The Intimidator Walks Away: A Time Line exploring what if Dale Earnhardt Sr. Wasn’t Lost in The 2001 Daytona 500.

ROW 10
Jason Keller

Kenny Wallace

ROW 11

Steve Grissom

Bobby Hamilton

ROW 12

David Start

Greg Biffle

ROW 13

Elton Sawyer

Blaise Alexander

ROW 14

Rich Bickle

Michael Waltrip

ROW 15

Ashton Lewis

Marty Houston
Race Report Busch Series NAPA 300

The race started with the 74 car going to rear due to a change as Chad Little replaced Phil Parsons. Joe Nemechek and Randy LaJoie led the field to the green flag. In the first 2 laps, the Nemco cars got lined up at the head of the field. Only 2 laps in, and David Starr pulled down pit road with overheating issues. On lap 6, the first yellow was brought out due to crash involving Brad Baker’s Vanderbilt number 28 and 25 Marines Chevy with Chad Chaffin behind the wheel, after Little drifted up on the exit of turn and made contact with Chaffin. During the yellow, Elton Sawyer pulls off the course with a broken piston, ending his day.
The action resumed on lap 10. In the next 4 laps Joe Nemechek and teammate Randy LaJoie continue to lead with Jeff Purvis, Jamie McMurray, Kevin Harvick, and Jeff Green in tow. The front six are able to pull away from the rest of the pack slightly until the yellow comes out again. This time for a pop up rain shower. The track then goes to red after 2 laps of yellow. During those two laps several leaders made a pit stop.
After the 1 hour and 28 minute rain delay, the field takes to the track with Scott Wimmer, Blaise Alexander, Kelly Denton, Kevin Harvick, Jamie McMurray, Mike McLaughlin, P.J. Jones, Jay Sauter, Jeff Purvis, and Joe Nemechek rounding out the top 10. The went green on lap 21. On that first lap of green flag action, Harvick with drafting help from McMurray made a move to second and third respectfully; as Kelly Denton dropped back in the pack. Over the next 10 laps a 4 car breakaway emerges lead by Wimmer with Purvis, Nemechek, and Jones in tow.
On lap 34 Mike McLaughlin was able to lead a line that consisted Jason Keller, Kevin Grubb, Kevin Harvick, Jamie McMurray, Jeff Green, Greg Biffle, Todd Bodine, and Matt Kenseth back up to the leaders. Then, McLaughlin joins Jeff Purvis and P.J. Jones in a effort to take the lead from Wimmer on lap 39. Wimmer falls back to 9th.
On lap 46, Jamie McMurray broke loose and spun in the infield coming to the truck-oval which caused the third caution off the day. Due to the timing of the yellow and where McMurray’s spin occurred, he hit pit road after the spin trying to get there before the leader took the yellow. He changed tires and was then able to stay out while most of the rest of the field pitted. NASCAR officials ruled that he did not beat the yellow and he was sent to the end of the lead lap on the restart. Therefore, it was Greg Biffle, Jason Keller, and Jeff Purvis who led the field to the green flag again on lap 51.
Within laps, Jeff Purvis was able to take the MBNA Pontiac to the front. His teammate Mike McLaughlin drafted with him to the front. On lap 56 Bobby Hamilton in the Diet Dr. Pepper 08 came down pit road for an unscheduled pit stop with a tire problem.
By the time lap 60 came, the front six had pulled away from the pack and on lap 60, with Joe Nemechek behind him, Jeff Green made a move to the lead, passing the two Gibbs owned Pontiacs of Purvis and McLaughlin. However, it was short lived as the very next lap, the Gibbs duo gathered back up and went back to the front in the inside. Nemechek ducked behind them, leave Green to get shuffled back to the end of the six car pack as PJ Jones and Kevin Grubb followed suit. This jostling around allowed Kevin Harvick and Todd Bodine to bridge the gap and join the lead six making an now 8 car front draft.
Over the next 3 laps Todd Bodine, in a Buckshot Jones Pontiac attempts to get a draft line on the top of the track to match to the front however, he just cannot overtake Purvis. With the front 8 dicing it up, they are joined by 7 more cars on lap 68. This group includes Tim and Jay Sauter, Matt Kenseth, Steve Grissom, Greg Biffle, and Scott Wimmer. As they continue to mix it up, Grissom’s engine began to drop a cylinder and he lost touch of the other 14 cars.

