The Nintendo-Sony Empire, a new divergent history.

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    Kansas City is also a cross road for both west and Central talent IIRC. So I didn't see why not.
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    Feb 23, 2018
    Alright then. In that case I'll focus on my own Mario game ideas and also some new game series instead.
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    google Dallas Gaming mafia and texas and videogames but well, remember Retro were a lot of former Iguana entertainment who were already stationed in Austin
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    In that case, I'll just give them a branch in Kansas City.
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    Nice that would be for the best and a way to braistorm ideas and flex your creativity.
    Not bad show that expansion(why KC is important? that could help for sports game too)
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    Feb 23, 2018
    OK. I'm going to start going into my truly original ideas. As I feel I need to come up with ideas that aren't spins on (aka rip offs) of others.

    So I'm going to detail the Mario Inc incarnations of various MArio characters, made by fictional people at Midway Studios. As they are more story heavy than most normal Mario games. Complete with voice acted cinematics. Mostly these are akin to the stories in MLP:FiM, and even Spyro the Dragon.

    * is an actor who is still alive in this timeline.

    The Protagonists

    Character: Mario Marchelli
    Voice: Charles Martinet
    Personality: Mario is not the same cheerful fellow the boys at Kyoto try to make him be. Rather, the boys in Chicago have made Mario into a character with grit, persistence, and a tenacity that are compelling virtues to mix with his usual work and occasional egoism, making him a highly relatable, flawed and tragic character. His most notable flaw will often tend to be egosim and some irrational fearlessness. But he does do the right thing and saves the day.

    Character: Luigi Marchelli
    Voice: Rob Paulsen
    Personality: This version of Luigi is rather snarky and not as gentle as his original incarnation, but he more than makes up for that by being much more outgoing and confident than his in-game and in-cartoon counterparts. He is alot friendlier and humbler than Mario, but is still less willing to go into danger as quickly as his brother is. But when called to task, he tends to be really committed to finish that task.

    Character: Princess Elizabeth Patricia "Peach" Toadstool of Fungaria
    Voice: Jodi Benson
    Personality: Peach is not the most knowledgable girl in this part of the time-space continuum. But she definitely is above average, and whatever knowledge she does lack, she more than makes up for with beauty and kindness. She is definitely pretty and rich, and lives comfortable life in comparison to some other characters, even her two younger brothers. But she remain empathetic towards her friends and family, even her ex-lover, especially due to his rough life. She is classy, kind, gentle, sociable somewhat and adventurous. She has a warm heart and often acts unselfishly, putting her friends, loved ones and citizens ahead of herself, and apologizes excessively for getting into trouble and requiring Mario to rescue her. She even shows concern and compassion towards her enemies at times.

    Character: Princess Daisy Flora of Sarasaland
    Voice: Kath Soucie
    Personality: Daisy is quite sassy, boisterous, and spunky, and sometimes when angered, very harsh. But as long as you don't do or say something stupid, expect her to show loyalty, compassion, and support when you need it. She also has a slightly more flirty and mischevious attitude from time to time. Even if she is not as kind or pretty as Peach, she knows everything about the Mushroom World like the back of her hand, and can guide you through it when needed. Boisterous, spunky and a brilliant fighter, her intellect and strength are just as appealing to men as her beauty. But for the most part, she is inattentive to what men think of her. She'll settle down when she meets a man that she truly identifies with.

    Character: Thaddeus Wilbert "Toad" Kinopo
    Voice: Wayne Allwine*
    Personality: Toad is a hardworking, faithful, family man who lives in North Baltic, a town near Peach's castle based on the Wisconsin dells. Despite his desire to become an important government official like his father Toadsworth, he was advised to find a more common line of work. In the end, he realized his father was right, but was still drafted in Koopa's first invasion, where he eventually rose to the rank of captain. In his civilian life, he is a local police detective and lives with his wife Toadette, with whom he has two twin sons. But in time of war, he is brains of the operations that the Marios go through, and he proves his patrol to be a reliable bunch.

