ruthless, violent, and in the right circumstances lethal. While not wanting to kill, he sees no problem in resorting to the tactics of the criminal to achieve his goals. In many ways he is the son of Thomas Wayne, and the heir to Lex Luthor. With a budget to fight crime in the billions, Batman is armed with all manner of advanced technology, most of the time prefering to use his highly trained fighting skills.

Edit: Hmmm didn't notice the date on the Phantom Zone thing. May have to change this.

Edit Edit: I know what to do. Get rid of the dates after 1960. So you can have Superman be as old as you like, but the rest of the people can go onto the sliding time scale of comics. So yes Superman was around in WWII, but Batman can be in his late 20's. The dates kinda limit everything.
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Fenwick- That works!!!

I know the statement of specific years is kinda annoying, but it does work well for series like Astro City and Welcome to Tranquility. It was also cool seeing date specific references in DC:The New Frontier.
Fenwick- That works!!!

I know the statement of specific years is kinda annoying, but it does work well for series like Astro City and Welcome to Tranquility. It was also cool seeing date specific references in DC:The New Frontier.

True but Astro City has the benefit of creating characters for a certain decade. DC and Marvel have had the same characters since the 60's. So the only way to include all possible characters, and make them all fit is to use a sliding time scale.
The Joker
aka, the Crown Prince of Crime, the Jokester, the Shade (i), the Jokester, Red Hood (i), Mr. Black...

What is known about the Joker's origins are these;

1. That at one period of his life he lived in the early Victorian era. It is at this time that he either served as an inspector known for his gentlemanly ways or a merchant prince. However, at one period of time, this life was broken by a great tragedy that ended with the sudden alteration of his character into crime.

2. That the persona of the Joker/the Laughing Shade was present in many of the wars during the 20th century and especially during the 20th century. It has not been correctly proven that his "powers" was gained through a "dark alliance" with "evil regimes". Tentative evidence has proven that a person by the name of the Laughing Shade did become a "murderous vigilante" in Europe, still locked into his previous persona due to the usage of a black top hat, cane, and ability to melt into the shadows. Certainly one can track down the signs of his famous persona (that of the Joker) in this phase.

3. His rise in Gotham/Opal City as the Red Hood, constantly punctured with his constant use of a deadly "Laughing gas". His career as this persona was ended in 1967 by the Green Arrow.

4. His rise in Star City finally as The Joker, known mostly for his psychopathic behavior towards Scarecrow and the Star City Police Department. In this capacity, the Joker has been responsible for; the crippling of Oracle, the deaths of Robin (i), Commissioner Gordon, Inspector Sarah Essen, two mayors, eight city council members, twelve federal officials, the near annexation/destruction of Star City in '78, the permanent exile of the Riddler, the nigh dismemberment of Hawk-girl, the creation of Harlequin, and curiously the formal expulsion of all criminal syndicates in Star City. It was only by the intervention of the Justice League of America that the threat of "King" Joker was finally ended in '92.

5. The sudden disappearance from '93-'97, leaving Star City a shell of what it used to be.

6. The sudden appearance of the "Mr. Black" in Star City due to the chaos as brought by Sinestro from '97-'99, thereby causing the latter's expulsion from that metropolis through Joker-esque means.

Currently Mr. Black is acknowledged as the "Mayor" of Star City all but in name. Although Mr. Black does not show his former tendency for mass murder/terror, simply by the name alone strikes terror in anyone's hearts, especially those unfortunate to be living in Star City. Currently he has adopted the persona of a Victorian gentleman as well as acquiring the power to command shadows/darkness. He has stated numerous times that he has "reformed". The only exception to this fact is the death of the second Red Hood (murdered some say right in Gotham City!) due to "copyright issues".

It is based on this fact that both the Justice Society of America and the Justice League have stationed Starman and Dr. Fate to watch over him.

It is highly advised to any superhero not to attack/cross the Joker/Mr. Black.
True but Astro City has the benefit of creating characters for a certain decade. DC and Marvel have had the same characters since the 60's. So the only way to include all possible characters, and make them all fit is to use a sliding time scale.

Then again, it is also part of the reason that in Superman & Batman: Generations you had the sons and daughters taking over the roles of the heroes. For DC, this allows the creation of a legacy. But in any event, I think we can accomodate both types of time-scale.
Some Other Bits...

G.Bone- That is really cool!!! Pretty creepy as well!!

Not all of the offspring of Kal-L are proud members of the House of El. Col. Li Hsiu Hsien a.k.a. Chinese Superman (1975) of Tianjin, China is one such example. You also have Widodo Noor Slamet a.k.a. Godam (1994) in Jakarta, Indonesia; Sergio Gustavo Munoz a.k.a. El Universal (1990) of Buenos Aires, Argentina; and Colin Clark a.k.a. Sovereign (2004) of Weston-super-Mare, England have united in secret to slowly bring down the House of El from within. They believe that they were unfairly abandoned by their biological father, and that the world will be a better place without their presence. This development could certainly cause a massive shift in the balance in power on the world stage.

