The NextGen OTL Worlda Series

Thought I might start doing some 2021 patches too.
Anyone has a modern-day Worlda map with all subdivisions? I cannot find one here, yet @Haplogroup has a map with all divisions on the future map thread.

Also needing a 1942 Worlda with all subdivisions if possible.
Thanks, but it is still lacking subdivisions in Africa and South America.

Anyway, this is Haplogroup's map that includes all subdivisions everywhere, but for some reason other maps don't, @Haplogroup did you made these subdivisions yourself?
I cannot find where I originally got it from, and therefore credit whoever it was that made it, but this is the map I used:

e: For specifically subdivisions; some of the other elements (lakes, coastline) are from some other base map idr, including the rise in sea levels affecting e.g. Vietnam and Bangladesh.
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Thought this could be helpful in a patch to correct tribal divisions in the empty quarter and whatnot.

The author of this post also states a few names of the tribes in the map, which im sure you can research more about.

  • Big sky blue one in the south: Al Marah
  • Orange one below it: Alkatheery
  • Red one in the south: Qahtan
  • Yellow one below it: Yam Hamdan
  • Brown one in the middle: 'atibah
  • Long red one in the north: Harb
  • Blue one in the north: Shamr
  • Pink one east of the blue one: Thafir
  • Olive one at the very top: 'anzah