By lap 78, the foursome of Jeff Purvis, Joe Nemechek, P.J. Jones, and Todd Bodine created a gap from at the head of the field. However by lap 81, Harvick, McLaughlin, Jay Sauter, and Grubb managed to track down Bodine and they got to racing 2 wide allowing the from three to gap them slightly. Meanwhile further back, Mike Bliss had to take evasive actions and gets forced down pit road. In doing so, he exceeded the pit road speed limit and had to make a drive through penalty. Two laps later, Harvick gets close to the rear Bodine and takes the air off the his spoiler heading into turn one. Bodine spins and comes back up the banking collecting Grubb and Jay Sauter. With the ensuing yellow comes a round of pit stops. During these stops, Bobby Hamilton Jr. locked up the brakes and spun half way around into his pit box. This resulted in a 2 lap penalty. Purvis, Randy LaJoie, McLaughlin, Lyndon Amick, and Jeff Green were the first 5 off pit road; followed by Nemechek, Jones, Tim Sauter, Jason Keller and Matt Kenseth.
The field went green again on lap 89. By lap 93, Joe Nemechek was able to work his way to 3rd behind his teammate Randy LaJoie and leader Jeff Purvis. Meanwhile, Chad Little, who started shotgun on the field after the driver change had finally clawed into the top 10 and Lyndon Amick slide back outside of the top 10.
The yellow came out again on lap 102 when Scott Wimmer turned Tony Raines in the back straight after Raines went down low to correct a loose car on the exit of turn 2. Raines suffered damage to the exhaust system and had to pull into the garage for repairs.
The race returned to green on lap 106 with just 15 remaining. With 11 to go, the Nemco tandem surged ahead of Jeff Purvis, with Randy LaJoie leading the way. The next lap, PJ Jones tries in vain to make a move on the outside but instead is shuffled to the back. The same happens to Harvick on lap later but, he is fortunate enough to fall back in line only dropping to sixth. 2 lap after that, Nemechek and LaJoie find themselves under another attack as the Gibbs tandem moves to the high side of track but it opens the door for Kenseth and Harvick to slide underneath them instead. The next 3 laps are spent with the Nemco

cars leading a two wide pack battle.
With three to go, Matt Kenseth and Kevin Harvick are able to pull ahead of the Gibbs Pontiacs driven by Jeff Purvis and Mike McLaughlin. On the next lap, as the field snakes down the back straightaway, Kenseth sends Nemechek around. Kenseth had to check up slightly to avoid him and that put Harvick into second as he and LaJoie race back to the yellow and white flags. Purvis clipped the wall trying to avoid Nemechek’s spin. P. J. Jones also takes damage in the melee. LaJoie was able to fend off the AC/Delco Chevy to the strip ensuring the win.

1Randy LaJoie *
2Kevin Harvick
3Matt Kenseth
4Jeff Green *
5Jimmie Johnson
6Mike McLaughlin
7Jason Keller
8Kenny Wallace
9Chad Little
10Tim Sauter
11Jamie McMurray
12Shane Hall
13Marty Houston
14Hank Parker Jr.
15Scott Wimmer *
16Rich Bickle
17Joe Bessey
18Kelly Denton
19Larry Foyt *
20Mark Green
21Lyndon Amick
22Greg Biffle *
23David Green
24Tim Fedewa
25Jay Sauter
26Steve Grissom
27P.J. Jones
28Jeff Purvis ^
29Mike Dillon
30Blaise Alexander
31Ashton Lewis
32Joe Nemechek *
33Bobby Hamilton Jr.
34David Starr
35Brad Baker
36Tony Raines
37Michael Waltrip
38Todd Bodine
39Kevin Grubb
40Mike Bliss
41Chad Chaffin
42Bobby Hamilton
43Elton Sawyer
*Led a Lap ^Led the most laps

