The NextGen OTL Worlda Series

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    Alright, status report: I'm about 30% done with the Asia/Africa updates; additionally, all future maps going forward are being refitted to a more accurate version of the Worlda, done by @cultural-deleonist. I found a way to speedup my workflow, so the series should be up to date by mid April, hopefully. Freshman year of college is starting to ramp up in workload, so I'll have to see how much I can get done per day :p. Anyways, thanks everyone for the feedback thus far, it's been really helpful.

    As to the requests for new maps, I'll start work on those after I finish backtracking and updating the older ones.
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    I'm definitely looking forward to this. Would you be able to give some insight as to what these updates will be?
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    Here's that more accurate Worlda by the way! It owes a lot to you all here, obviously, but I redid all the Canadian lakes.

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  4. AcipenserSturio (also known as Atlantic Sturgeon)

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    Another thing to add to the to-do list: show the shrinking of the Aral Sea from 1960 to 2017 more gradually. This might be helpful