The New Order: Last Days of Europe Thread II

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I might create a short stories thread
I think you might have missed The Devil's Economist, and if it's possible to put them in the order of their posting in the threadmarks that would be great, just because they're intended to be read in that order?

Short stories sounds fun.
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Really? To me they look backwards, with These United States being the first one.
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You know... Have recently replayed TNO as South Africa, and looking at the current FUBAR mess in Afghanistan, it gave me an idea about how the aftermath of the SAW can be developed from the US and OFN's perpective:

Instead of just getting to pull out and not have to worry about Southern Africa anymore in either a pro-OFN ceasefire or status quo ante bellum scenario, I think that OFN should still have a nation-building mechanic similar to what you get in the total OFN victory scenario, as you rebuild the war torn parts of South Africa that the Afrika Schild had rampaged though, as well as work towards incorporate the territories from the Schild that were ceded to South Africa.

This will also be the time in which the 'chickens coming home to the roost' for all the decisions that have been taken by both the US and South Africa both before and during the war. To start with, if the United Party had decided to work with ANC before the war, they will now have to live up to their promises of equality, which will likely include the ConDem United Party needing to shift leftwards in their platform if they don't want to get utterly marginalised by the ANC now that the Africans are also allowed to vote... To make matters worst (Or better, depending on your own ideology), if you have taken the 'Fund Everyone We Can' focus during the war, you might end up with South Africa democratically going full socialist or even communists, with platforms such as 'expropriation of land without compensation', which will risk the radical Boer nationalist coming right back from their political graves as a response.

On the other hand, if South Africa had sided with the Boers by suppressing the ANC, PM Graaff's government will now have to deal with the political fallout of their appeasement policy utterly failing, the continue ANC insurgency in the countryside, as well as rising racial tensions. Not to mention a US that have passed the Civil Rights Act increasingly questioning why they are sending millions of dollars a year as well as maintaining troops to defend a racist 'democracy'.

Other matters that will need to be addressed include all the deals made and debts incurred in the 'Deal With American Companies' focus now having to be paid, all the farmlands that were ruined by the USAF dropping Agent Orange everywhere during Operation Ranch Hand having to be cleaned up, settling all the German slaves in Ostafrika that have fled to South Africa as refugees, etc, etc. All of which requires an injection of financial and economic aid from OFN, especially the US, being a constant Political Points drain in the background years after the fighting was over.

And as we have seen in OTL Afghanistan, simply throwing money and guns at the problem might not actually help. With it being a game of decided when South Africa has finally stabilised enough ready to join OFN as a full member (Meaning the US will no longer be sending them free money, and will in fact expect them to start contributing to the alliance). With pulling out too soon risking a collaspe or a civil war, while staying for too long result in a drain in a POTUS' doemestic political capital as well as making SA too dependent on American support instead of standing on their own two feet.

And oh! If the Boer Republic is still around when the Reichsstaat collaspes and is not a member of the Einheitspakt, South Africa should totally launch an invasion against the Boer separatist, with or without OFN support and approval.