Christian Elder and Stuart Kirby failed to qualify
Dodge Dealers 250 Truck Series Starting Grid Part 1

Joe Ruttman

Scott Riggs

Willy T. Ribbs

Ted Musgraves

Ricky Hendrick

Jack Sprague

Carlos Contreras

Lyndon Amick
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Row 5
Travis Kvapil

David Starr

Row 6
Mark Petty

Bobby Dotter

Dennis Setzer

Rick Carelli

Bryan Reffner

Terry Cook

David Donahue

Nathan Butke

ROW 10
Lance Norick

Randy Tolsma
ROW 11
Chuck Hossfeld

Brian Sockwell

ROW 12
Morgan Shepherd

Coy Gibbs

Row 13
Derrick Cope

*Cope is in the 86

Michael Dokken

ROW 14
Randy MacDonald

Ronnie Hornaday

ROW 15
Larry Gunselman

Billy Bigley Jr.
Race Report Truck series

Florida Dodge Dealers 250
The field took the green behind pole sitter Joe Ruttman, who set a record for the oldest pole sitter in the series history. However, it’s the outside line led by the Ultra Motorsports Team Scott Riggs and Ted Musgrave who pulls a head as the field enters turn one. Will T. Ribbs, who started 3rd slows up and hits the pits as first lap ends. The Hendrick teammates Jack Sprague and Ricky Hendrick moves up to 3rd and 4th as Ruttman dropped to fifth.
On Lap 4, the first yellow came out as The GMAC Financial Chevy made contact with made contact with the Net Zero Silverado piloted by Jack Sprague who bounced off of Scott Riggs’s Carquest Dodge and the Mopar number 1 of Ted Musgrave. This causes a chain reaction that has other trucks checking up and wrecking in the middle of the pack. It is here that Bryan Reffner checks up and Michael Dokken makes contact with him before being spun out my Mark Petty. Other trucks that sustained damage included Travis Kvapil, David Starr, Barry Bodine, and Rich Woodland Jr. During the corresponding caution laps, Jack Sprague and Ted Musgrave stop on pit road for repairs.
The race goes green again on lap 11 with Scott Riggs in front of Ricky Hendrick. Willy T. Ribbs lined up on the front of the inside row as he was the only truck on the track not on the lead lap. Upon entering turn 1, His teammate Joe Ruttman slides in behind him to push him towards the front of the pack putting him at the tale end of the lead lap. 2 laps later, further back in the pack, Derrick Cope got tipped yet, he maintained control by correcting it and shooting down pit road though he sustained some sheet metal damage to rear end and rear quarter-panel. As the yellow comes back out on lap 15 for debris, Joe Ruttman hits the pits with damage to his rear quarter-panel as well. As they raced back to the flag Ribbs was unable to get his lap back. During the caution laps, Musgrave and Rick Carelli stop to fix damage as well.

