Prologue - Charles d’Alençon
The 24 February of 1525 would remain forever among the worst days in the history of France as the battle of Pavia had been a terrible defeat and likely the end of any italian ambition: the French army was destroyed, most of the men dead or captured and the same for its nobility: King Francis was among the dead on the battlefield and his brother-in-law, the Duke d‘Alençon, who had not escaped uninjured the battlefield was desperately trying to lead the retreat of what remained of Francis’ glorious army across the Alps, hoping who his messengers had reached Duchess Louise, left by her son as Regent, informing her of the tragedy and of his request of help…
Charles d’Alençon’s only comfort in his desperate situation was who he would not be nowhere near to his over ambitious mother-in-law when she would realize who her damned ambition had caused the death of her only son and left France in desperate conditions as the Duke of Bourbon, the victorious commander of the enemy’s army would have never betrayed France for the Emperor if Louise had not claimed his lands after Suzanne’s unfortunate death. He just hoped to be able to live long enough to die on french soil and been buried there, like Francis, as they had recovered his body and were bringing back it with them…

The retreat through the Alps had been fully completed, among great difficulties, only few of days before the remnants of the glorious army of Francis I lost his latest leader, as the unlucky Duke d’Alençon died before his army reached Lyon, were a desperate Duchess Marguerite reached the soldiers who were brought the bodies of her brother and husband in the city.
Marguerite d’Alençon knew who she would have never forgotten that tragic hours, in which she fought hard for not losing herself in her sorrows, for all the remaining of her life. Still she was a daughter of France and knew what she should do, so after two agonizing days, she put herself at head of the funeral procession of her brother and husband as they departed for Paris, where Duchess Louise, now Regent of France for her seven years old grandson, awaited them.
I know who start to write another TL is a very bad idea, as I already have troubles in finding time and inspiration for Destiny, but still this scenario continue to get around in my head… so do not expect frequent updates…

The POD is Francis I’s death on the battlefield at Pavia, instead of him being simply captured and I will blame @Emperor Constantine for suggesting the scenario
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Maria of Viseu, queen of France! I can't wait
Extremely likely match in this scenario as Charles V can give his conditions to France so would impose a bride to Francis II and as he is still unmarried and Maria is the only fatherless niece who he has the choice is pretty easy
Plottings - Louise of Savoy
Louise of Savoy, Duchess of Angoulême and Regent of France had cried when she had received the news of the death of her most beloved son and raged for the defeat of Pavia, but had soon started her plotting for securing the regency for her grandson and searching a way to blame someone different from her most beloved son for that tragedy. Her first thought had been to blame Alençon and his cowardice for it, but her son-in-law Charles had acted valorously and wisely and the fact who he had been able to lead back in France the survivors of the army and the body of his King and brother-in-law, before dying for the injuries he had received in the battle meant who Charles d’Alençon was to receive the funerals of an hero. Another possibility would be blaming the traitor Charles of Bourbon for the defeat as he had been the commander of the Imperial Army at Pavia, but that could easily backfire and she had other plans for Bourbon, who now was also the First Prince of Blood, at least in theory, and she hoped to receive soon an answer to her letter to the Duke, and she needed a positive one.
Still the thing who Louise feared the most were the requests of Charles V, the Holy Roman Emperor, for signing a peace to end that war who France, right now on the brink of collapse, could not afford to continue.
My boy Charles better milk this chance For it's worth
Do not worry. Charles V know perfectly what he want from France and the situation in which is the other side… He has started to put down his conditions for the peace as soon he received the news of Pavia but has not yet sent them to France (and he know the content of Louise‘s letter to Bourbon as the latter informed him)