Mankind Liberation Front (MLF) - In 1981, when General Zod, Ursa, and Non escaped from the Phantom Zone, what wasn't noted by most reports was the fact that Alexander "Lex" Luthor had escaped. With the aid of Ibn al Xu'ffasch,Vandal Savage, et al. , Luthor has organized a multi-national movement against the metahumans. In 1992, the MLF began holding political rallies against "metahuman abuses" in Brighton, England. In 1995, with the meteor shower that occured in region of Rome, Italy which attracted the attention of the League of Nations. Professor Emil Hamilton, positively identified the meteor material as being Kryptonite, before dying of radiation poisoning in 1996. Led by MLF Commander John Corben, guerillas seized close to 100 tons of the material at bases in Białystok, Poland and Sarajevo, Bosnia-Hercegovina in 1998. In 2003, MLF forces seized control of the Baikonur Cosmodrome and destroyed the Three Gorges Dam, earning the enmity of the Soviet Union and China. In 2007, MLF launched a major attack in Atlanta, GA.

It is currently uncertain if Bruce Wayne-Luthor a.k.a. Batman is aware of Lex Luthor's role in the formation and development of the MLF.
Trigon the Terrible and Raven.


Before the light of Earth's Sun lit, the region near where the star Sol was located was the home of ancient and terrible forces. These forces began to accumulate a physical form, a form they would assume when visiting any world. Over millions of years, the daemon Trigon was born. Entering through a dimensional portal, he found a vast and ancient reality to conquer, which he then conquered. Now ruling Quintillions of Worlds, as well as the gods of those worlds, the Daemon Trigon rules one of the largest of all military forces in the DC Multiverse. Ultimately, aware that his birthplace had spawned a star system while he had built up a military to make the reality he had come from tremble, Trigon re-entered this world, taking a mortal Homo sapiens from the days of the Black Death. Redubbing her Arella, he promised her a peaceful eternity, providing she spawned a child with him. The act was done, and Raven was born.

Now, as the Universe continues on its endless track, the Unholy Trinity ruling a military far beyond the regular Universe's capacity to even battle await their chance. When the time comes, Corvus, the daughter of Trigon will herald her father's coming and the ultimate war of destruction.
Dick Grayson- Robin (i)
The youngest in a family of acrobats known as the "Flying Graysons", Dick watched his parents, John Grayson and Mary Lloyd Grayson, killed by a mafia boss to extort money from the circus that employs them. Bruce Wayne-Luthor was sitting in the stands of Star City watching the boys parents die in 1968.

Suspecting foul play Bruce became Batman to investigate. After saving Dick from the mafia, Bruce felt a connection almost instantly with the boy. While not yet twenty-seven, he adopted Grayson, and began training the boy to fight crime as he did.

While Dick was seeking a friend in Bruce, Batman found an agent he always wanted. Soon Gotham City, and Metropolis was being patroled by Batman and Robin the Boy Wonder. Throughout Dick's adolescence, Batman and Robin were inseparable, however , as Dick grew older and given more time as the protector of Metropolis, he decided to assert his independence and act alone as Robin in 1971.

Batman at first was angry that Dick was leaving him, but he knew it was for the greater good. Robin found himself in Star City and quickly made a name for himself. One night he met his end at the hands of the Joker. The battle lasted for hours, and by all signs Robins death lasted even longer. Every bone broken, and a ghastly smile upon his face.

Commissioner Gordon handled the investigation and lead a city wide hunt for the Joker, only to himself meet his end at the hands of the Joker. Robin's body was stolen from the city morgue. Six months later the Dick Grayson Memorial Hospital opened in honor for Bruce Wayne's adoptive son.

Jason Todd -Robin (ii)
In 1973 Bruce Wayne-Luthor was spending much of his time in Gotham City. Crime was up, and for the first time Batman was missing his old partner Robin. As his father Lex Luthor said, "The best allies are the ones you raise yourself," Bruce began thinking about his future. He had numerous girlfriends, but his time a Batman meant it was unlikely he would ever get married. So in effect if Bruce wanted an heir to the Batman he would have to find one himself.

Dick Grayson was off enjoying himself, and Bruce could not bring himself to call the man back. One night while on patrol Batman caught a young boy who was attempting to steal the tires of the Batmobile. The young man Jason Todd who was 13 years old, was perhaps the perfect choice for Batman. He had a rage, much like Bruce's within him, and a drive to improve himself.

Batman realizes that while Jason doesn't possess Dick Grayson's acrobatic skills, he can become a productive crimefighter by channeling his rage. He also believes that if he doesn't help the boy, Jason will eventually become part of the "criminal element." Following six months of training Todd expects to become the next Robin, but Batman instead gives his heir no name, and only a black costume.

Unlike Grayson Jason is impulsive, reckless, and full of rage. Even on missions in which Batman orders him to conduct surveillance, Jason attacks, ruining months of planning. Jason also uses excessive force to subdue criminals. When asked to "hold off" villains, Jason instantly takes to firing at them with a gun, despite Batman's reluctance for firearms.

In an encounter with Two-Face, Jason encourages Batman to abandon Harvey Dent in a lethal situation. During the infamous Croc Dumpster Killings, Jason implies that he believes lethal force to be acceptable when dealing with criminals. After a series of violent sexual assualts Batman believes Jason actually allowed, or caused the death of a rapist who evades criminal charges due to his father's status as a diplomat. What really happened is never revealed, although Jason later denies any wrongdoing, claiming that the man fell off a roof rather than having been pushed.

When Dick Grayson died in 1978 Batman gave the mantle of Robin to Jason Todd. Jason thought it was an honor, Bruce realized he would be worthless as Batman. While Todd believes Bruce sees him as a son, and eventual holder of the Batman title the truth is Jason is simply an agent of the Bat. Over time Jason felt to be ignored, but as Robin he tried as hard as he could to gain his mentor's approval.