Scott Riggs led the field back to green on lap 18, followed by Ricky Hendrick, the Team Rensi duo of Randy Tolsma and David Donahue, Terry Cook, and Lyndon Amick. Meanwhile, on the inside lane was the lap back truck Willy T. Ribbs. However, Ribbs missed a shift coming to green and had to drop to the apron. Over the next 2 laps, Bryan Reffner, Chuck Hossfeld, and Morgan Shepherd are able to work together to push Amick pack. He eventually falls in line in 10th; while Hendrick and the Rensi trucks formed a Chevy freight train to pass Riggs. One lap after dispatching Riggs, the duo of Tolsma and Donahue made a move on Hendrick too. However, lap 24 would see them removed from lead by Cook and fellow Ford driver Hossfeld.
On lap 27, Chuck Hossfeld’s teammate, Nathan Haseleu spun and gathered up Randy MacDonald and they both wound up making contact with the turn 4 wall bringing out the third caution. The yellow brought pit stops for almost everyone.
Ted Musgrave, who has managed to keep his patches up Dodge on the lead lap, got off pit road first followed by his Ultra Motorsports teammate Scott Riggs. They led the the pack back to green on lap 33, with Terry Cook, Chuck Hossfeld, Ricky Hendrick, Jack Sprague, Randy Tolsma, Bryan Reffner, Matt Crafton, and Larry Gunselman forming the rest of the top 10. As the field took the green, Lyndon Amick hit pit road for second time due to a loose lug nut which cost him a lap. Over the next 3 laps Chuck Hossfeld got shuffled out of the top ten. During that same time, the front 2 dodges were able to pick up the lap back truck of Amick and breakaway from the pack.
As the Ultra Motorsports trucks create separate from the pack, the rest of field jockeyed for position. On lap 37, Joe Ruttman was able to grab third with a push from the lap back truck of Derrick and Bryan Reffner. Meanwhile, things got dicey further back in the pack and on lap 40, Chuck Hossfeld squeezed Jack Sprague into the wall. Sprague made hard contact but was able to keep rolling and lumps around the track to the pits but it was enough to bring out the fourth yellow flag of the day. The yellow gave the leaders a chance to swing back down pit road and also allowed Lyndon Amick to get his lap back.
However, Ricky Hendrick stayed out and Dennis Setzer was able to beat Musgrave out of the pits. Reffner and Scott Riggs round out the top five as they came back to the green flag on lap 47. Within a lap though, Setzer was able to pass Hendrick on the outside with drafting help from Musgrave and Riggs. Setzer was only in the led for a lap before Musgrave leads a draft that includes Reffner, Hendrick, Morgan Shepherd, and Joe Ruttman around the Acxiom Chevy. At the halfway point, Ruttman, Cook, and Randy Tolsma got lined up to make a move on the inside of Shepherd, who picks up Setzer. With the pack two wide, Musgrave; Reffner; and Hendrick managed to break away a little. The action though came to a stop on lap 51 as Donnie Neuenberger brought out caution number 5 after making contact with the wall. Musgrave, Reffner, Riggs, and Hendrick were among those who took the opportunity to make a pit stop under the yellow. During this yellow, both Matt Crafton and David Donahue took their Chevys back behind the wall with expired engines.
This left Morgan Shepherd, Terry Cook, and Randy Tolsma at head of the field when the green came back out on lap 53. On the restart, Willy T. Ribbs, now 5 laps down due not the aforementioned unscheduled green flag pit stops lines up on the front of the inside line. Rick Crawford, who restarted behind Tolsma was able to move down low and sniff out the draft from Ribbs and he rode it to the lead. Over the next 2 laps, Shepherd and Tolsma got shuffled back to 5th and 10th respectfully. The lap after that Cook, Musgrave, Reffner positioned themselves on the inside to get a run on Crawford, who stayed to the outside with Ruttman and Shepherd, exiting turn 2. Only Cook successfully got by Crawford before he is able to fall in line. The draft then looked to freight train around Ricky Hendrick, who was able to squirt to lead for a brief moment. Cook, Crawford, Ruttman, Musgrave and Reffner made it past him. Riding that momentum, Musgrave and Ruttman broke ranks and dart to the inside heading into turn 3 and grabbed the top spot. As the pack was in the tri-oval to complete lap 58, Chuck Hossfeld, near the back of the pack, spun down to the apron and on to the grass. He managed to gather it up and enter pit road without bringing out another caution.

