The NextGen OTL Worlda Series

A long time ago I promised to add my Argentina patches to make these basemaps even better. Well, as we say here, lo prometido es deuda, so I've started to do it. In the process, I've made some small corrections to other places.

Here are the first ones. I've started from 1812.


This was a confusing year to make, because it's right on the middle of the Indepdence Wars, and to draw all the movements in the front proves very confusing. In this year, the Spanish royalists advanced on Salta province only to be defeated in the battle of Tucumán. In what is now Bolivia, there was a guerrilla war waged against the Spanish by the republiquetas (little republics), insurrectionary goverments loosely aligned with the independentists in modern Argentina. The intendencias of what is now Bolivia sent representatives to the various independence congresses, and so they're shown as claimed by Argentina. The interior borders are available in several maps; I might do them when I have time (I have already marked down the borders between the Viceroyalties of New Spain, New Granada, and Peru, which weren't there before, they were marked as second-level divisions). Meanwhile, the Banda Oriental, now modern Uruguay, was invaded by Portuguese forces in the northeast, and Montevideo was a royalist bastion under siege at the time.
I'm not exactly sure what's the deal with those Paraguayan bits claimed by Brazil, according to what I've read they were ceded in 1872 after the Triple Alliance War.


Still a very confusing year. By now, the Spanish are on the retreat, though it would be only through the efforts of San Martín and Bolívar that they would be definitively be defeated in Peru and Bolivia. The Republiquetas still waged their guerrilla war; while there are a few maps that show them, it's very difficult to map such a changing front. In Argentina, the Tucumán Congress (which included representatives from what is now Bolivia, still occupied by the Spanish) waged a civil war against the Liga de Los Pueblos Libres, based on what is now Uruguay and eastern Argentina. The League is often considered a precursor to Uruguay, so I've colored it on Uruguay's color.

Boy I am SO thankful that there are no maps between 1812-1836. Mapping the Anarchy of 1820 and the Platine War would've been hell.


Now, this one I'm quite proud of! I've taken @DaniCBP's map and modyfied it a little. I've added Argentina's internal divisions of course (by now mostly united under the Argentine Confederation), added the claims on the Chaco (mapping South American claims and borders is not an exercise for those sound of mind), the interior borders of the Peru-Bolivian Confederation, and the Riograndese Republic. Technically Argentina still considered Paraguay and I think Uruguay as provinces, but I've omitted that. I've also improved Mexico's internal divisions and added indepent Texas (YEEHAW!). I think Oregon should be better portrayed, but I'm not sure how.

The rest of the map is the same as the 1848 one, with many modifications based on my extensive historical knowledge*. Namely, an extended Khevidate of Egypt, no Boer Republics except for the Natalia Republic, independent Kashmir and Balochistan, and a few others. I've surely missed a lot of little details, but it's a quite usable 1836, if I say so myself.

When I have time I'll keep adding the Argentina patches and fixing the following maps. I've already have patches for those, so it should be quicker. I've also been working in some pre-columbian patches. And although tedious, it would be nice to have the internal borders of the Spanish viceroyalties.

Anyways, enjoy!

*playing Victoria II for an unhealthy period of time.
@Thanksforallthefish as an Argentinian, this makes me extremely happy. Just a minor thing, I'm pretty sure most of the Misiones Orientales (today part of Rio Grande do Sul) were controlled by Portugal since 1801 (de jure they were part of Spain as of the San Ildefonso Treaty after the Seven Years War). Other than that, excellent maps!
I've been wondering why there isn't any map on the Spanish Civil Was (1936) so I did one myself:

It represents the first days of August, 1936

It also shows ethiopian resistance in Italian East Africa, the real and claimed borders of Saudi Arabia (based on Omniatlas's middle east maps).
In South America, the peru-ecuadorian provisional border was agreed on july 36, thus I corrected it, and so with the Chaco War.

China's borders are as accurate as I could, with East Hebei marked as occupied not as a puppet because it was essentially an ocupation zone.
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Does anyone have a worldA with present day borders, but just that (e.g. no subdivisions, no different shades of color, no country claims, etc.)? Thanks in advance!