    Character: Prince Albert Owen "Kid" Toadstool the Younger of Fungaria
    Voice: Scott Weigner
    Personality: Known better as Junior, James The Younger is not the exact likeness of his older sister or little brother. He is often fairly street smart and aware in contrast to Peach. And his attitude reflects that, in his mind, everyday is just another time to survive. Junior is rather conceited and flaunts his intelligence at times, but when push comes to shove, he is far more mature than any other character. Thanks to his background as a child prodigy, he often did not fit into the crowd of the ruling elite. But that did not stop him from eventually going to college and having a job as a mechanic for the famous Pinna Park on Isle Delfino. When he did return, he was still somewhat jagged along the edges, but still the absolute smartest of the Fungarian Royal Family's children. He is also an avid golfer and taught Cream.

    Character: Prince Neil Oliver Stanley "Cream” Toadstool of Fungaria
    Voice: Eli Marienthal (initially)
    Personality: Cream often acts his age; he is very whimsical, childlike, and impressionable. Because of his youthful ignorance, he is fairly pretty gullible, over trusting, and often lands himself into trouble, albeit unintentionally. This is something that particularly annoys Junior, since he is the one who often get the worst of the resulting problems. Though Junior is also somewhat mean to him as it is. So Cream very much prefers Peach's company, who is is comparatively protective of him. That said, Cream is also fairly happy to go out into the outside world. Which is why he joins first Peach then Junior in their respective starring installments in the Mario Inc. game series. Eventually, in later installments he is essentially the Tim Drake to Mario’s Bruce Wayne.

    Character: Sylvester Adalbert "Wario" Walorski
    Voice: Maurice LaMarche
    Personality: Wario Walorski was an aquantiance of Mario's family in Chicago. He was the descendant of Polish immigrants who came to America in the late 1800s. When Mario eventually found the Mushroom World, Wario was among the first to begin setting up business in that world. In contrast to Mario's self made man nature. Wario already had a prosperous business. When Wario and Mario first reunion with Mario was rather rocky when Wario was blamed for the deaths of several of hi workmen. The fact was that it was their mere incompetence that killed the workmen. That said, he does tend to do the right thing, even though he is somewhat more amoral than even Waluigi. Though he does learn to be more decent and honest through his roles in the stories.

    Character: Jakub Piotr "Waluigi" Walorski
    Voice: Tom Kenny
    Personality: Waluigi Walorski is a boastful, ill-tempered foil to Luigi. He has bad chemistry with most other characters besides his brother Wario, who he grew up with, and is an openly rude and mean-spirited troublemaker. However, despite his overconfidence, Waluigi is also characterized by the great amount of self-pity he displays at other times. Waluigi is not well-liked in the Mushroom Kingdom. Waluigi feels that good things are always happening to others and not to him, causing him great frustration. However like Wario, Waluigi does eventually come to be redeemed through a series of factors, namely eventually wanting to persuade Rosalina to be in love with him. Though it does not stop his previous persona from popping up at times.
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    Feb 23, 2018
    OTOH, I do suppose I could locate it in the Dallas-Ft. Worth Silicon Prairie Area.

    Also, I think I'd have Activision be part of my ideas. Including helping to produce Mario Inc.
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    i would tell you a 'stop' you're falling into the too many cookers trap , just keep the original chicago studio affiliated and later incorporated to midway and just midway(That means Mortal Kombat and Nba Jam is nintendo exclusive? fanboys will not be happy)
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    Feb 23, 2018
    Of course Activision and Midway will stay separate. Also, here's the main reason I'd relocate Retro Studios in Kansas City...

    It would be an even better crossroads to get talent from both the central and western US. Especially by rail, since in this universe of mine shares the universe with a fictionalized railroad consolidation plan. Plus it has the advantage of being in a bigger city too.
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    As say before too many cook in the kitchen syndrome, just Keep it Simple.
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    Mario Comic Books

    During the early 1990s, Nintendo began securing deals with various comic book publishers to try and make Mario comic adaptations. They eventually chose Marvel comics. Whose subsequent acquisition by Disney led to Nintendo giving the rights to produce tie-in media to Disney. Western was where he expanded upon the world of the Mushroom Kingdom from the Mario Bros series. Here he turned the Mushroom world from a small, lighthearted dimension into a massive, epic world that has been compared favorably to such realms as Narnia (which was a major inspiration in his darker works.