In 1989 Jason had had enough. At twenty nine, the man moved from Gotham City to Keystone City. He still was Robin, and Bruce kept funding him, but not to the extent he once had. In 1991 Jason took his mask off for the last time, and found a job as a police officer. Life was good to the man, who married the Mayor's daughter, and moved to the rich side of town.

Tim Drake- Robin (iii), Red Robin
Tim Drake was the son of John and Wendy Drake. He went to private school, was the star of the track team, and had a good life. Some found the 13 year old odd in his constant following of superheroes, the heroes of Keystone City in particular.

One day while reading up on Robin, who Tim suspected was the second due to the less graceful moves compared to Star City's Robin. It was 1993 and while taking the trash out Tim witnessed his neighbor Jason Todd, a nice enough fellow who had married the Mayor's daughter years ago, flip from the second story roof onto the ground.

Jason played it off as an old skill, but Tim was instantly familar with the move. Over the next few months Tim watched Jason constantly noting that even in his late 30's the man had skills that a police officer would never learn. Finally Tim could take no more and broke into the Todd's house. He searched around, and was discovered by Jason who had come home early.

At first furious Tim pleaded with Jason that he knew who he was. Jason calmly sat down and asked Tim to explain everything. The young man laid out various piece sof information which pointed at Jason Todd as Robin. Impressed Jason showed Tim his old costume. The two spoke for hours, and when the night was over Jason had agreed to train the boy.

Although Jason is very reluctant to have another boy take the path he did, he grudgingly agrees that the boy has potential and then begins an extended training period in which Tim endures years of physical, mental and psychological tests.

By the age of 16 Robin reappeared over the skyline of Keystone City. While Tim is the first to admit he is not as physically skilled as Dick, or Jason, but his naturally high intellect allows him to excel in computer science and more importantly as a skilled detective. His ability to deduce the secret identities of superheroes on his own has been used to underscore his skill. Furthermore, Tim apparently has a firm grasp of assorted scientific techniques including biology, engineering andis also a brilliant and experienced strategist with impressive leadership skills.

In 1998 at the age of 18 Tim changed his name, and costume to distance himself from Batman, who he never knew, and became the Red Robin. Smart, skilled, and highly motivated Tim is the hero that many hope to one day become.

The Sons of Batman
In 1981 Lex Luthor escaped from the Phantom Zone. He was amazed to see what his bussiness had become, and even more amazed at what Bruce had become. Cold, calculating, and utterly ruthless to any who stood in his way, Lex was proud of the only man who he called son.

Batman explained his difficulty of continuing his crusade against crime, and Lex presented him with a small vial of blood which he took into the Phantom Zone so many years ago. Bruce Wayne-Luthor was told to examine it and try to copy it for it would give him the best heir imaginable, as Lex left to continue on whatever plot he was on. Bruce was tempted to tell his adoptive father how silly such a thing was, but kept it to himself.

In the years the Lex was in the Phantom Zone, Wayne-Luthor had become the forerunner in genetic engineering. Using the blood Batman secretly went about creating a clone using the US governments Project Cadmus. Dr. Johnny Gabrielli, head of the project, had gone through almost a dozen imperfect, or Bizarro clones before it was discovered just who had supplied the blood.

Bruce stopped the project, and sent the scientists around the world in hopes of burying the taint of Superman. Bruce hated Superman, thanks to a life under Lex Luthor, and the Man of Steel responsible for sending his adoptive father away. As time went on Bruce began thinking, and created the project himself. While pure DNA always failed it was discovered that mixing in human DNA allowed it to stablize.

Batman seemingly disappeared from public life for a year, and Bruce Wayne-Luthor was rarly seen in public. By 1982 Bruce had eight clones ready, but he refused to go on before enhancing them more. He selected two, Thomas, and Alexander. The poor genes where cast away, Alexander was given all the genes that made man great, and Thomas as much of the Kryptionian as possible. The boys where aged with hormones, steriods, and various chemicals, so in 1983 Bruce Wayne-Luthor had his two sons.

The world willingly accept that a rich, powerful man would hide his family from the world. A random woman was chosen, and Bruce made it look like she died from cancer the year before. The boys Thomas, six, Alexander, eight, had memories implanted to give them a happy childhood, utter loyalty to Bruce, and most importantly respect for Batman.

In 1991 Bruce, who was 49, told his sons who he was, and what was expected of them. Alexander was to become Batman and roam the night, fighting crime in the shadows. Thomas, who was jsut beginning to show his powers, was to become the Guardian and move about the day saving the world. The two trained, worked together, and in time seemed to overshadow even their father.

In 1997 Bruce Wayne-Luthor hung up his cowl, Alexander, and Thomas Wayne-Luthor took their place as Batman (ii), and the Guardian.
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I do hope this thread gets better organized than the Marvel one. I'd participate in that one but I'd rather not have to wade through pages and pages to find if a specific hero/villain/place/plot element has been used already or not. I don't even know if the Civil War was done in that thread.
I do hope this thread gets better organized than the Marvel one. I'd participate in that one but I'd rather not have to wade through pages and pages to find if a specific hero/villain/place/plot element has been used already or not. I don't even know if the Civil War was done in that thread.

