The Nintendo-Sony Empire, a new divergent history.

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    Feb 23, 2018
    In 1992, Nintendo and sony decided after much negotiation and a bit of bickering to release the SNES CD-ROM. For the most poart, this is detailed in the Massively Multiplayer thread. However, I created this thread because there are several differences between that and my own spin on the idea.

    Here are several...
    • Shigeru Miyamoto survives the 2000 accident that killed him in the original timeline. However, he has to take a more backseat role due to his injuries.
    • The following games are still produced in some form...
      • The Paper Mario series
      • Mario and Luigi
        • Thus, there are a total of three RPG Mario series. Each distinguished by their rosters of characters
      • Banjo-Kazooie series
      • Super Mario Sunshine
      • Most of Rare's other IPs
      • Most MArio Sports titles, but Mario Strikers gets special mention
    • Midway Studios becomes first party for Nintendo, as do Retro, Argonaut, and Rare.
    • Yoshi's Story is the 3D game proposed by Argonaut that became Croc in OTL.
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    Nov 3, 2017
    So are we going to get updates?
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  3. Andrew Boyd Autistic, but Artistic

    Feb 23, 2018
    Sure. If you have any of your own, send your idea to me in the inbox.
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    Nov 3, 2017
    Oh this is a collaborative TL?
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  5. Andrew Boyd Autistic, but Artistic

    Feb 23, 2018
    You can give your ideas in an inbox conversation, and I'll decide if you can add them.

    Anyways, I'll give you some new ideas for the Mario franchise first.
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  6. Andrew Boyd Autistic, but Artistic

    Feb 23, 2018
    Mario Inc: A prelude

    In 1990, the Chicago, IL based Midways Studios had been growing rapidly. When they were joined By Ted Culkin. A native of the area, who had recently been turned down for a job at Disney. It was here that he eventually rose through the ranks. To the point that by 1992, he was responsible for helping many games become famous under the status as a Second Party Developer for Nintendo.

    In 1991, Ted also joined by husband and wife team Henry and Martha Banks. Henry had been born in Belen, New Mexico and met Martha, a native of Altoona, Pennsylvania, at the Methodist Church they were attending while in college. The two eventually married and applied for a job at Activision. But they were not chosen.

    However, Ted saw their designs for several video game characters they created. So Crawford hired the couple to join him in 1995.

    At this time, Ted began to see potential in their ideas. Plus, they all noticed the success of Rare's Donkey Kong Country. Whose creators, Chris and tim Stamper, had meet with Ted in 1992 when Crawford attended E3 that year. The trio chose to try and do the same thing Rare did, and try to get their own hands on a Nintendo property they could reimagine.

    In the end, the trio decided on doing a Mario game. When shown the ideas they had developed, Miyamoto was impressed, and placed his new protégée, Yoshiaki Koizumi, to guide them. Initially, then team considered a western RPG similar to Rare's Project Dream. However, the group decided to instead make a Zelda-esque 2D platformer.

    The end game was eventually forced to go the the N64. Where it became Super Mario Inc in 1998. Here, Ted decided to use this as a chance to both make a tag-team platformer, as well as a chance for Ted to change everything he felt was wrong about Super Mario 64. Which was highly well received, and detailed below.

    In 1997, they were also joined by Matthew Grisham. Who had been rejected for a job at Warner Bros. Animation. Crawford also liked his ideas, and recommended Grisham fuse his ideas for episodes of Animaniacs he had written. The end result was Midway's breadwinner series.... Space Wolves.
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  7. Andrew Boyd Autistic, but Artistic

    Feb 23, 2018
    Go ahead and collaborate, just remember the above criteria in giving your ideas.
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  8. Andrew Boyd Autistic, but Artistic

    Feb 23, 2018
    Several additional changes rom OTL are here.

