The Invasion of Tosev III

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    Only because the basic shape of the Stalhelm is one of the best shapes for a helmet.

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    A colorized version of the Conquest Fleet Officer. Red Body Paint indicates that he is a soldier working with ground combat forces. Blue Indicates officer's Rank.

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    Oh man, this is awesome. I bought the series back in 2015, and I always struggled to imagine the Race and put it down in paper, but your illustrations are perfect! They don't look so big or so small, and when you remove gun and armor, they look like a normal people (as aliens can get).

    Keep it up, man. Do you have any place where you upload your art?
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    My DA Page.

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    A small village in Arkhamshire.
    So ginger isn't an aphrodisiac for the race then?
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    This is simply wonderful! Turtledove should know about this. Any pictures on interactions/battles between humans and the Race?
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    Tweeted the colorized version to Harry Turtledove. He approved. My Ego has been stroked

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    About ten meters long, fifty tonnes, powered by a hydrogen burning engine and armed with a heavy 120mm autoloaded smoothbore cannon, a coaxial heavy machine gun and a pintle mounted general purpose machine gun, Landcruisers are the primary offensive armored fighting vehicle of The Race. These vehicles are based off designs from the final wars of unification on Home (the Homeworld of The Race and capital of their Empire) some 50,000 years ago, since then the designs had been subtly modified and refined in preparation for the three time it had use for such craft during the Conquest of Rabotev II, Halless I and Tosev-III. As both Rabotev-II and Halless-I were inhabited by preindustrial civilizations Landcruiser forces were more than sufficient to swiftly obliterate any native resistance and ensuring said world's integration into The Empire. Such a swift victory was anticipated for the Conquest of Tosev-III, though unfortunately the Conquest Fleet uncovered the rapid rate of Tosevite technological progress.

    Among other unexpected things Tosevite forces (in particular those of the SSSR, Deutsche Reich and United States) had forces landcruisers of their own. Crude, unreliable, sluggish affairs powered by feeble hydrocarbon burning engines and armed with inaccurate low power cannons, but landcruisers never the less. In most situations the Conquest Fleet's Landcruisers were more than a match for those of the Tosevite Empires and Non-Empires during the initial fighting, though due to inexperience in armored warfare and poor tactical decisions in the early stages of the invasion, a shortage of Armor Piercing ammunition (which was in short supply given what was expected, in truth what was brought along was done so out of a rigid obedience to doctrine and one embarrassing incident in the Conquest of Halless-II), ginger addiction and the continuing improvement of Toesvite Landcruisers meant that occasionally Tosevite armored forces could take out the Race's armored forces, even if the exchange rate remained firmly in the favor of the Conquest Fleet.
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    I wonder how the Hondo-III of the Draka Dominion would've fared against a Race Landcruiser?
    IIRC the Hondo-III also had a 120mm gun but not any of the other high tech components of the Landcruiser. I think it would've been kind of like an up-gunned Centurion going against an M1-A1 Abrams.
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    The bigger issue would be that the Domination would self destruct when the Race touched down. Their secure Police Zones would suddenly be subjected to massive assaults rolling over plantations and compounds like nobody's business. The Armies pushing north would wither and die without support and even in the face of conquest many people will still keep fighting them as the Aliens are the lesser of two evils. The Domination's air force and airships would be obliterated, preventing retaliation against liberated serfs. Basically everything that happened in Poland with the Jews in the Tosev Timeline will happen across Africa without the baggage. All of which happens in prime territory The Race wants. And if the holdouts pose much of a problem Atvar can turn the main population centers of the Domination to radioactive ash.

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    I've mentioned on the "Misc. World War Invasion" thread that a Race invades the Drakaverse TL would be pretty cool.
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