We had a list of what was covered.
Hawkman/Hawk-Girl (i) & (ii)

The history of Hawkman and Hawkgirl (both of the first and second) are akin to Superman/Superman family, albeit with a longer history. In order to go into who they are exactly, their backgrounds have been divided into sub-sections. It should be noted that for those wanting to note the specifics, one can attend the St. Roch's Law Enforcement Museum/Archive.


The post of Hawkman dates back to Egyptian times. Supposedly (although not supported by the Egyptian Archaeological Council) the original Hawkman was a general by the name of Khufu, who was known for his bitter feud with Hath-Set/Black Adam. In the many battles that Khufu fought against the two warriors, he came upon an Egyptian princess by the name of Chay-Ara, whom turned him to the good side. (This has been substantiated by the British Museum) Together they managed to lay siege to Hath-Set, slay him, become the rulers of Lower Egypt, and cast Black Adam to the wilds of Nubia.

Their reign was blessed by the arrival of "alien gods" whom granted them "powers of the Nth metal". Thus, the couple became even more powerful, with emblems of the Hawk implemented wherever a building stood. However, this rise of power was thwarted by Black Adam, whom became the ruler of Nubia, and much of Egypt was lay waste by their continued struggles.

Currently, the persona of Hawkman (or rather, the Hawk) has been re-used throughout the eons of history. Historical archives at St. Roch's have pinpointed the "reincarnates" of Hawkman as the infamous Silent Knight of Camelot, the Blackhawk of 14th century Germany, Captain John Smith of Virginia, Hannibal Hawks/the Nighthawk of Star City, Detective James Wright of Star City (1940's). Claims made by Carter Hall, the present Hawkman, that the above personalities was of the "Khufu" line are hotly disputed between him and the Egyptian Archaeological Council/British Museum.

Present Day

Today, Carter Hall/Hawkman is changed man, due to the events involving the Joker/Mr. Shade. Before the infamous incident involving the death of the first Hawk-girl, Hawkman was known as the guardian of Star City, due to the historical heritage that metropolis had involving Detective James Wright and Hannibal Hawks/the Nighthawk. It was in Star City that his more traditional costume was conceived; the 'hawk' mask, the bandoleers with a hawk crest in the middle of his chest, wings, and medieval weapons. (Touted by Carter Hall as the very gear that the Blackhawk once bore.)

The incidents of the Joker's rise in Star City is well known to many and therefore shall be abbreviated as an utter failure on the super hero community to restrain evil at it's height.

Hawkman still serves the law in St. Roch's. Due to to the circumstances of his exile from Star City, the death of his lover, and the virtual beat-down by the Joker, Carter Hall has abandoned his expertise in the archaeological field. Instead, he serves as the Commissioner of the Saint Roch's Police Department, most noted for his rabid inquisition in punishing anyone affiliated with the Joker/the criminal element. Hawkman no longer carries the costume that he once wore but has implemented several changes in the SRPD to emulate his heraldry. He also is more known as the only Commissioner to carry a Navy Colt Revolver wherever he goes.

(Hawkman is not affiliated with the Justice Society of America nor the Justice League)

Hawkgirl (i)


If the history of Hawk-girl may be measured to Hawkman, therefore Hawk-girl should be viewed as the more "feminine" side. There is plenty of evidence displayed by archaeological study that Chay-Ara was the provider of the "alien technology" that gave the powers to the ruling couple. Scientists from Thanagar have confirmed that Chay-Ara does match a former operative in their military at one point in their long history. Whatever the heritage that Chay-Ara once had on that planet, her legacy has been appropriated by those fans of the "Khufu" line as the one woman that complimented those heroes (see above for the six "incarnations") as a heroic team.

Current history

Shiera Sanders was a noted historian in Star City before the rise of the Joker. Her relationship with Carter Hall, then attending studies at the Star City Community College, is very well known. It was during the fracas with the Justice Society of America that Shiera Sanders became Hawk-girl, being instrumental in the propping of Robin as another super-hero vigilante, and adventures too numerous to go into detail here.

Mrs. Sanders did marry Carter Hall, some years her junior, in '75. At that time, Sheira Sanders-Hall had become the City Treasurer, then the City Prosecutor. She was connected with Commissioner Gordon. In what remaining archives of the pre-King Joker reign, it can be surmised that had she not been killed, she would have become Mayor.

But, sadly, in 1971, she was caught by the Joker, tortured along with the first Robin, and left for dead in her husband's own living room.

Mrs. Sanders-Hall died two weeks later in the Battle of Star City. Her remains were never recovered. A monument still stands outside of St. Roch in her name.

Hawk-girl (ii)


The history of Kendra Saunders can be labeled "odd" due to the lack of her (early) connections she had with the previous Hawk-girl. She is a relative of Sheila Saunders and the grand-daughter of the famous explorer Speed Saunders. In order to avoid repercussions from the Joker's allies, she was relocated to Metropolis, later Gotham City, and finally to Opal City.

At no point within her travels was she told of her connection with Hawk-girl.

It was finally on her 18th birthday that Kendra Saunders took up the guise of Hawk-girl. Many psychiatrists have diagnosed this sudden change due to the Poison Ivy Incident with Batman, or, the death of her beloved grandfather at the hands of Killer Croc. Whatever the reason, Kendra Saunders took up the guise of Hawk-girl and resumed a strong counter-presence in Star City.

