The New Order: Last Days of Europe Thread II

If I were a developer of TNO, my plans are set in store for a possible Philippine rework:
  1. The Second Philippine Republic should have focused on the economic situation and civil disorders before the JALO Uprising/Balintawak Offensive. Noting that Isidro Rodriguez or Emmanuel Pelaez might be a suitable and potential candidate, even after the 2PR victory in the Balintawak Offensive during the reconstruction period but there should be a set of non-complex events that might serve as a possible crisis, before a lead-up to the conflict between the AFPSR and FPR.
  2. The Free Philippine Republic should have reworks if I guess that there might be new and expanding focus trees in handling the plans for the liberation of the homeland as well as preparation to contact with the guerillas in Northern Luzon or at least the FPR should have content including events and focus trees in post-Balintawak Offensive and post-14th Army retribution.
  3. I think there should be superevents, concerning the outcome of the Balintawak Offensive and the 14th Army invasion as well.
  4. Is it likely that any member of the Philippine Falange can become the leader and have content upon possibly taking over the FPR or the Coalition Government of the Philippines?

Cursed forward facing Sablin.