    Ted Culkin not only wrote for these along side Mark Evanier (Garfield and Friends), and Don Rosa (Many Donald Duck comics). But drew from the characterizations when making the Mario Inc games. But also when working on adaptations such as the subsequent 2011 Animated film and its tie in media.

    Many comic book stories would also be incorporated in the Mario Inc. platformers. Among them some of the darker villains. As well as King James Toadstool of Fungaria as sort of a mission control.
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    Feb 23, 2018
    Mario Inc. Voice Cast: Part 2

    * is an actor who is still alive in this timeline.

    The Relatives/ Old folks: Pt.1

    Character: King James Robert Toadstool of Fungaria
    Voice: Dean Stockwell
    Personality: James is essentially a fusion of all the past father characters of classic Disney lore. He has the somewhat a poor judge of character like the Sultan, though also like the Sultan, he doesn't mind who his children marry as long their moral character is good. He has the devotion to his family of Maurice, the build of King Triton, and the kindness of Fa Zhou. Once topped off with the nobility and strength of Mufasa, you get a perfect king.

    Character: King Richard Flora of Sarasaland
    Voice: John Mahoney*
    Personality: If King James is a mish-mash of the traits of various Disney fathers. Richard is mostly the traits of King Triton, with some of Mufasa, if less than James. He is the maternal uncle of Peach, Junior, and Cream. He was a bit happier in his youth until his twin sister Queen Melody died. At that point, he became something of a grouch until his daughter Daisy was born. At which point he was somewhat happier again, spending alot of positive time with her until she reached that age. At which point he became stricter. Though he still is favorable toward Mario for his heroics and even similar views on life.

    Character: Professor Elvin Gadd
    Voice: Peter Sallis*
    Personality: Gadd is the same kook he is in most games. But with a twist: his goofiness is a mask. Beneath the exterior he is a brilliant mastermind and a true Fungarian patriot. His inventions have helped many in the lives of Fungarians and has truly made Fungaria at the forefront of development in their part of the time-space continuum.

    To be Continued...
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    Feb 23, 2018
    An additional detail I forgot for my take on the Nintendo Switch...
    • In 2017, Nintendo announces that it will be replacing the virtual console with a variation in which various collections of games are released on bundles. These have various retextures and better frame rates in some cases. But are otherwise the same games as originally presented.
    • Vol 1: The Flagship Masterpieces
      • Super Mario Bros.
        • Super Mario Bros.
        • Super Mario Bros. 3
        • Super Mario World
        • Super Mario 64
        • Super Mario Galaxy 1&2
      • The Legend of Zelda
        • Zelda 1
        • A Link to the Past
        • Ocarina of Time
        • Twilight Princess
    This is only the first example.
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    Feb 23, 2018
    A history of Mario in Comic Books and Animation

    As far as comic books and animation are concerned, Mario is a shining example of what happens when you can take a character with little persona and then give your all into it. Just as Calrl Barks did with Donald Duck, Ted Culkin did with Mario.

    Theodore Jacob “Ted” Culkin (June 23rd, 1952), is an American cartoonist and author. He is best known across the world for his contributions to the Nintendo comic books, namely his stories about characters and setting in the Super Mario Bros. series, and as the creator of Prince Cream.

    Culkin first worked for Nintendo and Western Publishing. The latter of which was known for their work on Disney comics, in fact, this is what led to Nintendo giving the rights to produce tie-in media to Disney. Western was where he expanded upon the world of the Mushroom Kingdom from the Mario Bros series. Here he turned the Mushroom world from a small, lighthearted dimension into a massive, epic world that has been compared favorably to such realms as Narnia (which was a major inspiration in his darker works.