The reader should be informed that interaction with the second Hawk-girl can be rather...confusing. She may give off the 'air' of having multiple personalities (much akin to Two-Face). Quite often she might use 1940's slang without thinking of it, be confused about modern technology (i.e. cell phones, computers), but then regain her knowledge minutes later. Presently, she has an off/on relationship with Hawkman that can be labeled tumultuous at best. This Hawk-girl does bear the uniform of the various other Hawk ancestors, with the noted exception of a WW2 bomber jacket (supplemented by a bulletproof vest) and multiple (not restricted to medieval) weaponry.

Hawk-girl is a full fledged member of the Justice Society of America and has been tied with Jack Knight/Star-man (iii), Wonder Woman, Stargirl, "A Wayne-Luther", Dr. Fate, and so on. (She is the first notable super-heroine to date both genders)

Ms. Saunders does work at the Star City International Airport as a pilot and curator of the Star City Museum (specifically the WW2 exhibit.)

It should be noted that Ms. Saunders has not participated in the St. Roch's/Star City "issue".*

*i.e. St. Roch being renamed Star City since half of them are from that place anyway
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Justice Society of America
In 1940 the world was shocked when Hitler, and Stalin where brought to The Hague in April of 1940. The person known only as Superman, had dropped the world leaders off, and said they should be charged with crimes against humanity. On the surface this seemed to be the easiest way to end the war, but two major problems where presented. The first was that many in Europe where starting to feel a war was never coming, and Hitler's capture would only serve to cause the phony war to become a real one. The second problem was that technically there was no standing for the League of Nations to try world leaders.

So when Stalin and Hitler returned to their respective nations, many believed that peace may still be possible. In reality Hitler had decided to get the Spear of Destiny, a weapon so powerful Superman, or any hero could never return to German soil.

For a time people forgot about superheroes, and amazing abilites as the Nazi's took over France, much of Germany and looked to be the victor in WWII. However when the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor America was dragged into the war, along with its large population of costumed heroes. Due to the Spear of Destiny no hero could make it to Germany, no one knew why, but thats how it worked.

So for the most part superheroes where ignored. Until the Ultra Humanite unleashed a fice story tall robotic monster upon New York City. Heroes banded together to defeat the mechanical monster with relative ease. When the battle was over the Flash, Hawkman (James Wright), Green Lantern, Hourman, and the Atom. Calling themselves the Justice Society of America the group lead many raids against the Axis forces in Africa, France, Italy, and the Balkans. Eventually they would be led by the Amazon Princess Wonder Woman.

Jay Garrick- Flash
Jason Garrick was a college student prior to 1940 who was involved in an early attempt to create a atomic pile. One day he was charged with cleaning the room that stored the pile, he was accidentally locked in. As he tried to escape a test was run, unknowingly causing Garrick to inhale hard water vapors.

After being let out, and a week of bed rest Garrick was glad to find nothing wrong with him. As he walked home he saw an old girlfriend and ran to her to talk. When he stopped he learned he was an entire block away from her, having run the distance in under a five seconds. Running more that day he finds that he can run at superhuman speed and has similarly fast reflexes.

After a brief career as a college football star, he dons a red shirt with a lightning bolt and a stylized metal helmet with wings, based on images of the Roman god Mercury and begins to fight crime as the Flash. The helmet belonged to Jay's father, Joseph, who fought during World War I.

Alan Scott- Green Lantern (i),
Thousands of years ago, a mystical "green flame" fell to Earth. It was sealed away in the tomb of the fifth Chinese Emperor, and was said to protect him even in death. As time went on a cult was formed around the "Green flame," and it was believed that power and wealth woudl be granted to whoever could get ahold of it.

In 1940 Alan Scott was just a hired hand for an expedition deep into China. He had left New York due to "legal troubles," and was now doing his best to carve out a life as a hired gun. So when Scott found himself deep within the lair of the Green Flame Cult, he tried to fight his way out, only to be thrown into the chamber that held the mighty artifact. Scott assumed the power to free him, was within the large burning jade fire in the large pit at the center of the chamber.

Taking a nearby lantern Scott hoped to test the heat, only to find the true source of power. Images of purple men, strange creatures, and far off stars filled Scotts mind. Pointing the Lantern at the mouth of the chamber the amazing force was unleashed. It did not take long for Scott to escape, and the sheer power of the lantern almost killed the man as he flew through the air almost breaking the sound barrier.

Arriving in New York the Lantern instructed Scott in how to fashion a ring from its metal, to give him fantastic powers as the superhero Green Lantern. He adopts a colorful costume and becomes a crimefighter. Scott uses his ring to fly, to walk through solid objects, to paralyze or blind people temporarily, to create rays of energy, to melt metal as with a blowtorch, and to cause dangerous objects to glow, among other things. Its only weakness was wood.

By the sixites Scott found himself no longer the only Green Lantern. A staunch anti-communist he did battle with the Russian Green Lantern on numerous occasions, until accepting her place, and claiming her a friend. In one case even taking up her ring to defend the earth after she was wounded. In America Scott no longer calls himself Green Lantern but the Sentinel. He died in the seventies, with his ring to be found by another worthy wearer.

Rex Tyler- Hourman
Scientist Rex Tyler, raised in upstate New York, developed an affinity for chemistry, particularly biochemistry. Working his way through college, he landed a job researching vitamins and hormone supplements at Bannermain Chemical. A series of discoveries and accidents led him to the "miraculous vitamin" Miraclo. He found that concentrated doses of that "vitamin" given to test mice increased their strength and vitality several times that of normal. After taking a dose himself, Rex found he could have superhuman strength and speed for the hour that vitamin's effects lasted, before returning to human levels.