On Lap 65, as the field works it way down the back stretch and into turn 3, Joe Ruttman pulled out to the inside and used a slingshot maneuver to assume the lead. The two Dodge held down the top 2 spots with Bryan Reffner, Terry Cook, and Rick Crawford in their wake. Over the next 7 laps the Dodges ran single file and pull away from the rest of the pack, where everyone swapped positions. Finally on lap 73 Crawford emerged at the head of a group that featured Scott Riggs, Dennis Setzer, Ricky Hendrick, Reffner and Cook. This drafting line spent the next lap running down the breakaway Dodges of Ruttman and Musgrave. Once they caught up, Musgrave pulled out to catch their momentum and he used it to shuffle Ruttman back. Ruttman fell back in line in 4th. As the field came back to the start/finish line, The Milwaukee Electric Tools Ford of Crawford became the first of the leaders to make a green flag pit stop. On the following lap, Riggs managed to wrestle the top spot away from his Ultra Motorsports teammate. At the end of lap 76, Riggs Musgrave, Ruttman, Cook, and Lyndon Amick, who had almost lost touch of the lead draft, all pit together under green. During these stops, the youngster Riggs pulls in too close to wall thus hindering the speed of his crew. The following lap, Reffner, Setzer, and Hendrick take their turns hitting pit lane. The following lap, the yellow flew again, this time for debris on the back straightaway. During the yellow, Setzer pulled the Acxiom Chevy behind the wall as his engine had expired.

The field took the green on lap 85, with Ricky Hendrick as the leader followed Bryan Reffner, Randy Tolsma, Joe Ruttman, Ted Musgrave, Lyndon Amick, Rick Crawford, Scott Riggs, Lance Norick, Terry Cook, Coy Gibbs, Jack Sprague, and Morgan Shepherd on the lead lap. The first couple laps back to action see the lead change hands between Hendrick, Reffner, and Musgrave. While in the lead Musgrave’s truck slowed on lap 87 as his water pump failed and his engine let go. This gave Reffner the lead again. It was short lived however as, within a lap, Ruttman, Riggs, Hendrick and Amick formed a draft that marched to head of the pack. Behind them, Crawford, Tolsma, and Reffner battled each other 3-wide. For the next 3 laps, those four were able to create separation.

With 10 laps to go, the rest of the pack caught a huge break as Ronnie Hornaday’s engine went up in a puff of smoke on the back straight bring out the 7th yellow flag of the day. During the yellow, Jack Sprague pitted to adjust the tow on the car from the damage he sustained early in the day. The field went back to green with 6 laps to go, led by Joe Ruttman, Ricky Hendrick, Scott Riggs, Lyndon Amick, and Terry Cook. Over the next 4 laps, the pack got side by side from fourth on back allowing the front three to open up over a 2 second gap. Just when it looked like the front three would be in position to settle it amongst themselves the yellow would fly for the 8th time with just 2 laps to go. This one was caused by Chuck Hossfeld breaking loose and collecting Larry Gunselman. Thus the stage was set for a green-white-checkered shoot out with Ruttman in first followed by Hendrick, Riggs, Lance Norick, and Bryan Reffner the top 5. Again, the front 3 stayed lined up and gapped the pack by 3/4 of a second when they took the white. As they entered turn 3 for the last time Riggs went to the high side of Hendrick. Coming out of the turn Riggs started to pull past Hendrick by a nose for second but, Hendrick in the lower line got a good run on exit and pulled back even just before the apex of the tri-oval. Meanwhile Ruttman stayed in front of them to claim the win with Hendrick taking second by half of the front clip if that over Riggs. Norick led the pack back to the strip to finish 4th and Randy Tolsma rounded out the top 5.
1Joe Ruttman ^
2Ricky Hendrick *
3Scott Riggs *
4Lance Norick
5Randy Tolsma *
6Terry Cook *
7Coy Gibbs
8Bryan Reffner *
9Lyndon Amick
10Rick Crawford *
11Morgan Shepherd *
12Jack Sprague *
13Rick Carelli
14Bobby Dotter
15Donnie Neuenberger
16Derrick Cope
17Brian Sockwell
18Larry Gunselman
19Chuck Hossfeld *
20Carlos Contreras
21Ronnie Hornaday
22Ted Musgrave *
23Willy T. Ribbs
24Dennis Setzer *
25Travis Kvapil
26Billy Bigley Jr.
27Matt Crafton
28David Donahue
29Nathan Haseleu
30Randy MacDonald
31Nathan Butke
32Mark Petty
33Michael Dokken
34David Starr
35Rich Woodland Jr.
36Barry Bodine
*Led a lap ^Led the most laps