    Many ideas are based on this. But here are my own ideas

    • Sony goes through with the CD ROM for the SNES after the contract is revised.
    • Nintendo and Sony's gaming divisions, along with their developers, eventually merge in 2000, retaining the former company's name.
    • Nintendo expands their 49% stake in Rare to 55% in 1996. Then again to 65% in 2000. The company is finally purchased altogether in 2008.
    • In 1993, Nintendo buys a share in Midway Studios in 1993, as does Sony. Midway remains in business well into the 2010s.
    • Retro Studios is based in Kansas City, MO. Rather than Austin, TX.
    Super Nintendo CD ROM
    • The CD-ROM add on with Sony is eventually made unlike in OTL.
    • Many games released for said CD-ROM are the ones described in Player Two Start.
    • The DKC Trilogy is released as described in Player Two Start.
    • Super Mario World gets the two sequels described in Player Two Start.
    • Super Mario Kart is mostly the same, but includes Princes Daisy, Birdo, Boo, and Shy Guy are part of the roster.
    • The Land of Dreams is released as a sequel to A Link to the Past in 1994.
    • Star Fox 2 is released in 1995.
    • The Fourth Donkey Kong Country game, Donkey Kong Country 4: Family Reunion, is made for the SNES in 1997. Its soundtrack is mostly tracks from the DKC3 GBA port of OTL.
    Nintendo 64
    • The console is released later in 1996, around the Holiday season.
    • The console uses a CD-ROM instead of the cartridges of OTL, a result of Nintendo and Sony continuing to collaborate.
    • Donkey Kong 64 has far less backtracking and difficulty.
    • Super Mario 64 begins the tradition of 3D installments in the Mario franchise featuring an option to play as Luigi as reward for 100% completion.
    • Super Mario 64 2 is made with levels from Super Mario Dimensions, Mario 64's stand in in Player Two Start. Plus scrapped levels from the early builds of SM64. A multiplayer mode is made by adapting the turn based multiplayer format of SMB3 and Super Mario World
    • Super Mario Ranger, the made up sequel to Super Mario Dimensions is made.
    • A second Super Mario RPG game is made by Squaresoft in addition to Intelligent's Paper Mario. It's Super Mario RPG 2: A Plumble Beginning as described by Massively Multiplayer.
    • Mario Kart 64 is released with Wario replacing the Boo in the first game. Otherwise, it's the same as the Ultra Mario Kart in Player Two Start.
    • Rare's Dinosaur Planet is eventually released for the N64 in 2000.
    • Midway Studios is given the rights to create a Mario game, and they make what could called a fusion of Mario World (with powerups and Yoshi), DKC (several animal buddies, including DK himself) and Mario 64 (the largely 3D open world design). This game becomes Mario Inc, which has a sequel on this console and then more on later consoles.
    • Many games made for the PS1 are now N64 games.
    • Rare releases Dick as it's described in Massively Multiplayer.
    • Argonaut makes Yoshi's Story as the proposed 3D Yoshi game that became croc in OTL. This leads to them becoming another developer for Nintendo.
    Nintendo Gamecube
    • The console is released later in 2001.
    • Star Fox Adventures is made in 2002 and is similar to Massively Multiplayer's take on Star Fox 2.
    • In addition to Super Mario Sunshine, two games Super Mario Shades is made. It is based on ideas described in Player Two Start and Massively Multiplayer.
    • Rare makes Donkey Kong Racing, which includes Taj and Banjo returning from Diddy Kong Racing.
    • Yoshi's Story receives a 3D sequel which involves him getting the help of their dinosaur characters in defeating Titus, a villainous T-rex voiced by English thespian John Hurt, opposite Jeff Bennett as Yoshi.
    • Mario Inc recieves various installments with the Marios and Warios plus others
    • Rare makes the following GCN games:
      • Donkey Kong Racing
      • Donkey Kong Cubed: A sequel to DK64 with Dixie Kong and David Wise Music.
      • Dinosaur Planet 2: Krystal Rises Again
      • Grabbed by the Ghoulies
      • Kameo
      • Banjo Threeie: described here
      • Banjo-Kazooie: Grunty's Ghost- the story is Grunty possessing Humba Wumba
      • Perfect Dark Zero
      • Conker's Worse Fur Day: Here a narrative begisn of Conker becoming a far more heroic character
    • Luigi's Mansion has voice acting for Professor E. Gadd and several ghosts. With Peter Sallis (Wallace and Gromit) voicing the former.
    • Mario Sunshine is reworked a bit more before release to have better looks, framerate, and a more fun final boss.
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  9. Andrew Boyd Autistic, but Artistic

    Feb 23, 2018
    Gameboy Advance
    • Mario Kart Super Circuit has the roster of 64, but with Waluigi now replacing the Shy Guy.
    • Temple of Time, Player Two Start's stand in for Ocarina of time is made as a 2D game.
    Nintendo DS
    • Super Princess Peach has a different plot, and involves her and Princess Daisy going to fight Wendy Koopa after the Koopaling stranded them on a desert island.
    • Several SNES classics are remade for the DS instead of the GBA. These include Super Mario World and its two fictional sequels, A Link to the Past (with Four Swords Adventues added), The Land of Dreams, Super Mario RPG, and more.
    • New Super Mario Bros is released in 2007 so more ideas can be made.
    • Rare makes Diddy Kong Racing Adventure, as sequel to Diddy Kong Racing. This game features several characters from other Nintendo/Sony related studios. Among them Crash Bandicoot, Spyro, and Prince Cream.
    • In addition to Diddy Kong Racing adventure, Rare makes the following DS games.
      • Banjo-Kazooie: The Minjo's Curse
      • Banjo- Donkey: A DK/BK crossover
      • Viva Piñata: Rocket Paradise
      • Astro Mouse
      • Diddy Kong Racing Adventure
    • Mario and Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story feature Toad and Yoshi as third and fourth playable characters.
    Otherwise, similar ideas are present as in the inspiration of @CountDVB
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  10. CT23 Well-Known Member

    Sep 19, 2006
    So Star Fox Adventures ITTL isn't the Zelda-type game it was IOTL and was instead basically an HD Star Fox 2?