Keeping the discovery of Miraclo a secret, Tyler decided that human trials would be limited to the only subject he could trust: himself. As time went on and the money for his personal experiments ran out, he was forced to look for other sources of income. Looking to boxing, Tyler quickly made a name for himself as the "Hourman" a fighter who never stayed around for more then an hour.

When the war started, Tyler wanted to give his formula to the army, but decided to keep it a secret, knowing full well that if the Nazi's got their hands on such a formula they would be almost invicible. During the war Hourman was the only member of the JSA to be captured. While released once the war ended, Tyler was deeply effected by his time in prison, and was sent away to a mental hospital for "national security" reasons.

Al Pratt- the Atom
Initially a proverbial 98-pound weakling, Al Pratt was trained to fighting condition by ex-boxer Joe Morgan. Cleaning up the area around Coney Island, and soon he was moving about all of New York fighting crime, and Nazi's spies. Pratt soon became a founding member of the Justice Society of America, and fought along in every battle he could. He died in 1950 during the Korean War,under mysterious circumstances.

Star-man (i)

One of the original founders of the All-Star Squadron, Star-man (i) was originally an astronomer by the name of Ted Knight. During the 1920's/1930's, Ted Knight was involved in the arms race with Japan/US. One of the many inventions that he featured to the US Army was the cosmic rod, a device that (originally) utilized "cosmic energies to empower an average human being to a Super-Man". However, with the appearance of Superman, the rod was withdrawn for Ted Knight's own use

Star-man did participate in WW2 as the guardian of Opal City as well as to aid US military forces in the Pacific. Star-man was often depicted in red tights, capes, and a cap with a fin on it. Following the end of WW2, Star-man retire to Opal City, and passed his legacy to his son David Knight in 1950.

Star-man (ii)

The second Star-man is noted to be the more tragic heroes in the entitled "Silver Age". His costume did not deviate from his father's - with the exception of the cape's color. He was romantically involved with the Phantom Lady. He was more known as the "traveling Star-man", recruited in the second incarnation of the Justice Society, pulled into the chaos that was Star City, and was even seen in the "Luther-Wayne Affair" in the late 1950's/early 1960's.

Sadly, an assassin's bullet ended his career in 1969.

Starman (iii)
(otherwise known as Jack Knight)

Jack Knight is considered to have been the more "honorable" Star-man in recent memory. He is the grandson of Ted Knight and the son of David Knight. Not wanting to be involved in the legacy of the Star-men, Jack Knight took up a career at DC Comics, becoming famous for the 52 series*.

It was in 1970's when things started to change. Due to the popularity of the 52 series, Jack Knight was dispatched to Opal City to see if his father could shed any light on the All-Star Squadron's history in WW2. The trip was never successful due to the rise of King Joker and the unexpected boost in population in his home town.

As one can expect, Jack Knight became involved in Opal City government. He was present at his grandfather's death in 1979 in the infamous Hawkman Riots. He managed to become a fervent member of the anti-Hawkman lobby in 1980's. (By this time Jack Knight had quit his job at DC Comics because of obvious reasons.)

It is unclear on why Jack Knight disappeared in 1984 en route to his job as city council-member. Many within the Hawkman lobby pointed to the threat of King Joker. Many within the anti-Hawkman lobby pointed at their opponents. Whatever the reason, Jack Knight was declared dead in 1986, with his possessions going to the Phantom Lady.

Six years passed. Commissioner Carter Hall was elected. King Joker was defeated. A second Batman paced the streets of Gotham City, followed by the Phantom Lady, the Green Lantern (Kyle Rayner), and so on.

Jack Knight formally returned to Opal City in 1990/1. Wanting a scoop of the century, Lois Lane (of the Daily Planet), managed to gain an interview with him in the hours following the Poison Ivy Incident. In that interview, Jack Knight attempted to explain his absence through the mentioning of the planet Rann and Thanagar. But, due to Poison Ivy teaming up with Bane, and that villain making his presence known at a local bank, the interview was never finished.

Currently Jack Knight commands the skies over Star City at the behest of Mr. Black - being the only superhero to be allowed to do so, with the exception of Hawk-girl (ii)*. Jack Knight is known primary for him not wearing a costume. His standard get-up is as follows; USAAF fighter jacket (displaying the colors of the 84th Fighter Squadron), black t-shirt, and USMC boots. Mr. Knight depends primarily on the cosmic rod for his powers. If the rod is from his possession, he does have a futuristic pistol, and a Thanaragian dirk.

Sadly, in 1998, Jack Knight retired from his position, and passed the cosmic rod to Stargirl.

Presently, Jack Knight has adopted three children from Korea, and lives in San Fransisco as a comic book artist. He has published his memoirs in graphic novel form under the title One Year Later. Sadly, his life outside of Earth, has never been explained.

*52; documenting the rise of super-heroes on a different plane with "realistic" approach. The more famous of his characters was Jennifer Jones, PI.
*Rumored to have given her trademark "bomber jacket"
Sinestro Green Lantern of sector 1417
A native of the planet Korugar in space sector 1417, Sinestro was initially considered to be one of the greatest Green Lanterns, but as the years passed, he became more and more fixated not simply on protecting the magenta-skinned Korugarians, but on preserving order in their society. Eventually he concluded that the best way to accomplish this was to conquer them, and to rule the planet as a dictator.