    His first comic with the Mario characters was when he got a job for Nintendo at the assistance of Canadian artist Monica Rupa. Culkin was presented with a deadline to finish a basic story featuring the currently existing Mario characters of the Marios, Princess Peach, and Toad. He did, and it became very popular for its time. Later, he went on to help Rupa complete her comic adaptation of the original Mario Bros. game. The duo was soon joined in 1988 by writer Don Rosa, who was also popular for his Disney Duck comics, elements of which he incorporated into his own stories. (Also, here Rosa is still working well without bad eyesight in this reality.)

    After this, he received more and more stories to create. With all the artistic liberties he wanted. For instance, when Princess Daisy was introduced in the 1989 game Super Mario Land, Ted not only created the idea of her being Luigi’s counterpart to Peach. When Miyamoto saw the comics for himself. He called for the writers to being incorporating various elements of his stories into the games. Among the things Ted created being the claim that Princess Peach’s nickname for her real name, Elizabeth Patricia. Miyamoto even let Ted create his own characters. Among them several character realted those created by Midway Studios, like Princes Junior and Cream, Peach's younger siblings

    Of course, Ted did plenty with other characters. In his Mario comics, Ted was responsible for the layout of a typical issue, which was released weekly on Friday. This typically included a part in a long story arc, followed by shorter stories and one-page gags. These books were enormous by weekly comic book standards. Which meant that the cheapest way for people to read them was subscribing to them for $10 a month. Which was surprisingly effective. This massive amount of content led to the books being popular around the world, especially in Latin America, Eastern Europe (especially Poland and Hungary), and Africa in general, but especially the United Republics of South Africa, where most of the Mario characters are known through the comics. Most story arcs were released on their own in graphic novels, with other stories getting into comics found at book stores or libraries. However, treasuries that keep the story arc in one large graphic novel, followed by the short stories in the original issues, are growing more and more popular.

    Ted’s comics left a lasting impression among the numerous people who read them. Among those being the writers for such modern cartoon classics as Butch Hartman, Craig McCracken, Alex Hirsch, Pendelton Ward, the creators of Kim Possible, Rebecca Sugar, Chris Savino (who cited Cream as one of the inspirations of Lincoln Loud), and the writers for many of the Mario RPGs.

    Nintendo itself has also taken inspiration from his works. As the writers for several Legend of Zelda games like Twilight Princess and Breath of the Wild admitted to being inspired but his spins on various stories Ted created for his Mario comics. As have the creators of games like the Fire emblem series. The team of Rare, a second party developer for Nintendo, have also stated his stories inspired some levels in Banjo- Kazooie, Conker's Bad Fur Day, and its sequels. Critics have lauded his story telling for his strong, intertwined plots, as well as memorable characters and plenty of tragic, scary, touching, and outright funny scenes. With plenty of action, strong plots, and parodies and references strewn throughout both his story arcs and shorter comics. Ever since he first started to write comics with the Mario Characters in 1985, many who compared Shigeru Miyamoto to Walt Disney have also compared Ted to Carl Barks, creator of the expanded Donald Duck universe.

    Ted was a devout Catholic early on in his life. Thought he has since become strongly critical of a few Church doctrines, namely it preaching of a “One true Church”. In addition, he bluntly criticized Catholic leaders who condemned President Trump’s repeal of DACA by calling them “sellouts”.

    Ted is also the father of several children, those kids being Rob (b. 1974), Jonah “Jones” (b. 1975), April (b. 1977), Emma (b. 1979), Bill (b. 1980), Jim and Tim (b. 1983), and Bert (b. 1984). All were born between him and his wife Joan.

    Ted is a devout model railroader. He has developed his homebuilt model locomotives. Which he operated on a layout modeled after the Appalachian. Among the most famous kitbaashed models he has made is Old Ollie, a 4-8-0 steam engine made with mainly arts of a model for an AT&SF Pacific, and other parts. Of course, this is only one among his famous model steam engines.

