The JABB Project - One Borderpool to Rule Them All

What do y’all want to see next?

  • Physical Geography (rivers, watersheds, etc.)

    Votes: 6 100.0%
  • Pre-1700 border patches

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  • Other (Specify)

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The Introduction
Hello all, Jake here. As I've slowly been working up the dedication necessary to begin this project, I figured that it would be prudent of me to post here and have the AH community to encourage and critique this work. Therefore, I'm happy to introduce my planned magnum opus:

Jake's Absolutely Bangin' Borderpool (name is non-negotiable)

I'll soon be posting a series of polls regarding JABB's specifics to test the waters of public opinion here, but a few things are absolutely set in stone. JABB will have the North American VT-BAM as a base, will feature historical and physical borders, and will attempt to rival the Gigamap in detail.

For those interested in expediting JABB's progress, the best way to do so as of right now is to point me to already-existing VT-BAM resources for North America. Thanks much in advance!

Signing off for the night, green is the area I’m currently working on, yellow is where I’ll likely go next. To rehash what I said a little while ago in the VT-BAM thread: anyone is welcome to contribute to JABB, it was always intended as a team effort. If you’d like to help but just don’t know where to start, I’d be happy to help walk through my process. And, as always, all questions and feedback are more than welcome.