When Anya Savenlovich joined the Corps, Sinestro was assigned to be her instructor. Savenlovich was amazed at the way Sinestro ruled his people like a dictator, though Sinestro maintained that his iron-fisted rule was necessary to protect his people from alien forces. As such, while repelling the alien warlords known as the Khunds from attacking the planet, the Korugarians rebelled. Sinestro worked with Savenlovich and quickly contained the rebellion, and explained how control allowed his people to be equal. Thanks to Savenlovich's help Sinestro's dictatorship was never exposed. Katma Tui, the leader of the rebellion who had felt that Sinestro's "protection" kept her people from growing as a society through contact with other alien races, was executed by Sinestro personally.

To most of the Universe Sinestro is the ultimate example of what a Green Lantern can be. Protecting his sector, and willing to drop everything to go assist his fellow Lanterns. It was not until 1988 when Sinestro was found out to be the tyrant he was, when Power Ring was found floating adrift in space, and once awoken he fought Sinestro defeating him easily.

Hal Jordon- Power Ring
When the alien Green Lantern Abin Sur crashlanded on Earth after being mortally wounded by the villain Legion, he commanded his power ring to find a man honest and fearless enough to pass his power on to. The ring found two suitable candidates: Anya Savenlovich and Hal Jordan. Because Savenlovich was the closer of the two at the time, she was chosen over Jordon as the one to receive the ring. Jordon was relegated to backup status should anything happen to Savenlovich.

Savenlovich later became aware of Jordon's status as her backup in 1968, and went out of her way to set up a chance meeting with Jordon. The meeting was hardly friendly Jordon was taken from his home in the middle of the night, and met a Soviet agent in full military gear. Jordon found Savenlovich to be arrogant, and somewhat egotistical. To say they did not become friends is an understatement with Jordon hitting the Green Lantern hard enough to crack her jaw.

Deciding Jordon was unfit to use the "People's Ring," and dropped the American in the middle of the Mexican desert. Jordon walked for days on end, Savenlovich did not intend for Jordon to slowly starve but the American went North when he should have gone south. Hal wanted revenge, he wanted justice, he wanted to make the Russian Green Lantern feel the fear that he felt right at that moment. He collapsed in the desert with such thoughts burning in his mind.

When he awoke Jordon found himself in a hospital in Mexico City, many wondered how the American arrived where the Mexican Army found him. Few believed the tale of the Green Lantern, and fewer still believed Jordon who was still half crazed from the heat. As Jordon recovered he felt something calling for him, a voice asking if he wished to instill fear. Thinking clearly for the first time in a week Jordon simply said, "Yes." A yellow energy surronded him and pulled the American across Mexico City to a small Musem. Inside was a yellow ring, beside a meteorite from centuries ago.

Putting the ring on Hal Jordon was flooded with knowledge from universe. The yellow power rings built on Qward, and designed as a weapon against the Green Lanterns. Unlike a Green Lantern's power ring, yellow power rings are fueled by fear instead of willpower. The rings have no known weaknesses, unlike a Green Lantern power ring's previous vulnerability to yellow. Jordon was brought back to full health, and clad in a black and blue suit flew back to his home town of Star City to learn how to figure out what happened.

The ring needed to be recharged, but from a Yellow Power Battery found only in the Anti-Matter universe. It did however tell him that fighting a Green Lantern would give the ring power.

Calling himself Power Ring, Hal Jordon is an oddity. While fighting the likes of Superman, and the Green Lantern on behalf of the United States, he also goes into space acting as a self proclaimed enforcer of the Green Lantern Corp. On many worlds Jordon simply leaves the Green lantern to themselves, but on worlds with men like Sinestro Power Ring goes forward with all his might.

The Guardians of the Universe are somewhat conflicted by Power Ring. On the one hand he is the embodiment of everything wrong in the universe, using fear and force to make change, while his defenders point to a single force, while some what misguided, acting as a balance to the heavy handed tactics of various Green Lanterns like Sinestro.
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I have to say that this is actually getting pretty cool!!! So far, the ATL is definitely very different from the DC Universe TL, but certainly maintains many of teh characteristics that make it so cool!!

G.Bone- My only problem with the Jack Knight /Starman III profile is the Lois Lane part. Just remember that she is still the first wife of Superman a.k.a. Kal-L. I can definitely see Catherine Grant, Chloe Sullivan, Linda Lake, and/or Pauline Kahn being used as a substitute (10pts. if you can guess the last two)...