Failed to Qualify:

19 - Ricky Sanders

55 - Tim Powers

73 - Jason Small

9 - Lance Hooper

28 - Kenny Allen

00 - Ryan McGlynn
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Discount Auto Parts 200 @ Daytona International Speedway

FinishStartCar #DriverSponsor / OwnerMakeLapsLedStatus
11127Ryan NewmanAlltell (Don Miller)Ford8012Running
2366Bob StraitDauphin Tech (Mark Thompson)Ford800Running
3946Frank KimmelAdvance Auto Parts (Larry Clement)Ford8018Running
4157Kirk ShelmerdineCLR (Ted Campbell)Ford803Running
5475Stuart KirbyDunkin' Donuts (Patty Schacht)Ford800Running
675Bobby GerhartVenture-Ernie's-Pioneer Technology(Bill Gerhart)Chevrolet800Running
788Shawna RobinsonPacific Garden (Michael Kranefuss)Ford800Running
82291Blaise AlexanderLJ Racing (Joe Falk)Chevrolet800Running
9271Ricky HendrickGMAC Financial Services (Rick Hendrick)Chevrolet8033Running
101704Keith SegarsJerry Hamm Chevrolet-Assoc. Builders(Keith Segars)Chevrolet800Running
11284Ronnie HornadaySWAT Fitness Club (Kerry Scherer)Chevrolet800Running
12336Brad BakerPeterson-Smith (Wayne Peterson)Chevrolet800Running
133151Joe (Joe Cooksey)Chevrolet800Running
14102Kerry EarnhardtTeresa Earnhardt (Teresa Earnhardt)Chevrolet800Running
151882Robby BentonMAC Tools (Robert Benton)Ford800Running
16301Andy BelmontAmerica Online-York-Ameriquest(Jennifer Belmont)Ford800Running
174139Andy HillenburgPro2Call-Discount Auto Parts (Russ Roulo)Chevrolet800Running
181994Dion (Richard Williams)Ford800Running
19277Jerry HillBobby Gerhart Racing (Bobby Gerhart)Chevrolet800Running
203224Chuck WeberCardinal Tool Company (Chuck Weber)Ford800Running
211267Jason JarrettML Motorsports (Mary Louise Miller)Pontiac800Running
223848Donnie MorelockMountain Rock Music (James Hylton)Ford800Running
233425Billy VenturiniECF International (Cathy Venturini)Chevrolet800Running
241342Dan PardusThe Outdoor Channel (Jim Gardner)Chevrolet7914Accident
251416Tim SteeleHS Die-Softech (Harold Steele)Ford790Running
264021Todd BowsherJack Bowsher Racing (Jack Bowsher)Ford790Running
273583Mark GibsonWilliams Brothers Lumber (Ed Rensi)Chevrolet780Running
28622Mike Swaim Jr.Dynatek (Chuck Woodruff)Chevrolet650Valve Spring
29153J.R. RobbsWALTECH USA-Broadway Motor Co.(Ken Appling)Chevrolet550Accident
303684Norm BenningSoBe Healthy Refreshments (Norm Benning)Chevrolet520Vibration
312353Robert BurroughsRobinson Tire Co.-/Toyo Tire (Robert Burroughs)Chevrolet390Accident
321665Vern SlaghGolden Flakes-Reliance Tools (Vern Slagh)Chevrolet380Accident
332500Ed KennedyShark Lounge (Ralph Solhem)Chevrolet370Accident
342144Justin LabonteSSG Racing Simulators (Terry Labonte)Chevrolet350Accident
352447Jon (Jon Herb)Ford290Accident
363723Ron (Wayne Hixson)Chevrolet180Accident
373919Ben HessTarget Saws-Women of Wrestling(Cavin Councilor)Chevrolet180Accident
382028C.W. SmithShop Vac (Skip Smith)Chevrolet180Engine
392930Mark VoigtTeam Stealth (Mark Voigt)Chevrolet70Accident
402632Mark StahlSharon Stahl (Sharon Stahl)Ford70Accident
41595David KeithShoney's Inn (Earl Sadler)Ford00Did Not Start