    Ted is also a fan of French director Georges Méliès. As well as directors Hayao Miyazaki and Chuck Jones. All of whom inspired some of his stories.
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    Feb 23, 2018
    Game: Mario Strikers Enhanced
    Platform: Uz
    Released: 2013

    A third installment in the Super Mario Strikers series. It continues where Strikers Charged left off. It is mostly the same mechanics and gameplay. But it has the following additional captains. With the music genre of their respective themes...

    * denotes a character from the fictional Mario Inc. series.
    • Rosalina: Russian Jewish
    • King Boo: Australian
    • Prince Junior*: Franch
    • Prince Cream*: Celtic
    • King James*: Cajun
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    Feb 23, 2018

    Super Mario Inc.
    is a 1997 platformer developed by Midway Studios and published by Nintendo for the Nintendo 64 Disk Drive (64DD), a CD-ROM add on for the Nintendo 64. It was first released in 12 March 1997 in North America and Europe and on 13 April 1997 in Japan. It is the first installment in Midway's Mario Inc series and was on of the first game released for the 64DD in North America. The story of the game follows The Mario Brothers as they go to rescue their friends, and defeat a group of villains led by Wart. Who was introduced in the US/European version of Super Mario Bros 2.

    Development of the game started in the SNES era, and was planned to be a 2D platformer in the vein of Rare's Donkey Kong Country and Nintendo's own Super Mario World. However, the amount of idea the development team had for the series became too much for the SNES to hold, even on the CD ROM Nintendo collaborated with Sony on. As such, the project was moved first to the Ultra Nintendo. This is where many more ideas were presented.

    The end result was a game that tends to be universally considered a classic Mario game. To the point that Yoshiaki Koizumi took major influence from them when creating Super Mario Odyssey 20 years later.


    Similar to Super Mario 64, Super Mario Inc. features open worlds containing various items for the player to collect. Which can be done though completing puzzles, fighting bosses, racing opponents, and doing favors for various NPCs. The most important collectables being stars, which return from Mario 64, albeit with them color coded for each world. Stars are then used to open parts of the hub world, which is a lakeside town known as Port Able, with more levels for the characters to explore as they make their way from the town square.

    A total of six playable characters appear in the games. These include Mario himself, Luigi, Princess Peach, Princess Daisy, Toad, and Prince Junior, the younger sibling of Peach and Daisy's cousin. Each playable character has their own special move. Mario is a jack-of-all-stats. Luigi can jump higher than Mario. Princess Peach has a special glide jump. Princess Daisy performs a double jump which lets her reach higher than even Luigi. Toad moves the fastest of all the characters. While Junior is able to attack by charging at enemies with a toy sword. All character use much of the same move sets as Mario did in Super Mario 64, in addition to power-ups. In levels, these characters can be changed in various "swap spots," where they

    Unlike Super Mario 64, Super Mario Inc. uses the system of items as power-ups. Among the items from the original games are the fire flowers, which when they have been charged (by holding the N64 Controller's B button) let the player burn up enemies with fireballs, or activate explosive materials. Other powerups include an Ice Flower which lets the freeze most liquid surfaces to make bridges. Or freeze enemies they can them use to hit other enemies with until the ice thaws. However, the Super Mushroom only appears as being repurposed to be a health replenishing item. Other items include the Hammer Suit and the Tanooki Suit. These can be found in certain levels, or are purchased from a shop in Toad Town run by Toad's wife, Toadette.

    In addition to these powerups, players can gain assistance from various animals, who are found by breaking open crates like in Donkey Kong Country. These helpers include Yoshi, who can eat enemies and spew them out at enemies. Birdo, who shoots eggs at enemies. Donkey Kong, who moves slowly, but can pound his hands on the ground to knock out then attack enemies. Jack the Rabbit, who can help the players travel as lightning-fast speeds. Brad the bird, who lets the player fly to high cliffs, and Dellie the Dolphin, who helps travel in water. Each character can be found in an appropriate level, like DK in a jungle or Dellie in water levels.