J'onn J'onzz (a.k.a."Martian Manhunter" a.k.a. "Fenrus")- J'onn J'onzz was a "peace officer" for the Ma'aleca'andra (Mars) people who was brought to Earth in 1942 by an experiment by Dr. Saul Erdel, a physicist in the employ of Adolph Hitler. Immediately the Fuhrer dubbed him "Übermensch" (Superman) and sought to use him against the Allies. He battled the Justice Society of America (JSA) at El Alamein, facing Superman, Batman, Hourman, and Dr. Mid-Nite. It was Kal-L's utilization of his heat-vision which helped turn the tide. Unfortunately, according to recently released OSS documents, it was believed by the FDR administration that Superman couldn't be fully trusted. It is most likely this element, rather than the presence of the Spear of Destiny that prevented Superman's intervention in the European Theater of War. In 1944, he found a way to return home, using the technology obtained by Dr. Saul Erdel. He returned to a world that was racked by religious civil war led by the Adeptus Mechanicus of Sin'har'at. With his brother Ma'alefa'ak he helped seize control of the planet in 1968. He prevented rebels from escaping to Earth, as in 1953, when Roh Kar was captured, with the assistance of an unsuspecting JSA. In 1993, he joined the JLA as the hero Bloodwynd. In 1996, he further infiltrated the security of Earth by introducing the Hyperclan (a.k.a. Protex, Fluxus, A-Mortal, Züm, Primaid, Tronix, Armek and Zenturion), a group of Martians loyal to Ma'alefa'ak. In 1998, with the aid of the Hyperclan, they have begun laying "terra-forming" devices aimed at transforming Earth into a world like Mars. In 2001, after making contact with Darkseid of Apokolips he helped negotiate a Treaty of Non-Aggression, whereby Mars and Apokolips would join forces against Trigon and would share information regarding the Anti-Life Equation. The fact that he has waited close to 60 years to launch his revenge, shows he is both patient and highly intelligent. Both are deadly qualities, especially in a hunter....
G.Bone- My only problem with the Jack Knight /Starman III profile is the Lois Lane part. Just remember that she is still the first wife of Superman a.k.a. Kal-L. I can definitely see Catherine Grant, Chloe Sullivan, Linda Lake, and/or Pauline Kahn being used as a substitute (10pts. if you can guess the last two)...

Okay...retcon the reference in Jack Knight's profile to "a reporter" since it's past the time limit to edit.

FYI Chloe Sullivan is _NOT_ originally a comic creation; she's a tv character.

Atom (ii)
Ray Palmer

As the second Atom, Ray Palmer is noted as the "scientific one" when compared to his predecessor. Much akin to Hawk-girl (ii), he had no connection to the previous holder of his office, but has avoided the momentary schizophrenia that Hawk-girl illustrates time to time. Ray Palmer has gone on record in stating that he acquired his power through an "experiment gone horribly wrong", thereby accounting for his ability to shrink to various sizes, with the limit being that of a natural human being. Mr. Palmer has been seen across the world in a humanitarian role in helping others from times of need and is generally known by his red/blue costume.

the Spectre

The Spectre, as one can believe, is the manifested spirit of a once Jane Corrigan, a former PI located in Metropolis at the turn of the century. When Jane Corrigan returned, she had acquired the powers of the Sprectre, a godlike being spotted immediately by the green cape and white skin. The Spectre does have terrible powers and is regarded as the "embodiment of God's Wrath upon the Earth". The Spectre did serve with the All Star Squadron during WW2, observed immediately after the discovery of the work-camps leading their former staff into a state of "perpetual damnation". Most unfortunately, there was a small argument with it (for a lack of a better pronoun) and Dr. Midnight over ethics, and the Spectre vanished.

Time to time the Spectre has reappeared whenever a great crime has been committed. Some have gone on the record that with the rise of the Joker, the Spectre was finally forced back to Earth to assume a more stringent role in the Name of the Presence. As of late, the Spectre has inhabited another fallen police officer by the name of Renee Montoya, late of Keystone City.

The Question

Referred to by the Daily Planet as the "poor-man's Batman", the Question is easily spotted by the featureless mask, blue trench coat, and blue hat. He does have his headquarters in Keystone City. He does have a tendency towards philosophical quotations.

The Question did serve in the All Star Squadron. However, the Question was shot in combat in Saipan, and buried by his comrades. His mask was left on.

Not surprisingly, a new Question has appeared in Keystone City after a long hiatus. This time, the Question has acquired more "African-American" culture. Some have reported that the Question is the late Crispus Allen, the son of the former Commissioner of Star City. Others have stated that it's someone entirely new. Whomever the Question is, crime has a new figure of speech to face.
Cmdr. Jong-Ri (a.k.a. Green Lantern for Sector 2814)- Cmdr. Jong-Ri is former member of the Red Guard during the Cultural Revolution from 1966 until 1970. When Anya Savenlovich began an active search for an alternate, she found Cmdr. Jong-Ri stationed along the Sino-Soviet border. Unlike Savenlovich, Jong-Ri is more of a pragmatist. He is perfectly willing to carry out orders, but he is not willing to believe the idea of a "socialist utopia". With his receipt of the ring, he has come into conflict with Alan Scott (a.k.a. "Green Flame" a.k.a. "Sentinel"). He has also battled U.S. and South Vietnamese forces at Hoang Sa in 1974. In 1979, he led Chinese forces against Vietnamese forces. According to CIA reports, he was also involved in cracking down on Vietnamese border incursions in 1985 and 1988. Contrary to popular belief, Cmdr. Jong-Ri did not participate in the crackdown on students at Tiananmen Square in 1989. He has patrolled the Taiwan Straits in 1995 and 2001 against "American imperialists". Whenever questioned about his military actions by American superheroes, he simply responds, "Where were you during the My Lai Massacre? or better yet, during the Kent State Massacre?..." Much like Anya Savenlovich, he hasn't aged since his receipt of the ring in 1970. He considers Kyle Rayner, one of the latest recruits in to the Green Lantern Corps, "a spoiled, American brat who would rather be playing video games..." But then again, he has been perfectly willing to train Rayner, despite his political misgivings. He has even worked to train him in kung fu, Wushu, and San Soo. He is equally annoyed by the constant references to Jet Li or Jackie Chan by Rayner. Unlike other Green Lantern Corps members, he actually has taken time out to raise a family, including a son named Kai-ro in Shenyang, China born in 1999.