ASA 300

St. Augustine Speedway

FinSt#DriverSponsor / OwnerCarLapsMoneyStatusLed
1283 Joey ClantonZaxby's / Pro Shocks / Airgas (Steve Dale)Chevrolet30016,830running180
2135 Scott HansenStructural Transport / AFCO (Don Fanetti)Ford300running0
3161 Mike GarveyTecumseh / Texas Roadhouse (Scott LaFavre)Chevrolet300running0
419 Johnny SauterA.P. Plasman Group / Build-A-Mold (Alec Pinsonneault)Chevrolet300running120
5421 Kevin CywinskiTexas Roadhouse (Scott LaFavre)Chevrolet300running0
61011 Tristan DupuisMeijer / Tony's Pizza / Kellogg's / Edy's (Ron Daniels)Pontiac300running0
7922 Mark E. (Herzog Motorsports)Chevrolet300running0
82728 Tim TaylorEMAS Ambulance Service (Tim Taylor)Chevrolet300running0
91252 Butch MillerMeijer / Jolly Rancher / Tyson / Stouffer's (LeRoy Throop)Pontiac300running0
10744 Toby PorterHerzog Motor Sports Ltd. (Herzog Motorsports)Chevrolet300running0
112118 Mike MillerJani-King (Miller Motorsports)Pontiac300running0
1237 Gary St. AmantWynn's / AC Delco / Lane Automotive (Bud Gebben)Chevrolet300running0
132338 Johnny SpawMcLeod USA Publishing (John Lundberg)Chevrolet298running0
142205 Chris WimmerWimmer Racing (Don Wimmer)Chevrolet298running0
15802 Ryan HemphillArgo Packing / Motordrome Speedway (Ken Hemphill)Chevrolet298running0
161162 Tommy GrimesBiesenbach Inc. (Tommy Grimes)Chevrolet298running0
172960 Ed (Ed Brown)Chevrolet298running0
18203 Mike CopeManheim Auto Auctions (Hodges Motorsports)Chevrolet296running0
19192 Chad WoodWood Brothers Racing (Jerry Wood)Ford293running0
202856 Glenn Allen, Jr.Auction Broadcasting Company (Tri-Motorsports)Chevrolet291running0
212630 Travis KittlesonBob Steele Chevrolet (Robert Kittleson)Chevrolet290running0
22334 Mark ColeLlumar Window Films (Mark Cole)Pontiac284running0
232412 Kenny PhillipsAdopt America Network (KB Motorsports)Chevrolet282running0
243407 Tully EsterlineDum Dum Pops / Spangler Candy (Tully Esterline)Ford270running0
252533 Greg StewartKeener Lumber Co. / X-1R (Wade Stewart)Pontiac254running0
263010 Matt SielskySielsky RacingChevrolet246running0
273119 Dennis LampmanBarricade Flasher Service (Dennis Lampman)Chevrolet236crash0
28520 Pat KellyBRN MotorsportsChevrolet235crash0
291400 Scott FraserKing Freight Lines (King Racing)Chevrolet221crash0
30634 Ricky CarltonMcNatt Plumbing CompanyChevrolet220electrical0
311715 Scott Lagasse, Jr.Prosperity Bank (Lagasse Racing)Chevrolet152rear end0
321898 Doug StevensConkle's Tree ServiceFord102rear end0
333229 Frank GaudesiAllstate Interior Demolition (RPM Racing)Chevrolet1crash0
341563 Brian SchwartzMinute Man Convenience Stores (Brian Schwartz)Chevrolet1crash0

Lap leader breakdown:
# Of
Johnny Sauter1120120
Joey Clanton121300180