The M-BAM Main Thread

This is my attempt to recreate some of the borders of Saxony before 1815.
I'm not totally happy with it, because I had to guess some parts of the border.

To improve map-making, I think needs various basemaps which could serve as starting points and vastly improve the capabilities of existing basemaps.

M-BAM-Maps we need:

- An MBAM river map
- Even better a topographic map
- Various higher and lower sea level maps
- Europe shortly after WW1
- The World 1789
- Europe during Napoleon
- The Balkan from the 19 century until 1914
- Roman provinces
- The Holy Roman Empire in 1789
- A map of French Algeria and its administrative divisions
- An MBAM patch of the Spanish Civil War

We need a really large basemap of the Middle East Israel/Palestine with various border proposals, the actual situation today (Area A, B, C). (Any recommendations for the best basemap format for this?)

We need various base maps of other locations in the solar system
Most important:
- The Moon
- Mars
- The Moons of Jupiter
- A base map of the Asteroid belt?
- Various other planets and moons in the solar system
Calm down there bucko, the MBAM still has a ton of errors to it. It was based on the old QBAM, which was, admittedly, not that accurate.


I had to bust my a** getting my DeviantArt account in order after I lost my password just so I can actually see it past the "You need an account to see it" and I see that it is not in its full size on DA. GG.

Just use Imgur for image formatting here on the forum and then post on DA.
Nice Map!
I'm also going to make a flag map out of this.
but that's a s*** ton of work
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OK, well then I'll claim the 2nd-level divisions within the 4 Chiniese municipalities. It might be slow, but I'll get on them.

This is a second and hopefully improved attempt at subdividing Shanghai. I think this one falls into "good enough," unlike the first attempt.
mbam shanghai.png

Here are reposts of the other 3 Chinese municipalities. I finally finished my claim.

Beijing and Tianjin:
mbam beijing tianjin.png


ottoman's in 1361, during the end of Orhan I's Reign.
There's not a lot of detail because basically 99% of ottoman maps suck and miss lots of detail.
How many years will I have to wait before I get an M-Bam map with rivers and an original Aral Sea?

It'll probably be a lot longer if you heckle. Anyway, why don't you try doing a bit, you'll soon realise how much WORK they put in so don't be ungrateful.