    Each world contains at least 15 stars. Which have been color coded to said area. Each area also contains such places as blocky warp pipes. Which transport the player to a 2D side scrolling mini-level, most of which are repurposed levels from the original SNES builds of the games. These 2D section in turn have their own secret parts where the player can grab tokens which can be used to buy various items in bulk.

    The worlds are, like in most collect-a-thons of the period, connected to a hub world, in this case Port Able, a 1900s esque industrial port town where the group has gone on vacation. Various war pipes can be set up to gain easier access to the levels. As well as various secret levels in the Hub world.


    The adventure begins in a port town called Port Able. Where Mario and Luigi are going to a brief vacation. Meanwhile, King James of the Mushroom Kingdom and King Richard of Sarasaland are being interviewed for a video documentary about their world and experiences. Little do they know, the frog king Wart, whom they previously exiled from their part of the Mushroom long ago to Subcon, where he ruled until being other thrown by The Marios, somehow overhears their derogatory comments about him and becomes quite upset. While in exile, Wart has amassed an army which include his nephew King Bowser of the Mushroom Kingdom, the space alien Tatanga, and his own former minions and new villains. Wart decides to vengefully unleash his wrath. He traps King James and King Richard by having the building they are in sink under the ground. While his minions kidnap Peach, Daisy, and Cream.

    However, Wart misses imprisoning Mario, Luigi, and Toad, because they were still on their way to Port Able. Seeking to set things right, Mario and Luigi set out to save their friends.
    After a while, Toad chooses to join the gang after getting James and Richard out of the sunk building. Eventually, the crew discovers that Wart has been responsible for everything going wrong. As such, the eventually find him in a pirate ship far off in the ocean. Where the team goes to defeat Wart. Upon doing so, the team destroys his ship. Upon returning home, the town is back to normal, and the group enjoys a well earned vacation.


    When he first became a major voice in Midway Studios, Ted Culkin led a small team of developers in programmed experiments with a Silicon Graphics workstation. After seeing Donkey Kong Country, Ted decided to lead the team in making a 2D platformer like Rare did. Eventually, they were given permission to try and work on such a game with Mario.

    Ted assembled a team of twelve to work on the game, and according to product manager Henry Banks, a total of 20 people worked on the game. In addition, Nintendo gave them all but complete creative freedom.

    By the time work was in full swing though, the SNES CD-ROM was in its last days. So it was radically remade into a 3D game akin to Super Mario 64.

    Initially, Yoshi was among the playable characters, but this was changed to make Birdo's appearance as a mount make more sense. As a replacement, the team created a human teenager with a blue t-shirt, jeans, and ginger hair. Ted Culkin ultimately suggested that they make him a younger sibling of one of the main characters, ultimately deciding on Peach for the relative.

    In addition, the soundtrack was composed by Ed Bogas, known for replacing the late Vince Guardi as the composer of Peanuts cartoon media
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    So Tokyo Mirage Sessions Will not exist? That was not a crossover , wpuwo have sold better as a original RPG, ideas for a more traditional Crossover?
  18. Andrew Boyd Autistic, but Artistic