    I'm a big fan of the series. Are there plans for future Star Fox games?
  11. Andrew Boyd Autistic, but Artistic

    Feb 23, 2018
    I assume most of the games in OTL would be made, but with better quality in some areas.
  12. Andrew Boyd Autistic, but Artistic

    Feb 23, 2018
    Nintendo Wii
    • The Wii comes packed with a classic controller in addition to the Wiimote.
    • Donkey Kong Country Returns is a collaboration between Rare and Retro Studios and is released in 2008.
    • Twilight Princess is on both GCN and Wii
    • Banjo Kazooie: Grunty's Ghost, the fourth game in that series, is also ported between GCN and Wii. The game's story involves Gruntilda possessing Humba after her body as destroyed in Threeie. Now, Grunty plans to use Humba's tribe in her latest revenge scheme.
    • Nuts and bolts is still made by Rare, but is a standalone title.
    • In addition to those titles, Rare makes the following.
      • Viva Piñata
      • Jet force Gemini 2: Considered even better than its predecessor
      • Perfect Dark Three
      • Jetpac refueled
      • Conker and Son: Conker's illegitimate child Harold is bought into the mix
    • Super Mario Galaxy has voice acted cinematics. Albeit with a different voice cast (who also voiced said characters in the Mario Inc series).
      • Luigi: Rob Paulsen
      • Princess Peach: Jodi Benson
      • Bowser: Jim Cummings
      • Bowser Jr: Jessica DiCocco
      • Rosalina: Bonnie Hunt
    • Super Mario Galaxy 2 is not released, instead being put on development for the next console.
    • Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon is released on the Wii in 2008. This time with Peter Sallis voicing Professor E. Gadd opposite Kevin David as King Boo.
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  13. Colonel Zoidberg Well-Known Member

    Aug 20, 2008
    Small correction: Shigeru Miyamoto is alive and well. Gunpei Yokoi was killed in 2000.
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    Apr 20, 2018
    Autocracy of Hellenos(AH) aka Land of Idiots
    Will there be Sony headphones and accessories in this timeline??(You can say I'm a casual fan of Sony).
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  15. Andrew Boyd Autistic, but Artistic

    Feb 23, 2018
    As far as I know yes. As the headphones and accessories are mostly different departments.
  16. Andrew Boyd Autistic, but Artistic

