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Two more maps, this time Danish Schleswig complete with the pre-1864 border. We also got my best attempt at The Kingdom of the Two Sicilies, but my source for that one is foreign so I'm not 100% on it.

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Regarding the Mbams, I'm still wondering how long I have to wait to see a few rivers here and there. Perhaps the Aral sea in all her glory.
The Belgian Congo and Portuguese Angola, 1914 - 1939

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This is a map of Portuguese Angola and the Belgian Congo. Apparently Angola didn't change their first level administration from the old Portuguese borders, so I kept them the same. From what I can tell, both countries kept the same borders until independence, so this map can probably be used for any map before WW2. Ignore everything that isn't Portuguese Angola or the Belgian Congo. The borders to the northeast are pre-WW1 borders I made. I'll work on making East Africa and the rest of Southern Africa.
Got a blank version?
Hi. Are there any maps of Asia that'd fit/be up to snuff with this map of the West Coast? I was able to kinda rough out the idea of the map I was gonna make by scaling a smaller BAM map of Asia to the same approximate scale, but it has a lot of artifacting that I'm not happy with.