    Feb 23, 2018
    I wouldn't know. I'm mostly focusing on the hardware and specific games. Though I suppose an original RPG or crossover would do.
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    Here are some changes in my alternate take on Super Mario Odyssey.
    • Instead of an absent hub world, there is one of sorts in the form of the Great Waters. Something akin to Hyrule Field in OoT and the great Sea in the Wind Waker and its sequels. Where the Odyssey can sail to various parts of the worlds to access various levels and even secret levels.
      • Places like the moon Kingdom are accessed by flying rather than sailing later in the game.
      • Mind you this is a hub world. But in a looser sense of the term.
    • There are some levels in the game where Luigi can take over for Mario for a brief while. Something akin to Super Mario Galaxy.
    • Following the game's initial release, a Peach mode is made. In which Peach learns that her younger sibling Cream (from my MArio Inc idea), has been kidnapped by Kamek to be used in an effort to get Bowser down from the moon. As such, she and Tiara go to save Cream.
    • The Crazy Cap in Bowser's Kingdom is run by Koopa Troopas instead of New Donkers. While Bowser's minions, including the Koopalings, are present as those attending the wedding.
    • Likewise, other Koopa Troopas appear as NPCs in Bowser's Kingdom after beating Bowser.
    • The following are levels rumored to be DLC by leaks in early 2018. Then confirmed come E3 2018:
      • The Classic Kingdom: A series of remakes of Mario 64's painting worlds as a combined landmass. Consisting of Tall Tall Mountain, Bob-Omb Battlefield, Dire Dire Docks, and Thwomp Fortress could be meshed together, with Hazy Maze Cave sprawling underneath. The brochure discusses how painters from the Mushroom Kingdom would travel to the Classic Kingdom to paint its history.
      • Sarasaland: All the kingdoms from Super Mario Land after reimagined as 3D levels. In addition we have Sarasaland itself, which is portrayed as a stand in for the Netherlands, complete with windmills, Flower NPCs based on Toads, and even a few subtle stoner jokes. Though there some references to Austria, like the presence of mountains much like in Mario Kart 7.
      • Isle Delfino: With almost all the levels of Mario Sunshine as one massive landmass, like the aforementioned Classic Kingdom.
      • Hyrule: A fusion of the BotW variant and OoT's version. With a Link costume as the regional outfit.
      • The Comet Kingdom: A landmass based on The Comet Observatory and Starship Mario (which ITTL, is more open-ended like the Comet Observatory. With both being portrayed as part of the same level, along with some levels from both Mario Galaxy games.
        • This is actually released to promote Super Mario Galaxy 3, also soon to come on Switch. Ina addition to and HD rerelease of both the first two Galaxies.
    • There are also expansions to pre-existing levels.
      • Ruined Kingdom: Anvilhead Village: A partially ruined medieval town much like what you see in fantasy games, with much of the local story involving what life was like before it all collapsed, and the rebuilding of it.
      • Cascade Kingdom: Paleo Forest: A thick prehistoric jungle, inhabited by various dinosaurs and carrying the feel of a Flinstones episode (making the caveman outfit all the more relevant). Plus an additional appearance of Yoshi.
      • Sand Kingdom: Temple of the Emperor, expanding on the history of Tostarena's Ruins. Showing Knuclotec's backstory, and Tostarena being founded by conquistadors.
      • Metro Kingdom: Stanley County: A small suburban town and rural-ish landscape beyond that acts as a satellite town for New Donk City itself; for a more 'casual' take on urban Mario gameplay.
      • Luncheon Kingdom: Fruited Plains: A relatively open landscape akin to the rolling 'vineyard country' of southern Europe and the Australian tropics, though still maintaining the same food land aesthetic.
      • Cloud Kingdom: Mount Cumulus: A literal mountain of clouds and the fanciful countryside around it, inhabited by a bird-like race that'd call back to the Rito
    • In addition, these costumes are also confirmed as DLC in leaks.
      • Referee Outfit
      • Rapper Outfit (from Mario Pinball Land Japanese commercial)
      • Tennis Outfit (either from earlier Mario Tennis games, or Mario Tennis Aces)
      • Donkey Kong Suit (We got Diddy Kong suit, why not DK?)
      • Paper Mario Outfit
      • 8-Bit Mario Outfit
      • SMB Classic Outfit (brown and red color scheme)
      • Party Outfit (from MArio Party: The Top 100 cover art)
      • President Outfit (from Mario Hanafuda cards)
      • Striker Outfit (from Mario Strikers series)
      • Power-up form suits/color schemes
        • Fire Mario
        • Ice Mario
        • Tanooki Mario
        • Cloud Mario
        • Many power-ups actually
      • Bowser Suit (not his wedding suit, but a suit of Bowser), with his head as the hat and the rest of his body as the outfit.)
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    Feb 23, 2018
    During their invitation of Grant Kirkhope, the Game Grumps bought up the subject of what had happened regarding the Super Mario Bros. 2013 animated film. Grant Kirkhope summed it up shortly. In OTL, this was the part of his appearance where they spoke about Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts and Bolts.

    More details on the film here.

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