    Feb 23, 2018
    Nintendo DSNex (3DS)
    • The DSNex is made to be more powerful
    • Instead of for the DS, Mario 64 is released as Super Mario 64 Nex.
    • Super Mario 3D Land is still produced, but now modeled more as a spritual successor to Super Mario Bros 3. With Peach and Daisy also being playable though. Also, there are no timers in the levels.
    • Super Mario 3D Land 2 is released on the 3DS. This one is now sort of a spiritual successor to Super Mario World. With Yoshi being present, though Peach and Daisy are also present as playable characters.
    • Super Mario 3D Land 3 adds Birdo and Donkey Kong to the mix of Yoshi as ridable animals. Wario and Waluigi are also present as playable characters.
    • Rare remakes the first two Banjo-Kazooie games for the DSNex as Banjo-Kazooie Nex and Banjo-Tooie Nex. Stop'n'swap is implemented by putting the two games on one cartridge.
    • Most PS3 games are released as Wii games.
    • In addition, Rare makes the following games.
      • Banjo- 3Die
      • Conker's Turning Battle: The story of Conker becoming a heroic character continues.
      • Perfect Dark 4
      • Killer Instinct 3D
      • Donkey Kong Country: The Purple Banana: made in collab with Retro Studios.
    • New Super Mario Bros 2 is still made. But with the same roster as Super Mario Run, and more diverse locations, like a factory and wasteland world.
    • Mario and Luigi: Dream Team is made as being closer in gameplay to Superstar Saga. With Peach and Daisy as third and fourth characters.
    Nintendo Uz (WiiU)
    • The Wii U sells better than in OTL. Long enough to allow further development on the Nintendo Switch.
    • The Nintendo Uz has the UzWand, a superior successor of the WiiMote Plus. It now comes with an analog stick, better batteries along with a few more changes. The UzWand is paired up with the UPad, the tablet-like controller of the Nintendo Uz that comes with a touch screen and its own various properties.
    • The Nintendo Uz is also better than OTL Wii U at online play that works best for the consumer and with plenty of features. However, they still have guidelines and rules in play to maintain the family-friendly aesthetic, which includes not having audio communications. Despite the complaints, this has meant the Nintendo community does not have the perception of toxicity that the others have.
    • Starfox Command is released on the Nintendo Uz and does much better than OTL continuing the story from Starfox Assault and focusing on the gameplay and the development of the team. It also adds more on world-building and with more emphasis on multiplayer, especially over online.
    • New Super Mario Bros. Uz and New Super Luigi Uz is released as described by @CountDVB .
    • Super Mario Galaxy 2 is released for the Wii U, but the big twist is that Bowser is not present this time. Rather, the villain is Tatanga (voiced by Mark Hamill, no less), trying to take over Roslina's Domain, Rosalina is also joined by Lubba (Bill Fagerbake), and Ploari (Keith Wickham).
    • The following games are released for the Year of Luigi:
    • Rare make the following titles:
      • Killer Uz
      • Dinosaur Planet:
      • Diddy Kong racing Uz
      • Perfect Dark Uz
      • DKCTF: Made in colla with Retro Studios
      • Blast Corps 2
      • Conker Strikes Again
      • Banjo Kazooie: The Capitol B (Yooka Laylee in OTL)
      • Kameo 2
      • Battle Toads is Back
    • Before making Paper Mario Color Splash, a port of The Thousand Year Door is released.
    • All the best games released for the PS4 in OTL is on here.
    • Paper Mario Color Splash is mostly made as described by @CountDVB with these specifics:
      • Mario gets a cast of partners much like the first two games, each one corresponding to a color, which is highlighted in their description.
        • Lori: a snarky female Bandit serving as knowledge provider.
        • Russell: a docile nearly spikeless Pokey who can act as a ladder or bridge.
        • Tie Huo: a zen male Bombshell Bill who can blow things far away.
        • Sophie: a bombastic female Spike to push large and or spiky objects.
        • Galileo: a cool male Penguin to travel across water, and go underwater.
        • Agatha: a female classy Swooper to fetch items and hit switches far horizontally or vertically.
    • Super Mario 3D world is mostly released as described by @CountDVB. Though Toad is also playable, Yoshi is present in some levels, and Rosalina is an unlockable sixth character.
    Nintendo Switch
    • Because of the better success of the Nintendo Uz, the Switch is not released until the holiday season of 2017, though it is the first of the ninth-generation of consoles to comeout by a few months.
    • Super Mario Odyssey is slightly different by having a hub world of sorts in the form of the Mushroom Seas. Which are sort of like Hyrule Field in Ocarina of Time.
    • 1,2, Switch is packaged out with the Nintendo Switch the same way as Wii Sports was sent with the Nintendo Wii.
    • Super Mario Galaxy 3 is confirmed, with Wart being claimed to be the main villain. MAking this the first time since SMB2 where he appears outside Mario Inc.
    • Rare announces the following games for the Switch
      • Banjo-Kazooie: Mix and Match
      • Donkey Kong Country: K. Rool Strikes Again
      • Perfect Dark: Super Switch
      • Conker's Best Day
      • Nuts and Bolts 2
      • Diddy Kong Double Racing
    • Far more Uz ports are announced in addition to Mario Kart 8 Deluxe and DKCTF. Including many of Rare's titles for the Uz.
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  17. Andrew Boyd Autistic, but Artistic

    Feb 23, 2018
    NOTE: All my posts will be occasionally edited periodically. As such, I recommend all those watching the thread check for any edits I make to be updated on what may be different.
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    Both are the same thing..but a favour...try not use things for P2S and MM, some are Ry personal babies and he at times can be outspoken, nice our TL inspired you but like always try to be original buddy.
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  19. Andrew Boyd Autistic, but Artistic

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    Sorry. It's really hard no to since the prospect of fusing those ideas and my own is too exciting to overlook.
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    Yeah but at times some ideas are fully original our or ry ones(Thrillseekers and Squad Four are ry personal ones for example) so we ask people not used without our authorization, specially one are collaborative thus from other user too. So yeah try to reign your horses in that regard buddy. Nice you love our TL.

    This is a massive butterfly, they choose austin thanks to the universities and the advantage of getting both West and Central talent, why this masive difference?

    That means PS3 have to be as powerful as PS3...

    Like the Vita? how powerful?

    Switch here would be an handled rather a console/hybrid.
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