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Random pixel outside of the coast in the 1914 map in Russia

It's a red dot on the blank map too and river map
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There should be a map of rivers/coast/lakes/etc for all of human history 1900 (serving as a good enough map for most of human history) and a map for 2021 imo. Since there have been such dramatic changes to lakes and rivers recently.

Do you have versions of the maps with layers? I'm looking for versions without the internal boundaries.

I assume you have one file with layers for every year/changes per year.
The 1980 map erroneously shows three Yemens, all of them with the same color. Should've been two Yemens with different colors just like in the 1970 map.
Question, why does Sicily and Naples follow a different set of rules from Denmark and Norway? Whenever the former two are united they are colored differently whereas the latter two get the same color despite Norway having arguably more autonomy than Sicily and formally being a separate kingdom.