The New Order: Last Days of Europe Thread II

Fashy Speer is such a magnificent bastard that you feel accomplishment outmaneuvering everybody else but disgust at what your accomplishment entails. 100% play. Then despot SBA, because taking the revolution for your own devices is closely magnificent in nature, if on a smaller scale.
I think Bormann and Fash Speer are both excellent paths- I'd say Bormann first, then Speer after. Then again, I am the guy who popularized the idea that Bormann's path is underrated, so a bit biased there.
Even though its not until way later, I do have some ideas about what BGRS might bring about.
What I don't like about the Oil Crisis, is how Yemen under the Revolutionary Pan-Arabist Government of Abdullah Al-Salal is able to invade and easily annex Saudi Arabia.
Saudi Arabia could instead collapse into a Civil War.
There was a relatively large Pan-Arab Socialist opposition called the Arabian Peninsula People's Union who was a Nasserist Party inspired by Nasser's Left-Wing Nationalist Ideology of desiring an Arab Socialist Republic in Saudi Arabia. I feel like that would have been more realistic than Yemen conquering it. Plus the APPU under Nasser Al-Saeed (Not Gamal Abdel Nasser the Leader of Egypt and the original founder of Nasserism who we all know) were staunch opponents of the Saudi Monarchy, with Al-Saeed being one of the first reported kidnappings by the Saudi State, with his death unknown. The APPU in its goals desire a Republic in Saudi Arabia dictated by a combination of Pan-Arab Nationalism, Nasserism and Scientific-Socialism.

Also the Oil Crisis could also see infighting within the Arab Revolutionary Movements. Nasserists were not fans of Ba'athists, and both hated each other for a variety of reasons.
  • While both Nasserists and Ba'athists shared a common belief of Pan-Arabism, Modernism, Nationalism and Socialism, the Nasserists were more moderate and pragmatic in its principles, that and the Nasserists were more Left-Leaning (Plus various Leftist-leaning Arab Marxist-Nationalist Movements were Nasserist-aligned like George Habash's Arab Nationalist Movement in Palestine). The Ba'athists on the other sort of had a Radical almost hardliner approach being sort of Right-Leaning in its views (Plus Ba'athists opposed and were highly critical of Marxism unlike the Nasserists who willingly worked with Marxist-aligned Nationalists), with the Ba'athists emphasizing more on Nationalism with the cultural and national unification of all Arabs.
  • Plus with Nasserist and Ba'athist conflict, aside from the failed the United Arab Republic which saw a Nasserist Egypt and Ba'athist Syria split in OTL, Iraq also saw a conflict between Nasserists and Ba'athists. The Ba'athists in Iraq were split between two factions the Nasserists (Nasserists or Leftist-Nationalists who joined the Ba'athist bandwagon) and the Aflaquites (Those who were true believers of Ba'athist principles of its founder Michel Aflaq), but the movement split with many Nasserists opposing the Ba'athists.
    • The Iraqi Nasserist Party was founded by Nasserist-aligned Ba'athists who left the Ba'ath under Fuad Al-Rikabi (One of the Iraqi Ba'ath Party founders) who aligned with Nasser. Rikabi used to be a Ba'athist, but he split from the Ba'ath and became Nasserist due to becoming disillusioned with the Ba'athist Movement's direction. He was eventually arrested and executed by the Ba'athist Government.
I would like to see massive infighting between Nasserists and Ba'athists in the Oil Crisis. That and the Nasserists were also a pretty big movement throughout the Middle East along with the Ba'athists who had branches throughout the Middle East.
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So, since it's Submod Sunday on the subreddit. I would be interested in looking at a Submod about an Onega "unified"/balkanized Western Russia. While some may see Onega as just a Finnish puppet and a roadblock in the war against Finland, my charitable view is that Onega is pretty righteous to stand up against the WRRF. Also for the people of West Russia, Onegan dominance is actually pretty blessed since Kirpichnikov quickly transitions to a Democracy and is really hands-off when it comes to ruling West Russia with half of the territory being self-ruling, whether by ethnic minorities in their homelands or the freedom fighter Alexander Medvedev in the former AB turf. The narrative also gets extra sweeter when Onega exceeds expectations and triumphs against a bad faction like the AB or when they go against the odds and finally slay their earnest enemy in the WRRF Bolshevik Goliath.

Of the sub-regional paths in West Russia I would say that Onega is the second best for the people in that area, Centre-Komi being first. Thus I'm intrigued to see how they navigate the world after taking West Russia, with their relationship to Finland, the various WestSib unifiers as well as German-ruled Moscow being fascinating topics to explore in particular.
When CSS gets content for Paraguay, I’ll declare it illegitimate unless it has a path where it can start a war it can’t win, fight over useless territory, or both at the same time
I have a map game going for TNO in Shared Worlds if anyone’s interested. I’m only asking because not many claims have been made and I don’t want the game to get stuck.
Seems like BurgSys Paraguay might be a thing:
So what are thoughts on Franco Freda in Fascist Italy?
Some fun fact about Freda.

I can imagine Freda being a major figure within Muti's Fascists.
Also, instead of Nazi-Maoism, lets call it Fascist-Leninism since Mao is dead and irrelevant. His ideology is pretty much an Italian-Fascist version of Serov's Ordosocialism.
And imagine Freda meeting with Serov and comparing their ideologies.
Nazi-Maoism wasn’t an actual name given by Freda, only a journalistic one.
Could y'all rank these options for my next run, please, and ideally give some reasons for placement?

Despotist SBA (because Stepanov was such a slimy, villainous bastard when I played LibSoc SBA that now I kind of want to see him succeed)
State Irkutsk (because a police state seems kind of interesting)
Komi (Suslov, mostly so I can see the event where Taboritsky gets imprisoned and has a vision of the Virgin Mary and Alexei, though I'm not sure if you can save scum that)
Fascist Speer (since my new computer can handle it and he seems like an interesting character and I don't play Germany often)
Bormann (because I guess I kind of want to see where his story goes since everyone says it's underrated)
As a developer I’d warn you that Irkutsk and Suslov are still pretty bare bones. If you want a Russian unifier with good late game content I’d suggest Kemerovo, Werbell, PRC or Novosibirsk.